Battleborn's #IAMBATTLEBORN Taunt Contest

We’re giving one lucky winner a chance to get a taunt based on his/her idea created in Battleborn and used by millions of players!

To enter, film yourself performing a taunt and share it with us on social media with #IAMBATTLEBORN! More info on the contest, how to enter, and official rules can be found at


This will be entertaining.

Can a Mod move the posts over from the Battleborn Loot thread about this? We kinda derailed since we didn’t have anywhere to legit talk about this yet… #WereSorry

Totally forgot about that :smiley:

Speaking of taunts, here is a contest to get one of your creation in the game:
Battleborn Taunt Contest

Post that in the news as a seperate thread please. So people can find it.

Requires social media (which I refuse to use (again)) and filming yourself. Nope, nope, nope.
Oh well.

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That contest…I wish it didn’t involve you doing the taunt. I’m not athletic enough to do any of the ideas I have!

Miko = Break-dance head-spin making him look like a Spinning Top.
Sadly I can’t breakdance, head-spin, or even head-stand. Wish I was a B-boy in times like these.

If it would allow for using a flipbook, I could do something for Orendi. Because (sadly, sadly) I don’t have 4 arms.
Although I could imagine filming myself with a scarf over my mouth and nose (I’d even be in character lol ^^).

But saying something? Hell no! I’m a 1,90cm tall male. My voice would fit 0% for Orendi (whose voice even got pitched, i think).

But who knows? I already got a handful ideas. And I’d really like both the free game copy and -most of all- the signed poster. Not to mention to have my very own taunt in the game!

I’d like to see yours, even if it just on a flipbook!

I’ll see. Maybe on the weekend. But i gotta explore possibilities a bit before submitting. Also I’m kinda curious about this line:

Limit one (1) Submission per person, per method of entry (i.e., up to two (2) Submissions total provided one (1) Submission via Facebook and one (1) Submission via Twitter)

Does that mean I can submit 2 different videos, or just 1 on 2 different platforms?

@Jythri or @JoeKGBX, answers pls!

It means you can submit the same video once via Facebook, and once more via Twitter. So one video (entry), submitted to two separate platforms FB and Twitter).

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Thx a bunch. So it’ll be a hard decision, if I decide to participate :sweat:
The pressure…

Do i have to play the taunt myself, or does it only need to contain me and a demonstration of the taunt of any kind?

That looks fun and finally something that’s also open for other countries than just VS + Canada

Contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, Austria, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal or the United Kingdom.

Now think up the prefect taunt.hhhmmmm

Fair warning: if someone doesn’t submit a twerking taunt, you’re all fired! :wink:

I would just follow the instructions as close as you can to avoid any confusion.

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Sry. You gotta find someone else to do that XD
(No need to post evidence)

Will see if i participate.

Say Joe, how is the Mods’ attitude about, let’s say… PG13+ fanart? Just curious :innocent:
If you ask people about twerking, it seems kinda lax.

Ummm… Now you’ve said that I feel obliged to post this… This is not my official submission! I don’t think? But for anyone who was at the 2K party, yes, I am that guy. That did this. Infront of loads of people I didn’t know and admire. Judge me

This is video from 2 days later, where I was called out to do it. Live infront of 900 people. RIP me, now an internet Meme.




So now we only need to know which Battleborn that was for :smiley:


Montanna or Boldur. Of course.


My eyes already burn from thinking about it…

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