Battlepass could be good

yes it could if gearbox realize that the content must be very very huge not just repetitive challenge and reward that worth nothing for long term and they should support the game long than 1 year if they want the battle pass to be good they can see how bungie support destiny borderlands could do so much more than what we had right now and they already said there no new rarity or no new character and one of the expansion is already here and it’s not that big or it’s OK for the first one but we need something more at least one raid bosses

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that’s the on;y thing to make it good otherwise is stupid and it will get people angry

Personally I’m a little surprised there isn’t more takedowns at this point. One of the biggest issues with the pre-sequel is the lack of end game content and right now the only end game content we have are the six proving grounds, three circles of slaughter, and one takedown. They stated that they had no intentions of making new characters, because their metrics show this would be wasted effort due to most people favoring a single character. If we assume most people only play one character, then people have been out of fresh stuff to do for awhile now save for the new dlc.
Borderlands 2 was also a September release and by this time in its life cycle, we were on the verge of the third dlc release. In 2, we got 1-2 raid bosses with each dlc. If they want to rejuvenate the player base, I think they need to release some new takedowns or other runnable end game content.


yes you right the game has so many potential and i think gearbox already work on something big let’s see the next show what we will see

I agree with you completely that we need more raid bosses, but a paid battle pass would absolutely kill this game.


maybe if it was just for 10$ and paid fon ones not like every 3 month or something

or maybe they can do what red dead online does their battle pass can purchase be gold and most of the gold can earn in the game gearbox can do something like that to eridium

I would be fine with it as long as you did not have to pay money for it. Even ten dollars is way too much for a game you spent 110 dollars on to get all content.


I agree. I’m not sure what the point of the battle pass is, but I’m hoping that it’s all cosmetic. Putting anything such as equipment behind a pay wall would be unacceptable imo. This game can be great, but I would have expected more raids and other end game content by now.


If they add a free battlepass (as in NO real world currency needed), I won’t mind. Whether you have to buy into it with in-game currency or it’s just there for you to enjoy, I’d be happy with that. I might not actually engage with it, but it’d be good for those who would.
If they want to make one that needs real world currency and ONLY offers cosmetics as prizes, I’d be OK with that, too.
But, if they try to add anything decent (like weapons, shields, etc, or in-game content) as a prize that you have to pay for and then unlock in game, as part of a battlepass arrangement, that’s not OK and I’ll be among those complaining about it. Maybe some people will like that, but I think most people would be really annoyed by this in a game they’ve already paid for, on the promise of no microtransactions or battlepasses.


agree with you

If this game was free to play I could maybe understand a Battle-Pass type system but it’s not. We paid full retail for this game.

Paying full price for a game then purchasing the DLC content on top of that and THEN trying to put a Battle-Pass on top of that is just asking too much with the current state of the game.

I mean, if the game was more optimized(lag, load times, difficulty w multiplayer, lack of split-screen, etc) and not as buggy then I could maybe see room for trying to charge more…but even then, it’s still lame to even go there.

If 2k/Gbx want to add more “cosmetics” then just do it. Put them in the store and sell them for 99cent or whatever. But locking them behind a system where you have to pay up front(and monthly at that) and then you still have to play to unlock it is just redundant. *And this is assuming it’s just cosmetics.

Also, these type of Battle-Pass systems tend to force you to log in daily. With Borderlands being more of an adult game a lot of it’s players like the fact that we can log in and go hard on “our” time.

I just ain’t feeling it. But we’ll see.


Hard pass from me.

No season pass.
No battle pass.

I could say that it doesn’t affect me because i won’t pay for any crap like that, but that would be a lie. it does affect me, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it’s another beloved franchise that get MTX shoe horned in. if they decided to sell skins packs through the platforms store fronts, I wouldn’t care - but something like this are always designed to constantly remind you that the ■■■■ is there and often have messages that pop-up like a god damn youtube ad.

between all the issues and bad decisions (my opinion) up til this point and a supposed micro transaction system being put in, i can say for sure that if they release another borderlands game in the future, i won’t be there on day one. I’m not going to through this kind of mess again.

rant over


I really enjoyed playing Krieg, Maya and Salvador after I was burnt out on Zero. Replaying the game a few times, farming for mods and gear that only suit that character and making builds with them was fun even if I waited until I was halfway through OP leveling to do so.
I have no doubt the data from borderlands 2 shows that as the game aged more people tried more chatacters.
Ntm if they gave us a real melee based character or some kinda mage I would have over 7 full days of game time in that one character within a month.


I despise everything about MTX even with cosmetics in this game, you see your character about 10% of the time, at the load up screen/in your inventory/echo log and new u station, the other 90% you’re out in the field fighting and can only see your arms/hands, I understand people want to collect them but to pay money for them, its not for me


-In the video game industry, a battle pass is a type of monetization approach-

We were told this approach would never be apparent… On the flip side, I will pay for 2 more classes and another galaxy


I think it’s more of a multiplayer thing. Those who want other people to see their cool design. Same with gun skins, you can’t really see them while playing but other players can.
If people want to pay extra money to make their character look cool and show it off to friends, that’s up to them, and I understand companies offering that in order to make money. I remember there was a monocle item added to a game for a huge amount of money even though it gave no benefit other than showing off, and people pointed out that that’s the point of a monocle, which made me laugh.
On the other hand, charging extra real world currency for in-game content that affects the game - maps, loot, bosses, etc - after people have paid for the full game already, is unacceptable.

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I’d rather get judged on my gameplay in MP rather than what I’m wearing ( thats just me ) that monocle story though :joy:


I just don’t see the point of a battlepass at least not right now. We have too many problems that need attention like low dedicated drop rates, bad matchmaking etc. and a better way to up player retention besides farming the same boss over and over again. The implentation of a battlepass right now only comes as a disregard for the problems because instead of focusing on fixing stuff your adding ways to make more money.


The day Gearbox introduces pay to win content is the day I stop playing Borderlands games forever.

Battle pass should not include anything that is not available to Season Pass buyers or to people who choose to buy dlc individually.