Battleborn's Leader board / Ranking system ( Open Discussion )

Hello ya’ll!

First and foremost, I would like to make a suggestion/recommendation of a feature that we all can always find in a MOBA to GBX Devs to attract more online players: Leader board or Ladder ranking

However, let me explain a few mobas that are using leader board or ranking system for their competitive mode:

League of Legends

They have a ranking system known as League system which when you win a ranked game and you will gain league points, which has divisions and tiers lowest being bronze, and highest being challenger. Basically, the more games you win, the higher your rank is, and by the end of the year or season, they will reward (exclusive skins, borders etc) every players accordingly to their ranking tier.

Requirements: You need to be level 30 (max level) and own atleast 16 champions to be able to play ranked games.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the exact opposite, they have a visible MMR (Match-Making Rating), and their mmr has no limit, to which some pro players can even reach as high as 9000 points. However, ranked play in Dota2 does not reward their players or whatsoever, but they are featured at Dota 2’s global leaderboard for each region. This is more like a bragging rights.

Requirements: You need to level 20 to be able to play ranked games.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the storm has a competitive ranked mode known as Hero League, a game mode that allows players to compete in ranked matches against other players of similar skill. Similar to league of legends, they uses points and ranking (rank 50 minimum to rank 1 highest) such as divisions and tiers. However, they reward their players (with in-game gold, potraits, mounts, skins etc) every few months after introducing a new revamp ranked mode.

Requirements: Own 14 or more heroes with minimum character level 5.

Back to my recommendation!
What I’m suggesting is that since BB has a casual mode and competitive mode, why not the devs make a monthly ladder ranking or leader board for the competitive mode.

  • A monthly leader board that shows who is the top 100 for bragging rights.

  • Reward the top ranked players accordingly (suggestion 3-5 epic loot packs, in-game credits, or maybe even exclusive skins/taunts) so there will be an incentive for players, and they’ll be motivated to keep on playing.

*Then there should be a minimum requirement * to play ranked competitive games

  • Players must be at least minimum of command rank 20

  • Own at least a minimum of 10 unlocked characters with minimum character level 4. ( I did a research, by level 20 you should already have 15 characters)

Level 1 - Marquis, Miko, Montana, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Rath, Thorn
Level 6 - Shayne/Aurox
Level 8 - Reyna
Level 10 - Benedict
Level 12 - Galilea
Level 14 - Ambra
Level 16 - Whiskey Foxtrot
Level 18 - Kelvin
Level 20 - El Dragon

Match-Making system:

  • Match-maker of course will place players against enemy of the same elo rating/ranking.

  • Draft phase during selection of characters (unique characters applies to both side i.e. if team A chooses Thorn, team B is not allowed to choose Thorn)

To @JoeKGBX, the devs and the community,
So what do y’all think? Good or nah? Give me all your feedbacks on why should or shouldn’t this be implemented!

Have a badass day!:grin:


I would love to see a ranking system get implemented eventually. You have a requirement of command rank 20 and I believe that is far too low. You have not spent enough time in PvP to really learn anything super advanced. I would change it to minimum of Command Rank 40 (therefore all characters are open besides DLC ones and at least 100 PVP matches played.)

Someone can get to command rank 100 without playing any PVP and we both wouldnt want someone who has no experience in PVP to be on our team.

I did say at least 100 PVP matches played.

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… I can read, some days.


lol All good :slight_smile:

Hmmm, you make good sense, perhaps level 20 is too low, but getting to level 40 takes a bit of a grind for some players.

However the requirement to at play minimum 100 pvp matches sounds very good, that way at least the players roughly have an idea how does pvp should be played.

roughly 100 pvp matches would be that level 40. You want people in the Ranking system to have a decent understanding of the game. IF it was up to me, command rank 100 would be ideal with 200-250 PVP games played. (Which would be right under what 100 takes, believe its around 300 games or so.) No one wants people in their ranked games who do not understand what they should be doing. Having a higher requirement might scare people off but at the same time, it makes people more easy knowing the requirements are higher.

too much too soon. can’t put the buggy before the horse, so to speak. first they need to figure out a way to implement a draft and ban system into competitive, and disable all legendary gear. until that happens, no one that is truly competitive will ever take it seriously, much like my team does not take it seriously.

Definitely want to see this implemented, so the “pro teams” have somewhere else to go

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Uh no, Legendary gear has a major drawback, activation cost, so no need to ban good gear and why a draft/ban system? The meta is not ready for that…

I dont think we need a draft and ban system here. Also legendary gear is not that cost efficient, unless you get really really really good gears.

However, I think for ranked games, unique characters should be implemented. For eg, if one side picked Thorn, the other side should not be allowed to pick it. I think I will edit into my OP.

that is a draft. at the very least, there needs to be a draft. bans would be hard to institute, but a draft would be simple.

with all due respect, i think you are speaking from inexperience–somewhere i am not speaking from. there are already competitive private matches and tournaments. legendary gear is strictly forbidden. there are random rolls, and pve is required to get it. that is the opposite of competitive. also, there are character specific legendary gears in this game. nothing could be farther from competitive than having character-specific gear. some is great, and some is pretty bad. you cant have gear that is not useful on more than just one character and call it competitive

My bad. Because I kept thinking that the in-game feature “unique characters” applies to enemies too.
Thanks, you made a good suggestion!

at the very least, character specific gear needs to also be disabled. there is no argument on earth that makes any sense as to how that is competitive. someone could make an argument that is a huge stretch for the cost of regular legendary gear’s power being offset by cost, but definitely there is no logical argument for character specific gear. the tournaments and private matches do not allow any legendary gear, and some do not allow gear of any rarity. why would the ranked queue be any different?

By specific character gear, do you mean the legendary gear you acquire after you master a particular character?

yes. what you do in pve cannot transfer into a competitive pvp game. that is a golden rule that exists in every single game that has ever been considered competitive in the history of competitive gaming. im not just throwing around opinions. the argument that “this is a different game” sounds nice, but is not a competitive statement. there is a formula with conditions, and they are followed without exception in competitive games. having other legendary gear that provides cc off of your primary attack cannot exist, and that is not a character specific piece. you cant disable some, and leave some not disabled. some characters only have slow as their cc. some already have a hard cc like a stun and cant have a cc on their primary attack.

What about legendary gear from faction specific loot packs? Those items only drop from loot packs and are not obtainable in PvE.

they still offer special effects that are not part of skill trees, have random rolls, and are not competitive. those can be lumped into the rest that are one big pile of things that are contradictory to being competitive. if rng is involved in attaining them in any way, they are not competitive. there are also far too many variables in play when gear does anything other than buffs to basic things like attack speed, etc. any special effect whatsoever is not competitive

I disagree… It can be competitive, just because it is a random element, does not mean it cannot be competitive, in fact gear should be a massive part of the meta, just because it is always a variable does not mean it cannot be competitive… Just because private parties that hold tournies ban them doesn’t mean we should COMPLETELY ban them, just add a ‘gear is banned’ match type to the rotation… I’m working too hard on obtaining that gear for it to be officially useless… Also character specific is all around the same stats and I want my enemies to be at their best… Rember it is not just a numbers game…
The spread sheets are just theory, it comes down to practice… Our skill is what makes us Badass, and all we need to do here is break down the gear key words and learn how to roll the dice… A tourney for this game should use all elements presented and that is how we will evolve in play… All of the helixes are pretty much proken down and often include mutations, cutting out this variable would lessen the game horribly…

you’re talking about competitive in the context of something like a game being evenly matched, intense, etc. We are talking about two different definitions of the word. What i am referring to is esports and tournament play as it is accepted in competitive gaming