Battleborn Wallpapers by MentalMars

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As 3 year GBX Wallpaper supplier i’m transferring my Battleborn Wallpapers to the new forums and also adding brand new wallpaper to the collection.

Clicking on the preview images will bring you to my website where i host the wallpapers in different sizes / ratios. I Am aiming to bring a diverse roster of sizes to my download section.

Battleborn Hub Page on


Toby’s Friendship Raid Wallpaper

Alani Wallpaper

Faction Wallpaper

Typography Wallpaper

Solus System Wallpaper

Minion Robotics 2.0 Wallpaper

Varelsi Portal Wallpaper

Battleborn Legends Wallpapers

Battleborn Void Wallpaper

Battleborn Champion Wallpapers

Battleborn Team 3 Wallpaper

Battleborn Character Wallpapers

Battleborn Team 2 Wallpaper

Ambra Wallpaper

Oscar Mike Wallpaper

Battleborn Team 1 Wallpaper

Battleborn Hero Wallpaper Pack

Battleborn Factions Wallpaper

Battleborn Wallpaper Pack - Blade 1

Battleborn Wallpaper - Montana

Battleborn Wallpaper - Orendi

Battleborn Wallpaper - Thorn

Battleborn Wallpaper - Rath

Battleborn - Black Wolf Wallpaper

Battleborn Supernova Wallpaper

Battleborn Wallpaper - featuring Thorn (from the Eldrid Fraction)

Battleborn Wallpaper - Minion Design

The First Battleborn Wallpaper

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reserve just in case

(The Great Gumby) #3

Digging the Minion wallpaper.

(MentalMars) #4

Added the new Supernova Wallpaper

Downloads available in the following sizes:

1920x1200 - 1680x1050
1920x1080 - 1600x900 - 1366x768
1600x1200 - 1280x1024
Android 960x854 - iPhone 4 - iPhone 5
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(Vampero) #5

Great job !

(Cast Iron Chef) #6

I’m using your supernova wallpaper as my background. :smiley:

(Jythri) #7

Ooh @mentalmars, your new stuff is excellent!


These just got me more hyped for Battleborn. Excellent work.

(Rbox) #9

Haha, got me searching for little yellow guys…

(Woundedbeast27) #10


(MentalMars) #11

Overlord wacky game by a dutch game studio. How did you that i’m dutch (from holland). Enjoy!

(MentalMars) #12

Another Battleborn Wallpaper based of a mystery character in the game that can be seen during a communication transmission. While all Minions are light themed this one is dark and is called Black Wolf. Taking the Minion design and turning it into a dark theme resulted in this wallpaper. Enjoy!

Battleborn - Black Wolf Wallpaper

(MentalMars) #13

Added another Battleborn Wallpaper to my website, this one is centered around Rath he is a member of the Jennnerit Empire fraction. The color scheme is obvious but the pattern might not be so ill tell something about that. It’s actually based of the tattoo Rath has on his arm. I imitated the design and added one that’s upside down to get this pattern. When first making this wallpaper i thought the wallpaper wouldn’t work out. So i left it sit there, but coming back after for a while i did like the setup. So i did some final tweaking and here it is. Earlier this week i heard that hope is not a strategy but i do hope you fans like it. So enjoy and let me know what you think. Cheerse

Battleborn Wallpaper - Rath

Available Resolutions:

1920x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1440x900

1920x1080 - 1600x900 - 1366x768

1600x1200 - 1280x1024

Android - iPhone 4 - iPhone 5

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(Jythri) #14

Just set the Rath wallpaper as my desktop. :smile:

Great job as usual, MentalMars!


Looks awesome!

(MentalMars) #16

Battleborn Wallpaper - Thorn

Remember that clean looking ‪#‎Battleborn‬ Wallpaper that didn’t work and turned into something else? Well after looking back at it, i thought i didn’t do that terrible. So some little tweaks and i managed to finish the wallpaper i had imagined.

Available Resolutions:
1920x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1440x900
1920x1080 - 1600x900 - 1366x768
1600x1200 - 1280x1024
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(MentalMars) #17

Currently one of the fan favorite Battleborn characters is Orendi. This Chaos Witch is feared by members of her own faction (Rogue), Orendi wants to test herself against the best opponents.

Battleborn Wallpaper - Orendi

Available Resolutions:
1920x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1440x900
1920x1080 - 1600x900 - 1366x768
1600x1200 - 1280x1024
Android - iPhone 4 - iPhone 5
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(Woundedbeast27) #18

I’ve been using the Minion wallpaper because it looks awesome and it really actually fit with my laptop, which is orange and black. It looks really good. But now there’s this ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ BLACK WOLF wallpaper that looks totally awesome, and now I have to try to choose between that one, the Minion one, and the Supernova, which just looks epic.


(MentalMars) #19

slideshow / randomize ? because i plan to make some more, so the choice is going to be harder over time :wink:

(Jythri) #20

I have the Rath wallpaper on my desktop right now!