Battleborn's Community/Matchmaking - Status

I play on the PS4 and PC.

PC - the PC community is about 100-50 players right now , and if you wanna play. you gotta be friends in steam with the the remain people who play it.
In other words , 10-12 players in private matches while 2 players spec and the others play.
For those who are new , I suggest you try to befriends with them like : OZcomingFRoo(me), ice , Rio , Struggle , Lex, neuro and some others.

PS4 - as much as people make a fuss about Battleborn dying , well its definitively not on Consoles.
Quick play - most of the time you’ll find yourself in a low vs High match-up (which sucks, because Meltdown is in that section)
Incusion Only - most of the time you either run with High levels and 5 man teams.
Matchmaking Overall doesn’t take very long in both sections. I haven’t tried to find COOP missions yet, but I’m sure I can find around 3-5 man as usual.

I don’t have Xbox One , but from what I have heard , its doing great also.

The only problem in BB now is the Matchmaking system ,shot register fixes and some balance issue AHEM AHEM STUN CC MUST BE NERF AHUEM !!! . It would be beneficial if PC could get a cross-over with one of the Consoles (as stated before with one of the Devs)

But don’t get me wrong , BB isn’t dead (on Console that is)


My only real issues are CC chains, brokenly OP gear combos on certain characters, poor hit detention/weird hit boxes (mainly with Ghalt and Marquis), and rage quitters. Everything else is peachy, because these issues are actually pretty rare.

…and meta team comp isn’t too much of an issue. My squad can beat meta comps with non-meta comps with some effort and fully donned big boy pants.

I have no issues with matchmaking on XB1, mostly because I always roll in a 5 man. I even only play at odd hours (11pm or later).


Also worth noting.

Wednesday’s on ps4 are good for finding high levels in quick match and better games of meltdown

I went Solo and still found matches quickly so that’s even better

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I know all the PC names listed except Struggle? Who is that?

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If anyone on PC wants to play with a scrub like me (no matter which mode, I’d play anything if I could), feel free to add me (same name and avatar as here on steam) and ask me if you need someone (if I’m already in the game and playing solo as almost always, I’ll probably stop that game then, because I like to have some company).

Don’t have that much time for playing though and don’t have enough active friends anymore to start my own private sessions (unless someone wants to play 1v1s …).

Ummm I meant you XD sorry haha


Battleborn is dying on console as well.

hahaha I’m calling him that from now on :joy:

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I stopped playing do to Steam humiliation.
Most of my friends, all of whom I played BB with, kept saying:
Dude! You’re the only one still playing BB!

Why would you care what anybody says?
Its just toxic values been passed from gaming media outlets to your friends and OW fanboys

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Why do you think it’s always ow fanboys?

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Who else would toxic a casual gamer into thinking that BB is a â– â– â– â– â– â–  version of OW.,?

Except for one thing,
Who in this scenario mentioned OW?(it was you in this case)

They asked why he was still playing, which given how low the player base is on pc…it’s a fair question

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It’s important to note that “getting games in less than X (2? 5? 10?) minutes” is an important metric for a lot of people, but it’s not the only metric and meeting that alone doesn’t make it “healthy”.

For example, this game gets there by completely forgoing any real matchmaking and having very limited/restricted queue options. It’s a huge problem when there’s older MOBAs (and even older PvP MMOs!) that provide better options, not to mention the other hero shooters (Paladins and OW). Just processing the fact that Paladins which is 100% in Overwatch’s shadow put together fairly awesome queue structure that makes most the players happy (although it has problems…but its still in endless beta!)…should demonstrate how flat this game fell in this area.

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Is this you??

I had a couple of matches before i had to dc, i tried to play ow before bb, i waited 9:46 mins for a match. In battlenorn i waited 4:20 to find a team and start a match, 2:10 to find an other match.

Oh look it’s me :stuck_out_tongue:

I played a bit of the Overwatch free weekend and the queue time was about 3 minutes most the time. That’s really bad for such a popular game!

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Yeah, thats me.

…Growing up on reservations I’ve had enough humiliation for one lifetime.

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