Battleborn Winter Update (OFFICIAL NEWS)

Major Battleborn updates are coming! This winter, all Battleborn players get the biggest update yet. In fact, there is something for everyone here – new and veteran players alike. Just ask Producer, Chris Brock. “I’ve been at Gearbox for 10 years and this is the craziest update we’ve ever done!”

What, exactly, is so insane about the upcoming Battleborn features? A new, improved player experience loaded with modes that new players will love – and a load of slick refinements that our veteran players can get behind. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s in store.


Whether you’re new to the game or just want to hone your skills for multiplayer, we’ve added several key features.

  • All 25 Core Characters Unlocked!
  • 25 badass playable characters, no waiting! You’re eager to find your favorite, so get to it! With this update, the core 25 characters will be unlocked for all players after completing the Prologue.
  • What about the character unlock challenges? These challenges now award a brand new skin upon completion! We’ve also adjusted several challenges to be more attainable.
  • Main Quests – Story Mode
    • Story Mode missions will have more guides and tools to lead your through various areas of the game. The Credit rewards have also been boosted to help you get an early edge on loot packs
  • Two New Training Modes
    • Incursion Tutorial: Build up your PVP skills and learn the key elements of competitive play in Battleborn. Your first play-through is solo, but this practice mode can be repeated with groups of up to three players.
    • Dojo: Take each and every Battleborn hero for a test drive! Learn how to slice, dice, blast, smash, and rocket your way through waves of minions. You’ll even be able to practice with each Battleborn hero offline.


We’ve talked to many players who have put hundreds of hours into the game. Whether you’re coming back for the second time or your two hundredth, we are all about replayability. Listening closely to your feedback, we made some big moves to continue keeping the Battleborn experience fresh for you.

  • User Interface Changes: Battleborn’s user interface gets a major facelift. Cleaner, more vibrant, and much easier to find the information you need most. You’ll see UI changes throughout Battleborn, from the starting screen, to the Command center, character select, and even some menu changes.
  • Draft Mode: This is one of the most exciting new additions! In Draft Mode, teams and players take turns picking and banning characters trying to find the perfect match-ups and counters for what the other team is choosing.
  • Introducing Daily Quests: The action doesn’t end when you take down Rendain. Check back daily for new objectives and rewards across both Story Mode and Competitive Multiplayer Mode.
  • Command Rank and Character Rank Increase: Keep on growing your Command and Character ranks! We pushed the cap to 150 for Command Rank, and rank 20 for each character, with all-new rewards!
  • Updated In-game Economy: We’ve overhauled the Credits system and how loot packs are made available, particularly in Competitive Multiplayer matches. Credits will now accumulate faster in public PVP matches, making it easier to grab more loot packs from the Marketplace. But not for leavers – they are out of luck and will not receive any rewards. You see, nobody likes a quitter.
    • Loot Packs: All loot pack variations will still drop in Story Mode missions, but only one type of loot pack will be available in the Marketplace: The Core Pack. The Core Pack has better odds for higher rarity gear and has a chance to drop any skin or taunt previously available in Faction packs.
    • Boosts: A bigger variety of Boosts will become available for Platinum in the marketplace.
  • PS4 Pro Support: Battleborn will also support PS4 Pro! PS4 players will be able to choose between 1080p at 60fps or 4K at 30fps.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Come check out the update this Thursday! We’ll be holding a 2-hour livestream for a peek at the next update.

WHEN: Thursday, December 8 at 2pm PT, 5pm ET, 10pm UTC




Actual article is here if you want to read it at the official site too.

Personally I’m not too hyped, feels like more padding and I’m expecting to see a lot of “New Draft queues are dividing PvP too much again”

Here’s hoping Beatrix, who I hope is mentioned in the stream, doesn’t have any PvP lore which will be inversely affected by all this.


Well I’m hyped. I only skimmed the thing but look at all the new stuff I can do!

I will be the first to have a level 20 Deande. I must do it.

