Battleborn writer departs

So Aaron Linde, the lead Battleborn writer has left Gearbox. It’s been all over the place this weekend. Many people calling it the possible death of BB (I don’t think so, but others are saying as much). I’d really like to know from the devs how this affects the upcoming DLC. Did Aaron have a big hand on the DLC story lines? What was the reason he left something that was in mid-cycle? Does he not believe in the product to succeed?

I’m curious not as to the plans for DLC with Aaron gone. Many will say there wasn’t much of a story anyway (I disagree wholly on that) but it is sad to hear that the lead writer leaves just after launch of the game.


Well ■■■■ the bed. That sucks :frowning:

I asked my 2K friend about this he said check out the polygon article. we gave a statement to them.

“Aaron stayed on to see Battleborn through to completion and has already finished a great deal of work on upcoming content, His departure has been carefully planned and he has transitioned writing duties to Sam Winkler, who wrote the character Alani and has been helping with the writing on Battleborn since February.”

its not uncommon that people get hired per project


I thought as much. I looked into what he’s done and it seems like he signs on for a project, and once his work is complete moves on to a new project. Keeps things new and interesting for him at the very least. :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear. But the way it’s being reported sucks. It’s almost as if media is looking for a way to make BB fail instead of prosper. I love this game. I want to see it do well.

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At least it’s not as bad as I thought it was. What should we expect from the guy who wrote up Alani?

It’s the in thing to bash on Battleborn right now. That being said Gearbox and Battleborn are strong enough to take the hits and keep going. It’s going to be a slow start but the game will do well in the long-term.


The line to be cynical and negative is real long, especially when its open ended, non specific.

What, pray tell, are the “glaring problems” of Gearbox?

Did they release a crappy game, unfinished, or as a cheap cash grab?
Did they lie to the fans, to the customers?
Are they treating their employees horribly and smashing the heads of baby animals in the streets?

I mean, that post was like eggijg someones house for no reason.

A writter leaves. The game and its content are already set in place. What is so important about a single writer post launch that could save an undefined problem?

Its the in thing to bash anything and anybody online from a position of quasi-annonymity.

Many people misconstrue cynicism and digging out any short coming as a sign of intelligence, when in fact its much easier to lament and bash than it is to praise and support.


Death of a multiplayer-oriented game because a lead writer left? Well, another proof many people are dumb. Or they just eager to see BB die, that is not any better.


Well, that’s media. I haven’t read a paper or watched the news since 2001 because I came to hate the media.

I used to work in I.T. and project based people are very common. I assume the games industry would be very similar.

Well it’s sad to see talented writers leave, but that’s the way it is. Even though I must admit the timing is rather unfortunate and I can’t even blame people who might suspect that it has something to do with Battleborn.
However I hate how the Internet bashes Battleborn solely to well… Bash it. The whole BB vs. OW thing feels like DC vs. Marvel all over again… Which is another pointless debate.

This is often how it is with writers in the industry. They’ll move from project to project to keep things fresh to avoid a thing creative people call burn out. It needs to happen, new creatives step up to take their place. In any creative team larger than the 20~ person mark, you’re going to likely see a number of people come and go as the project goes on. That’s just the nature of the industry.

And with writers, as I said, it’s even more common. It’s either a naive ignorance or a sort of headline-seeking disingenuous attitude that leads one to believe that a writer leaving is indicative of anything other than a writer leaving.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


I’d say it’s the later because bashing BB seems to be the in thing now.