Battleborn's Lack Luster RNG

I am wondering whether or not there is potential for an increase to the drop rate of gear off of bosses or not? The excitement in repeating the story fades into discontent when looking at my career stats (almost 100 missions completed, with nearly 160 bosses defeated) and realizing I have only seen TWO legendary drops from bosses. Please fix this or don’t entice repetitive story play. Seems like empty promises at this point.


I haven’t had a single legendary drop yet!

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Howe many missions have you completed?

I have done 29 to the end and never had drop. all my legendary have come from lore or loot packs

The reason I asked how many missions you’ve played is this. I have completed The Sentinel 13 times (which means 39 total boss fights), on different difficulty levels, and have seen zero. That doesn’t even include the other 70+ missions completed on other levels while only seeing a couple drops in the FIRST lotion.

This goes all the way back to Borderlands 2. It’s just harder to recognize because you can’t just save/quit when a chest or boss doesn’t give you anything. If you compare the number of games you’ve played to the number of times you’ve opened chests in the old BL2, you’ll see a parallel. If you want awesome loot, you have to grind for it. I mean no disrespect, but please, I’ve had it with all the whining about low drops. If you’re not willing to stick out the long haul, you won’t get what you’re after. Plain and simple.


I have done 83 missions and recieved 15 legendaries. The droprate is low yes, and rng can be a fickle mistress, but don’t lose hope.

If anything I think they just need to give us more gear (or increase theor sale rate). Only getting one or two most missions makes for sad times.

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Ah borderlands 2 the game where everyone said the drop rates were to low and they increased them 3 years later.
I think the drop rates should be higher as like you said you cant save and quit so farming not as fast so you much have to farm less times.
I say this as someone who still doesnt have a infinty pistol.

I get plenty of gold gear from the 1st defence on sab but my rng complaint is with loot packs, spent easily 200k on these things and have only got 2 skins for marquise and one taunt lol I’m just hoarding my coins until it’s worth buying

I understand sticking it out through the long haul and completely agree. What I don’t agree with, however, is spending nearly 100 hours GRINDING with nearly nothing to show for it. Those that whine about low drops and haven’t put forth a realistic grind deserve your comments. Those like myself, who have spent more time playing than not since the game’s release do not.

Fair enough. Perhaps the recommendation I’ve made on another of these threads would be agreeable? My idea was putting Legendary loot at a 1% drop rate, but having the percentage stack for a given level each time you play it and receive none. For example, you play The Algorithm 5 times. The first time you play it, you have a 1% chance of getting the legendary drop. The second time, if you didn’t find a Legendary, you now have a 2% chance on that mission instead, and so on and so forth. But, when you receive a legendary, this percentage returns back to 1%. This will make it at least guaranteed that you’ll eventually get one; RNG can actually be very fickle and no matter how many times you play a mission, you could theoretically never see the item you’re looking for.

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That is something I would support as a fix. It resolves two issues at once. The possibility of NEVER seeing a legendary and better odds of eventually seeing what you would want. I am gonna keep grinding away for now. It just seems a little sketch that the company would promote story play so much, yet not reward players when they do run story missions.

I’ve done 88 missions. 115 bosses annnnnd…let’s count 8 legendaries (9 if ya count a duplicate). 1 was from a upr loot box. 16 with character legendaries

I have about 5 legendary items but don’t even use them, I find other gear to be great and cost way less shards. The focus on gear in this game is minimal. Even in PVP gear does not seem to play a HUGE role, which is good.

I have 88 missions completed and 15 legendaries. Although 2 of them are lore challenge legendaries and I think 1 or 2 of them came from epic packs.

I’ve played 38 missions and have seen 3 legendary drops. I got 2 from farming the Algorithm on Normal.

I have roughly 15 myself, which most are garbage and 5 lore challenge with 7 or 8 from packs. The frustrating part is the 2 or 3 from missions (95 completed) up through advanced difficulty, and the push to gamers was the benefit of playing the story repeatedly. RNG, as others have said in this post, is fickle but 2-3 out of 90+ missions (147 bosses killed) seems off. Have a set compounding percentage chance that resets upon getting a boss drop.

Lol no. Drop rates are clearly too low. I’m not why you’re so pissy about people not liking that fact.

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RNG is RNG unfortunately. Been the same since borderlands.
Weirdly I went a long time without a drop then got 2 from the algorithm, one from henchman one from isic.
I imagine they will be buffed at some point but who knows when

This was a valid point in the beta discussions too. The Legendary items seem to have little advantage unless you get amazing drops - and you have to wait longer to use them. I don’t like the loot system much in this game, not sure it’s even needed? Too complex for what it is. I think I only used green and blue items during the CTT and Beta. In PvE i’d like to see better items dropped, in PvP should they even be in use? The player upgrades with level anyway.

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