Battlecruiser Engine Damage Disparity (Video)

Some interesting finds in the P3G labs.

@scole Please take a look into this.
@Hideki_jp For the list. :wink:

Thanks to @BlueHair_OMO and @Alpha_1 for assisting in the lab.


Yeah, this is a very known issue (was that way in Classic too) - and really, it isn’t just BC Engines - it is any sub-system that can be hit. If it is hit even when at zero health, it absorbs the damage instead of passing it along. My preference would be that after you hurt a sub-system to death, the damage it passes along to the main hull has a scalar applied to it (0.9, 1.1, etc) - so that you can balance stuff. A dead engine being hit may transmit more damage inside the hull (like a penetration shot) - so a higher scale would make sense, while also adding a bit of strategy (laying into areas you’ve already ruined).

It isn’t fixed yet - but we are very aware of it. The same issue comes up with our new ‘healing’ weapons - so it is one we’re likely to address.


Thanks for making a video of this to make it clear.

Yeah this is super weird. :confused:
It happens to shipyards as well. At least Hiig ones.

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Plz do it

In addition to what Dave said (and he’s right, we literally had a conversation today about transferring damage through subsystems), does it seem like the damage is being amplified through the Vaygr Battlecruiser’s engine? I’ll turn on damage numbers and check but it won’t be for about 4 hours or so.

Thanks for the reply BitVenom.

I very much like your idea of making damaged subsystem areas weak points to target for increased damage. It’ll add an welcome layer of complexity to the game.

In regards to the video - the subsystems absorbing damage is one issue but what I was trying to highlight is the difference in the amount of damage received by each race’s Battlecruiser through the engine. The Hiigarans have a much higher resistance than the Vaygr when attacked through the engine block as shown by the timings.

I’ve played back some more footage and it looks like the Vaygr BC is receiving normal damage when shot through a destroyed engine (I compared it to the damage taken when being shot from the side). The Hiigaran BC on the other hand seems to have an added resistance from the rear as seen in the video.

Ok thanks. I’ll get numbers which will give us percentages to help figure out what’s happening.

Nah - that’s not it. It’s just the difference in the shape and structure of the ships - the bug is the same - and so we’ll fix that :wink: I don’t think the difference is ‘a’ or ‘the’ bug - it’s just a thing… ya’know - a thing.

Is that an Indiana Jones quote? :joy:

Thanks for looking into it guys.

just curiosity, does the thickness of the engine hitbox or does it has something to do with the thrust vectoring fins?

I don’t think so. I think it has to do with the “shape” of the engine… math. Area X Modifier.

Ok, if you weapon swap the two ships you’ll see that the Vaygr’s forward weapon is always 100% damage mitigated against a zeroed subsystem engine (ie, I gave the hiigaran battlecruiser’s ion turrets the Vaygr Battlecruiser’s forward weapon and fired it against the engine of a Vaygr Battlecruiser and it never exceed 4500 damage per shot, mimicking the damage mitigation you were seeing on the Hiigaran Battlecruiser).

Ergo, the fault lies in the weapon and not the shape or structure. It would seem that dead subsystems work as intended against “instanthit” weapons and fail against “bullet” ones (or at least these engines do).



Is the intent to make destroyed subsystems not be hit by weapons? Would they just bypass the subsystem and move on to the ship proper, dealing damage as the armor type penetration modifiers indicate?
Also, “push” weapons have no effect on a ship if they hit a subsysyem on the ship.

That’s how it is supposed to work, yes.

I can’t fix (quickly) stuff like Push not working, because that would demand removing a Subsystem from certain kinds of collision based on info that isn’t clear during collision resolution. If that becomes a big issue, we’ll work on it.

I did, for the next patch however, get ‘overflow’ (both damage and healing) to sub-systems to transmit to the main ship hull. I also added a SubSystem variable you can use to tune the damage (not healing) as it’s passed to the base ship:


Thanks for the update BitVenom. Is there any word on when we might expect the next patch to be ready for deployment? I know you gents can’t commit to specific dates, but would it be realistic to expect one by the end of next month?

I’m pretty sure. These guys are bending over backwards for us. I’ve never seen anything like it before. They have all earned our respect for sure.


I really appreciate all this work as well- truly incredible.