Battlefield 1 thread

Holy $!@#ing $#!t!

Well I’m sold. Hopefully it won’t become as overbloated as BF4 or the disaster that was Hardline. What do you guys think?

Also, XD

That…actually looks really good. Colour me interested.

I applaud DICE for making the move.

Hopefully Activision takes notice of the strong fan reactions and finally returns CoD to an historical setting. I’m tired of the futuristic stuff.

Can’t wait to strap C4 onto a horse.

I can’t wait for the launch disaster.

All I can say is, I’ve got a feeling this year will be COD’s downfall.

The community have been crying out for the futuristic crap to stop, and what do they do? Carry on with it. Shows they don’t listen to the fans…

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Everyone ive heard talking about it says there just buying it for cod 4 remasterd

This is very hard to resist:

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I’m just pissed that you have to get the $100 version (or something like that) of Infinite Warfare to get it. I think that might be the real reason why the new CoD trailer has over a million dislikes.


It’s $79. But yeah, you’re not alone. I’ve seen a lot of people say they’re going to buy the Legacy Edition, take CoD 4 out and then sell IW. Makes me wonder if Activision may put CoD 4 on the same disc to avoid this happening.

I’m sure this didn’t help.

Right. Ok enough about CoD, this is a Battlefield thread. Horses and biplanes and trenches, oh my!


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