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Carrot dangling starts now, however increasing the Level Cap to 150 seems a bit weak. Because for most of us got to 105 in one weekend. (But anything is better than nothing) Draft mode… hmmm seems that instead of balancing characters we can just prevent them from being played, lazy approach…

looking forward to seeing the actual patch notes about the Characters and Beatrix and DLCs


Draft mode seems like a temporary fix until (probably not) gbx fixes the massive power creep this game has.


Naturally I would assume that us vets will have these skins automatically unlocked. I just bought a bunch of platinum skins recently because of the sale though, so I’ll probably only look at the new ones once.

This I like. Command rank I’m not too fussed about, but increased character ranks gives me incentive to go back and play some of my old favourites who I left behind.

Not nearly as big as it was made out to be, the last Borderlands 2 patch was huge, but I assume there will be a lot more coming.

Slow clap
Take a bow gearbox, take a bow!

All of us regulars have been asking for these features for a while and they’re being delivered. Well done.


Hm, I need to know what they mean about Lootpack changes…

I am still missing like ~8 Leggies from packs so I wanna know if I want to attempt at getting them now or later. I must Catch 'Em All!

Also, hopefully they mention gear overhaul on thursday, s’all I want to read/hear about.

2 more days.


Well, this is about 75-80% of what I have been asking for the last few months… I guess most of my theories are going to be put to the test. I am stoked for the extra levels and stuff and actually testing some of my hypothesises.


Yeah, seconding this. Still trying to get some taunts and skins out of the faction packs.

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Looking forward to the new UI, I’m wondering how much different it will look. A dojo was something I also wanted but wasn’t expecting. Training AND a dojo, that’s great :smile:. Unlocking all core characters was a good move as well, no reason to complain anymore :yum:. But yeah, these are all great looking changes and I’m looking forward to seeing them implemented.


I’m super excited about this update. It seems like a lot of the concerns we’ve all had are being addressed. I think the tutorials alone are going to do wonders for new players picking up the game. Plus more skins and higher character ranking? I’m so there for that. I do hope us vets hitting 20 with our mains won’t deter new players still at the lower character ranks though. It’s a tricky path to walk, but I’m feeling optimistic.

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Damn hope I don’t lose my master titles and skins, how fw it may be. Last thing I want is losing what I worked for.

The biggest issue I take with the update, is PvP making it easier to get more credits. PvP, which is honestly a mess I wont touch.

While I sound pretty impatient at this point, I’d like to see more of Beatrix. The other 4 toons were released relatively fast but it really feels like that we have to wait extra long for her.

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We have never done “instead of”.

This is just a list of the big changes in this patch. There are balance updates as well, as well as a number of other smaller updates.

Also, we’ve never stopped looking at and working on balance. We will continue to make those types of updates as fast as possible.


This is so exciting! :grinning:
There is so much here that I’ve been waiting on for what seems like forever. Half of it doesn’t affect me much, but it doesn’t stop me from being happy for newcomers!

I’m so incredibly stoked.

It’s BitterSweet to see everything many of us have been asking for finally make it into the game, Just hope it isn’t too late to bring people in. Hoping Beatrix is released soon.

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Correct. If you have already completed those challenges (which you have if you’re past command rank 50) you’ll just have all the skins show up.

I’ll drop more details about this on Thursday’s live stream. :slight_smile:

This patch is a culmination of a lot of big things we’ve wanted to do for months, many of these things since before launch. There’s definitely a lot of influence from the community in here.

I don’t think we’re going to talk much about gear on Thursday. We DID do a massive pass through legendaries, and there are a ton of fixes. You probably won’t get details on that until we release the novella that is our patch notes for the Winter Update.

I’ll detail this on the Thursday live stream. I think it’s a much more rewarding system, but there are some changes I want to talk you through. :smiley:

You won’t lose anything you’ve worked for! It will be a little odd, yeah, that now you get “Mastery” at Rank 15, and then can go further. There are other rewards in Ranks 16-20 though that will help you showoff.


Quite a few performance improvements that you’ll likely notice in the UI as well. Looking forward to us sharing the full patch notes soon so you all can dive into all of the details!


Thank you for answering my concern with this patch, appreciate it.