Battleborn was Good

So it’s now 2019 three years after battleborn released and it has officially died.
Which makes me upset this game had such potential I had a blast playing this it had unique charecters and unique abilities with augmented skill trees A good story and with the whitty humor gearbox is good at i still believe it does but with poor release timing it died before it could really compete. I put alot into the game and fought as long I could to keep the game alive but it’s done sad to say maybe a sequel one day not before a highly hyped up game release?


It‘s a shame that it needs to be always online. While I can‘t really find any matches anymore(Xbox) the campaign and story ops are as fun as always. I really hope that they don‘t close the servers in the near future.

I‘m really stoked for Borderlands 3 because you can tell they learned a lot from Battleborn. The characters abilities are so much more varied this time around just like in Battleborn :heart_eyes:

Just look at Moze she‘s basicly Montana, Ernest, Wisky Foxtrot all in one.

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Coughs. Toby… Coughs.


Oh yeah sorry I totally forgot the rail guns. Also the POV is a little bit like ISIC’s ult and some skills remind me of Oscar Mike’s tactical rounds.

@HandsomeCam Please forgive me oh almighty Toby.


Well, I meant that Toby also pilots a death machine, which is why i’ll be playing Moze on my first playthrough. The manifestation of Toby in my mind begs that I do so, that he may compare Moze’s mech to Berg (his own).



It was good. It could have been better, for sure. I would have done the following:

  • had some open world maps to play on and had coop drop in/out for it. And I would have tweaked the “level to 10 while playing” rule while on those maps (probably just start characters at level 10). And would have provided a re-spec machine on it. And you’d be given bounties and other short mission type things to do while on it. PvE only. This would be a fantastic place to meet other players online, test out characters, work on challenges, and generally have fun. And it would be quick to get started, unlike every other multiplayer mode in Battleborn.

  • provided a way for PvE and PvP to support drop in players to backfill empty player slots. As for what level the drop in player would be, probably an average of all players currently in the session/team.

  • changed mission failure conditions, made defense missions easier, and/or what happens when failure occurs. For example, instead of failure destroying the mission, it should “wipe players back to the last save point keeping all earned items and XP”.

  • definitely made an offline mode (no idea if that’s still possible for them to patch in)

That’s mostly it.

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Definitely wasnt the most polished game yeah and those do sound cool it would of been fun to have some of the stuff you mentioned and definitely added some life to the game. I hope that if this game gets a sequel we get more answers to stuff in the story and some different game modes.

The PVE was the best game ever. Still the best pre-game video Gbox ever did also.
Let’s have a look:


This game will always have a place in my heart.


the game is still operational, if you want to play it, you can. you just have to make groups to play with people.

Yes, Battleborn was awesome. It was even mentioned in this video by Jim Sterling:


PS(4) pvp BB is fyi alive, kicking and cut-throat as ever :razor:

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I agree battleborn is one of my fvt games and was a lot of fun to play and i really loved the characters but i quit the game because it was just too hard to find anyone to play with and my 2 friends who i used to play the game with quit long ago so i had to depend on online players if i could find any

i just hope if they ever decide to shutdown the game they atleast let us play it offline that would be really cool or i’ll miss the game a lot

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