Battleborn; we hardly knew ye

I’m on PS4. It’s dead. This game has so much depth. But no player- base. People don know how to play MOBAs and there there is a huge learning curve. So people jump in, get smoked, then set the game down because it “sucks”. It’s really frustrating. I haven’t completed a match with a full team in I don’t know how long. I want to be mad at gearbox. But they’re really paying for this. Is there a lesson here? I don’t know. I’m sorry Battleborn. I have to move on. It’s not you. It’s me. But mostly it’s you.

Calling @Ganjamira and or @lowlines to close

Nothing good ever comes from these threads


I want to add : low player base =/= dead.

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about to give opinion on this about how the game is not actually dead

thinks to self, “I’ve got better things to do”

mutes thread

proceeds to take nap


How sweet of you to think he’s a mod, but he’s not :yum:
I mean, he’s probably done as much as some of them, but still isn’t lol


If you ever come back, there’s a group of us who meet up pretty much constantly now and play, and we’d be happy to have more fo - people, you heard me say people


It is sad. Its still not a game I can recommend to people, but on xbox one its playable.

I swear he was one just. While back

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it doesn’t help that the game never had any real marketing, but I still recommend it.

I stopped playing it just because I couldn’t get any of my friends to so much as try it, leaving me with nobody to play with.

I’ll play with ya if you want.

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Wait are you on PS4? I’ve always wanted to play with you (and about 63 other people but still)

I’m considering just accepting the red bar and trying to play mor eoften with some of you beautiful US forumites (I think Slif has been doing this lately too.) What’s really holding me back is knowing that my Mellka game is going to be utterly ruined every time I land on a west coast server. :cry:

But that said, if anyone who doesn’t mind my connection (@epicender584 @FlamesForAll @skeksis_SYL @loving-hatred and all you other fine people) is ever planning some PVP ahead of time, maybe even private matches, you can always PM me on the forums! I am incredibly inept at responding to PSN messages because my notifications are off - the app drives my phone crazy.

As red bar Mell, I can at least promise to clear all the minions.


yeah I am. And I’m surprised, you’ve even heard of me, I haven’t even been on these forums for months lol.

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It would be a pleasure (and far less terrifying) to play with you rather than against you!

Got heavy homework weekdays this week but Friday or another time this weekend for sure!

Thank you so much for the heads up!

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Oh awesome, same name as here? And lol, you’ve popped up often enough
Yeah I’ve been playing with slif a bit more. I wouldn’t mind a red barring Mellka at all, well, your red barring Mellka haha. I’m trying to get some private matches together late Friday night est, but most people either haven’t seen it or don’t respond :confused:
It’s really up to you and your tolerance for playing Mellka when she’s past hers (alcohol)



P.S. - I am CANADIAN lol we SWEAR we have a distinct identity from our imposing neighbour to the South!




Are you silverkhaos on PSN as well, I’d love to add you and invite you to the chat I started that we all use to find and organize games!

my psn is actually “DEGALON”, but feel free.


Will do!


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Added! There’s pretty much 15 on at most times, a night like this would be 30, and slower times hit like 10, so there should always be peeps to play with :grin: