Battleborn Winter Update (OFFICIAL NEWS)

It’s a smoothness. It’s hard to explain, but once your eyes know what to look for, you can never unseen it.

Ever been really high, and it feels like you’re seeing a slideshow? 30 fps is like that. 60 has more slides, so everything is smoother

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Also continuing my previous post, for the love of… Use the “event” function on steam for announcing you’re starting dev streams. Those event warns peoples who “follow” a game even if they don’t have it yet, like if they’re considering buyign it, and so on. Please make use of that function.

You are really lacking on the communication side with your customers on steam itself. I like how you answer questions and participate on the gbx board itself, but deserting steam liek you did is one of the cause of the early massive loss of players on PC side compared to console side. Peoples are not informed, peoples feel ignored, peoples start thinking the game doesn’t move forward and is deserted. Show yo’ure alive, that you’re doing a lot of stuff. Not just time to time, ALL THE TIME.


Please say that the fix for zero scores will be included in this update. I’m really tired of chasing yellow balls for nothing.

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I never ever cared about framerate. I’ve played so many time Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and all those games on the first Playstation. Games at 30fps nowadays, it’s great. 60fps is smooth.

No way is it “UNPLAYABLE” at lower than 60fps.


No one is saying it’ll be unplayable. They’re worried the smoother game play will allow for faster reactions at 60fps over 30fps giving pro players an advantage.

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60fps cap will be an option available for OG PS4 players as well.


Yes, that fix is included in the upcoming patch.


Good news. Thank you for responding so quickly.


I wonder why it is specifically ps4 getting the fps upgrade. is it something hased out with sony that microsoft didn’t agree with or something? or is it on the dev or user end?

I forwarded this note to the team that runs the streams, thanks!


I had 2 loadouts, one was for with friends/slightly less serious.

It had veil manipulator(legy shard gen)

Eldrid syringe with more regen after surviving 180 seconds

And blissbeast(DR with regen)

Basically I had 30+ health regen at all times

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So much discussion on this thread and others saved with a single comment.


so any news about adding more lines to the ultimate callouts? the currents ones are getting annoying

They confirmed a while back theyre reverting it to the old random callouts. :slight_smile:


That’s the reason I’m mentioning it. Pitchford was very vague about it, though, so I don’t know what it’ll turn out to be.

Not a dev, but IIRC the last time this came up in a Battleplan @Jythri said this would be in the next update. Which would be this update (when it hits.) So I’m thinking the answer to your question is probably “Yes!”

thank you both been waiting for some good news :slight_smile:

Time to go into a coma for the next 28 h 45 m

Wake me up when the stream starts.

Applying anesthesia.

grabs sledge hammer