Battleborn Weeklys!

(Chris) #1

Hello all i know its been a long time since you’ve seen a post about this but im back after a long break and here to try and make the tournament scene more alive once more.

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Battleborn Weeklies!
(unmaking the universe with math) #2

Hello Christopher Hook
Good on you
I hope this catches on

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Is there a link for ps4?


(Chris) #4

Sorry Xbox only at the moment


(unmaking the universe with math) #6

You should talk with @MahZeeeeeee
Last I talked with him he was running an ongoing group with around 8 teams. He and his group lack a formalized structure but apparently it’s success comes from the freedom that provides
Talking with him might be a good start

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(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #7

It ain’t dead, at least in my experience, I either get coordinated teams or newcomers

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(Nick Infidel) #8

Yup, and there are more to come when (if?) season 2 starts. It’s alive and well, many skilled players.


(Zstreet17) #9

You do realize there is a league that plays matches every week on Xbox, right?

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(Zstreet17) #10

Yep, we’re still going strong with week 6 out of 7 in the regular season beginning tomorrow.

@Nick_Infidel As long as people want to play a season 2, I’ll organize it. I know as word of mouth has continued to spread I’ve been told of a number o players who want to play.


(Chris) #11

Other than my own I didn’t know but I’ve become inconsistent as of late without help


(Owner of HGL) #12

Could you please contact HGL about an issue with your rules at, Thank You


(Zstreet17) #13

Sorry that wasn’t aimed at you, it was at the poster who said Xbox wasn’t a viable platform for tournaments.

I would have plugged your tournament in our Xbox club had I seen it earlier but I didn’t get the chance to. Make sure you start putting word out well in advance.


(Chris) #14

I try to but I’ve had some personal business to take care of but a participant reminded me I hadn’t made a bracket yet



I’d like to echo @MahZeeeeeee. The tournament has been great and competitive.
@RayLightning: Please don’t spread false information.

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“competitive” can be very subjective. From what I have witnessed, the current player’s base aren’t as good as all the players I’ve met and unfortunately have stopped playing. Heck, some even consider just going against opponents to be competitive regardless of the player’s skill.

Like I said, most of the players are newcomers and average skilled in this platform. At least that’s the case at night past 5pm est time during weekdays. Maybe, it’s different during earlier time of the day. It’s sad because it used to be a whole lot better.


(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #17

I want to point out, quickly, that this thread was created by @Sunanotate to try and get more Xbox competitions sorted.

It doesn’t matter if the xbox community has people ready to play competitive, or not. They’re trying and the best way people can help is to guide people who may not be competitive ready, but want to be.

Alternatively people could set up private 10-mans in order to get used to it and to up the overall skill levels.

Then people can try to get more people into these 10-mans rather than use the freshly honed skills to slaughter public groups as that won’t help the situation.

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This response seems to be fundamentally misguided. A population (in Battleborn or anything else) is going to be predominantly made up of individuals that are average or 1 standard deviation from average (indeed that is the definition of average). And the fact that there are many newcomers is a GOOD thing, suggesting that people are buying the game and joining the community.

If you search a bit, you’ll find a community of competitive players, like the ones in @MahZeeeeeee’s league. And if you question whether these competitive teams “aren’t as good as all the players I’ve met”, I encourage you, @Sunanotate, and anyone else interested to make a team and see for yourself. I suspect that you’ll find that the current scene is quite competitive.


(Chris) #19

Wow this blew up more than I would’ve thought, as for the competitive side to this its free agent draft only so it’ll be to see how quickly you can mesh and mold with your team as typically in small tournament pool players after awhile the same team begins to win every time. But my goal with this was to add a more competitive setting that was more attractive to casual players than having to search for a team then practice with them get along with them and basically mold your schedule around a tournament that you do as a hobby. I want the newcomers and the average players I want to show them just how much more exhilarating a tournament setting is while still maintaining that bit of casualness you get from just queuing for a normal match


(Matt) #20

I haven’t experienced this but love the sound of it. Hopefully it gets up and going again cause I want in.