Battledad (Jythri) on this week’s Nerdvana Live

Posting this here in case people don’t check the #nerdvana-live section.

This week is a double dose of Randy, including everyone’s favourite Battledad (@Jythri) ! Get your gummybears ready and your questions and tune in this Sunday!


What is there left to ask that can be done to the game?!

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This made me laugh so hard I spat out my ramen

There can only be one dad and that’s Jeff Kaplan . smh


Thanks for sharing I’ll try to catch it. I’m curious if there will be any more magic tricks. :sweat_smile:

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ive gotta call in from pax and ask em a q!

The stream was excellent! So good in fact that not everyone was able to call in and ask their questions! :cry:


Oh. I was disappointed. I thought this had something to do with Battleborn.

I mean, It’s cool for what it is I guess…

It does though! They talked about its development, the desire to continue it in the future, lore and even Oscar Mike (@FuryPotatoOfFury) called in. You can’t get more Battleborn than that!


Disappointed that I had to work and missed it. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

You can still watch the archive video! There also may or may not be a part 2 next week with more @Jythri!

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i dunno, giving us another update would be pretty Battleborn


We all know the most we’ll probably get until the next Borderlands comes out (and then a couple of years after that) are some minor hotfixes and maybe some sweet overdue merchandise!

However I feel that a key part of liking and supporting Battleborn revolves around the community stuff, with Jythri being at the center of it all. And Jim Foronda (@FuryPotatoOfFury) is a super special something that to me is one of the most unique aspects about Battleborn. I mean, how many game characters can you think of that have actually called into a livestream like Nerdvana Live TWICE (if you count the number of characters that called in, its at least 3 or 4)? The twitch chat was also like 80-90% Battleborn talk with the occasional Borderlands comment that felt more like they were trying to change the topic than anything else (which also failed every time).

I dunno… I just felt really good after that stream. The same kinda good I felt back when Battleborn was more active! :heart:


Okay, I concede that I very briefly skipped thru. I’ll def give it a full listen.

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Only had time to skip through but I loved the call from Jim.

FYI: Fury Potatoes covered in reaper chili peppers are far too furious for human consumption. You think it’s going to be an adventure and all it is is pain and heartbreak.

The thing that made me happiest was Randy §'s commitment to co-op, specifically calling out couch co-op. Gearbox is one of the few companies out there who still thinks about Couch Co-Op and that means everything to me.

It’s also nice to see both of them just talking about this game and being so happy about it.

The game might not have been the financial darling they wanted it to me but those were not failure-faces.


That was really fun. Looking forward to the next one!