Battleborn Winter Update (OFFICIAL NEWS)

While true…
I went back to the Dojo segment of the stream and it’s “strictly solo practice.” At 21:50 they answer that question. There’s also multiple supply stations if that’s pertinent to the healing thing.

Now I feel :cry: for giving false hope. I’m sorry @RayLightning!


…But false hope might get little Timmy through Christmas.

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His false hope is swiftly shattered when he wakes up inauguration morning and realizes that it wasn’t a dream he really did win. The Ghost of Christmas Future had lied and now that OC was going to be repealed little Timmy must come to terms with the fact that he would never be able to get the procedure to make him normal size Timmy. So he wept :sob:

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Past launch date. Still no update?

They already gave an update. 47/56

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It’s still in certification. The post last week was to let us know what’s coming (which I appreciate), not when it it will drop.

@JoeKGBX @Jythri

Is there any word on whether 0 score efforts will be reverted retroactively?

I’m still salty about my 5 person adv hardcore helio win that was given a zero score. I’ve gone through all the support channels and there’s no dice. I’m not going to do it again, so just wanted to see if there was any hope of receiving the score/medal.

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Not trying to sound offensive, but why would you even attempt what is arguably the single hardest pve accomplishment while the game is currently experiencing such a common glitch that specifically prevents you from obtaining said accomplishment?

I can’t speak for @Ginger_greninja but in my case I’d only experienced a zero score once out of many many story modes. The second time I experienced this glitch was indeed helio advanced. Fortunately, the achievement for gold or silver on all advanced story missions did actually unlock despite the zero score glitch. Then I think I’ve had it happen twice more? Out of too may story missions to count. So I can totally understand why someone might take a chance on it.

And I second the request for info to @Jythri about this - any chance of retroactive fixes, seeing as how all the score information is visible under the stats tabe when you review the mission in your history?

It was during the Battleborn Day event when we as shafted Australian consumers couldn’t get a non US server to play PvP on and were suffering awful latency/lag, so decided to do a challenging PvE run instead.

In any event this isn’t a case for victim blaming. GBX introduced a bug that has been known for months and simply ignored. If the advice is to not play until they fix it well no-one would be playing this game at all with its various issues.

It’s a lot more common for some folks. I’ve beaten tobys friendships raid about 30 times now and I still don’t have a medal unlocked.

Yeah, TFR Is really bugged in terms of getting a medal. However, I was responding specifically to the issue as it affects Heliophage advanced. TFR is easy enough, Helio is another matter entirely.

I’m not victim blaming. I was honestly curious why you would randomly choose to do the single hardest pve run in the game when there was a chance it wouldn’t unlock. You couldn’t play PvP. Fair enough, question answered. A tad masochistic in my mind, but I understand now.

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Sorry for salty reply, my frustration isn’t directed at you.

It was just one of those things, we were fed up with the PvP situation and I believe it was @Slif_One who suggested “so adv hc helio?” and we just went… OK.

that moment when HW forgets they’re talking to one of the Australian players :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally, the fact we opted to do Advanced Hardcore Heliophage with 5 people while there was a random chance of not getting any score or medal… tells you everything about what Battleborn Day PVP was like for Australian players. Red. Bar. Madness.

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…I’ve done Helio advanced and HC hundreds of times now and really enjoy it.
But still don’t like PvP. As for the Toby dlc being bugged, sure is, but its still fun.


Fifty Shades of Heliophage :wink:


Yup, when it participates


Also would like to point out that many people were requesting a draft mode back in the day. It’s not just something they thought up, it was directly asked for by a decent amount of the community.