Battleborn's Future...?

The amount of DC’s, surrenders and idles the past few days have increased, and it’s really starting to piss me off. What are GBX doing to stop it? Nothing. One of the reasons this game wasn’t successful. Their actions towards this game are either really slow, or non-existant.


By Epic Games word, Fortnite will be F2P in 2018.

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If Project 1v1 is Fortnite, and if GBX is dumping any resources into it, then it’s safe to say that that Battleborn is abandoned.

However, I only got half of it right. I thought all resources was going into Borderlands 3.

Also, the video convinced me to not touch the game with a 60 foot titanium pole.

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Repeating my earlier question:

IS there a completely free way to play Fortnite?

I tried last week and couid not find a way to do so without buying some sort of pack (which I did not do).

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its not.


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As i said in my reply, it will be F2P in 2018
Right now, if you want to play without paying, find someone who bought the ultimate (or something like that) package, this pack includes 2 codes (to gift) to download the game for free.

Sorry Ganjamira for the fortnite related reply, just wanted to answer the question that was asked here.


So it could be Battleborn 3?

Everyone knows that 1 and 1 is 3.

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Apologies for bringing it up and leading to the derailment, I merely wanted to point out that what happens to that game can be a potential gauge for battleborn’s extended future since gearbox making money on it could lead to more resources for use even in battleborn and to point out the similarities between the two in the marketing as well(namely when platinum was introduced)

And that’s why I think it’s a huge issue and makes gearbox potentially look scummier in people’s eyes.

I feel your pain so much


While I think it’s a good point and video, I don’t think we should keep discussing that here

You know what? If that game can sustain itself and make some extra money it could mean a second chance for battleborn.

Battleborn is like that game it scratches the itch for a moba fps, with the crappy advertisment the game got, the public who wants or dont know they want it never got reached but all the bad feed did.

If gbx makes enough money… There is still hope for battleborn future.


There is no future, it’s just a dark, dark void. The sun—(Sun? Star? I can’t remember the main plot of the story lol) Has been destroyed for this game. Everything is just darkness.

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But there is hope, i belive in solus and the return of Rendain.


And the belief that Toby = bae. Mellka too, i suppose…


Lets talk about BB’s future:

Ok, that was a brief talk


To be fair, despite many seeing the game as an abject failure there have been other franchises that had opening entries with far more investment and far fewer sales that still generated sequels. Remember how Killzone was touted as “The Halo Killer”? That first game fizzled hard but there were a ton of follow-ups (there may be a better example but that one comes to mind).

Battleborn just gets a heaping helping of negative talk because a lot of people have a hate-on for Gearbox because of things in the past that didn’t effect them that they can’t/won’t get over. Which they then apply selectively with comments like “How dare Randy Pitchford make another game! I will never buy anything GBX after what they did to Aliens. How dare they buy Duke Nukem! Oh but I can’t wait for Borderlands.”

So, IF the end is nigh for this current incarnation of the game (big IF… I’m still remaining hopeful), I highly doubt that it is the end of this IP. There is way too much story and design in this to just go to waste.

Whenever they do declare it to be over, it isn’t going to be “Bye bye, Battleborn.” It is going to be “Battleborn is dead, Long live Battleborn!”


Your optimism is admirable, but with the way management has been steering the ship I fear you’re not going to see a courageous ending.

I mean, just look at how they handled Christmas and their own anniversary. Are you even confident that they have confidence to put it anything grand when the end arrives?

I’m not.

And this isn’t me hating Battleborn, but there’s no evidence whatsoever that Gearbox can pull off anything grand. Even Battleborn Day was an effort by the community, that the community wanted to rally together to give life to the game, and then Gearbox came in to offer official support to the event.

Their anniversary week could’ve been Battleborn Week, but we all know by now nothing was done except a Legendary Pack with a small thank you somewhere that I needed a telescope to read properly.

Now we’re at the point where PvPers are very annoyed at the queue with the introduction of mini-match, which was dead on arrival on PC and now near dead on consoles, PvEers have dead queues in Story and Operations with the All Operations queue also dead on arrival on PC, Magnus Pack drop rates unchanged so you still need to spend 500 dollars USD to get the skin you want for the character you desire, PvP events that PC players can’t experience at all so it doesn’t even spike the population in any fashion, PvE events such as low gravity have never been attempted so PvEers never get a chance to contribute to the discussion, and it’s more than obvious that no one is happy on both camps.

PvPers want queues repaired and have discount event and XP and Credit boosts. If Gearbox only cares about the PvP aspects since no one has ever attempted at a PvE event, at the very least they should be listening to the former’s plight. But no, nothing has happened and the playerbase only continues to grow smaller.

Gearbox’s answer was to send me an invitation to play their beta “Project 1v1”, so I can start on my microtransactions shopping needs. Because have you done your microtransactions today as a part of your complete breakfast? And lunch? And dinner?

When Battleborn still needs so much work but Gearbox is already shelling out another game that’s not Borderlands 3, you know where their priorities are lying. It’s not here, if that’s what you’re wondering.

I shouldn’t be impressed, yet I would be impressed if management permits a massive discount event comes sometime this month. My expectations are so low already, however I’m sure they can still get lower.


So you’ve got some inside information on how Project 1v1 is going to work because they sent out a CTT invite? For Pete’s sake dude the game doesn’t even have a real title yet.

I think a lot was learned through Battleborn. At this point I can imagine, and would welcome,a sequel with a more fluid story mode, improved PvP balance, and a more streamlined presentation a few years down the road. Even if Gearbox decides that the multiplayer games market is over saturated and becoming unviable (what with LawBreakers suffering a worse fate than Battleborn) I could see a full PvE based spinoff too. To avoid any negativity associated with the name, you could give a spinoff game a different title and set it in the same universe. What about a 5 part episodic game each focusing on a different faction? There are a lot of possibilities for Battleborn as an IP, and I still have faith in it.


My point was that Battleborn is no longer a priority, probably hasn’t been in a long time, and it only solidified with the beta invite.

Whatever Project 1v1 is, I pray it is successful regardless of what it is, but that also means Battleborn will less likely be seeing any improvements or events that the playerbase has been asking for for months.

You essentially ignored my whole post and zeroed in on the only part I attempted to make a joke in.

If Project 1v1 is Battleborn 3 with Borderlands level of PvE focus, I’m all for it. With Paladins, Overwatch, Paragons, Lawbreakers, Battleborn and whatever PvP heavy games out there that I may have missed, Gearbox should focus on another genre or category that isn’t so saturated. Gearbox needs to correct their mistakes brought by Battleborn into their next games.

At any case, I’m expecting less and less from Battleborn the game, I also don’t see the point in trying to be excited when every 2 weeks the announcement that comes is, “Got nothing good happening, see you again in 2 weeks and buy more microtransactions!” I’m seeing less and less people posting on the forums too, so I have even less to look forward to.

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