Battleborn Winter Update Notes: Xbox One

An update for Battleborn is rolling out this Thursday on all platforms. This is the highly anticipated Winter Update and includes myriad changes to the game including general improvements, character adjustments, and much, much more! The full notes for all platforms can be found here:

Battleborn Winter Update Notes

As always, for support with Battleborn or SHiFT, please visit:

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So…why did you patch it from a nice looking game to a game with style to a game with bad 60FPS with tearing and massive spikes and awful 30FPS just for some light effects?
Light effects are nice but if the game is so dark I have to turn the Brightness of my TV up to make it playable (the Graphics settings do not offer it).

Maybe, just maybe it works good on a PC or PS4 Pro but on XO it feels slow,inconsistend and sucks all the fun out of the game.
I still hope it gets patched soon or is just a Aprils Fool Joke in January.