Battleborn Weekend art contest!

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #1

Hi there fellas! We’re glad to announce another Battleborn art contest, which is part of the Battleborn Weekend community event! Just earlier we passed the 3rd anniversary of Battleborn and invite everyone to join us to celebrate the game and the community in a creative way. The art contest is open for everyone and the theme for this year is:

"Holiday at the end of the world"
The end might be near but that shouldn’t stop the brave people of Solus from having bit of time off to calm the nerves. Create a visual piece of your favorite heroes, and/or villains, relaxing.

The submitted works will be judged by yours truly, and there will be five winners in total.
1st place: A signed limited edition Battleborn lithograph + 7 Legendary Loot Pack SHiFT codes!
2nd place: 5 SHiFT codes
3rd place: 4 SHiFT codes
Two runner ups: 2 SHiFT codes each

We encourage everyone to take part as the aim is to have fun, and just by participating everyone wins an art contest exclusive Bro Certificate badge + poem by Oscar Mike (written by Jim Foronda!)

The deadline for submissions is May 26th at midnight PDT! All visual mediums are welcome, and you can submit multiple pieces but only the latest will be judged. To enter the contest, please post your artwork in this thread or on Twitter and attach the hashtag #Art4Solus in your comment so that your piece will show up in the art gallery on @lowlines’ site.

Oh! lowlines has asked me to tell people who are posting their submissions in this thread not to use emojis in their post because his bot will pick that up instead of your art to display in the gallery! :joy:

Please check the all guidelines and rules below, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have.

We’re looking forward to seeing many creative creations, and wish good luck to everyone!

Full art contest guidelines and rules!
  1. The theme is “Holiday at the end of the world”.
  2. The deadline is May 26th at midnight PDT.
  3. To participate, submit your work in this thread, or post it on Twitter and attach the hashtag #Art4Solus.
  4. Don’t break the forum rules or the game’s rating with your entry. That means no NSFW.
  5. Your entry must be created for this contest. This means no old or previously created pieces.
  6. You’re encouraged to create in any format you want, e.g. writing or composing, but only visual pieces will be judged.
  7. Only Battleborn art is accepted, no crossovers.
  8. Event organizers aren’t allowed to participate.

The Battleborn Weekend community event is supported by Gearbox and runs on May 17-19. The hub for the event can be found on lowlines’ site over here, and be sure to follow the organizers on Twitter and visit the forum thread to stay on top of the news! Also check out the official Gearbox announcement to see what you’ll get just by logging in!


Hello there, let me introduce my piece called…ehm…“The delicious salty Italian tears teatime by the ocean and volcano, and classic Italian dinner”
I dedicate this piece to my favorite Italian frienemies Zventrapapere, MrConcubino and CIABBYMASTER IMPERATOR SLAYER. I wanted to do a taunt illustration like last year (“tea ceremony”) so I took an inspiration from a Marquis taunt “steep price”, but changed it to fit the theme (and I don’t play Marquis that much so I changed it to fit my playstyle :smirk:). To clarify, this is Attikus on holiday in Italy. I wanted to draw a background that represents Italy and it was actually sarcazzas idea to draw a vulkano, since there are some in Italy, I think…and it suits Atti too. Aaaaand if anyone from the eu 10mans is reading this, I dare you to outdraw me :sunglasses:
sincerelly yours