Battleborn Wallpapers by MentalMars

Set as my wallpaper at work.

Got any dual-monitor sizes (3840x1080)?

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Did one on BL2 in 2012. not sure what’s common with these setups ? what are you looking for ?

I was just wondering. Ive got side-by-side 1920x1080 monitors at work, so a 3840x1080 image fits perfectly on both screens, split right down the middle.

I just got one monitor so no experience with this setup.
Where do you keep your desktop icons on boths or just on the left one ?
This could determine how graphic violent i can get :wink:

Doh… what about 3 screens HELP

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I keep my desktop clean, only 2 columns of icons on the far left side.

For three screens, I imagine the image resolution would need to be 5760x1080, assuming each screen is set to 1920x1080.

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Molmf runs 2 screens, he has some videos of his set up

Hi There,

Wallpapers look excellent, well done.
Any chance you can do them in 5760 x 1080 sizes?
I am running a 3 screen setup, and would love them to cover all three screens.


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Must say your work is something else Mars. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Awesome as always.

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last one has just become the wallpaper of my desktop :smile: thx mate for providing those amazing wallpapers

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Here is what my 3 screen setup looks like (5760 x 1080)…

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that’s a lot of (background) space. Don’t you want your icons on the center screen ? /¬\

To be honest, I think it looks a lot better with the icons off to the left…It leaves a lot more screen in the middle to arrange multiple windows, without having to leave a gap for access to the icons.

Plus, the desktop pictures look better. :wink:

Something just occurred to me about this wallpaper that is currently set as my desktop background. The foreground of this image looks very nice, but something is off about the background… Can you guess what it is?

Maybe the Varelsi travel faster than light, and thus the light is still on its way to us, despite the star itself being wiped out.


Exactly! Its most possible we will see bright starry skies, even if the suns are long dead - many many stars we see at our own nightsky are already gone Supernova aeons ago, but the light is still traveling to us for another million years.

If our closest neighbour star, Proxima Centauri would die, we´d first see that in 4 years. If the Andromeda galaxy would be extinguished we would be able to see that within 2,5billion years after the date of its destruction.
Universe is vast and light pretty slow^^

I did think about that when making is Battleborn wallpaper.

  1. i found the wallpaper prettier with the stars
  2. if you check the introduction video where kleese tells you about the story. You still see stars and stardust in the background. So if GBX can get away with it, i can :stuck_out_tongue:
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Awesome wallpapers!

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If MentalMars doesn’t stop being so badass he’s going to make it harder for others to classify as badass.


These are amazing! Very well done! And I’m a fan of your YouTube as well!! Keep it up!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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