Battlepass speculation

Here is the video. Might just drop this game now.


If you want to drop the game because of what you imagine things might possibly turn out like, that’s certainly your choice. As an alternative, you can consider haunt, takedown, and DLC1, which were 3 consecutive, strong contributions to the game.

I think I’ll stay.


Yeah but those things really weren’t

Still no solid end game content. Even M4 is a cake walk now

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I’m just gonna quote myself here.


While I understand the hate for micro transactions - I don’t understand how a DLC and a battle pass are that far off. You have to pay for both - both add additional content to your game . Why are so many people fine with a DLC but not fine with a battle pass? I’m legitimately curious. Also that video is kinda wrong - plenty of people still enjoy borderlands- me included . And plenty of my friends list still plays it . Yeah I agree the story sucks and I can see why a lot of ppl new to the franchise would quit during the story…but I do enjoy the “endgame” aspect of borderlands


I’d rather pay for game content that expands the game and not pay to unlock skins and trinkets

Battle passes are dress shops for idiots who want the prettiest dolls to show off to people who don’t care


I’m going to assume that’s wild speculation and not give views to it.


Okay then…don’t buy the battle pass? Wait for the new dlcs ? I don’t see how having an option to have a “battle pass” is that ethically wrong . I personally wouldn’t buy it if it was JUST trinkets and maybe a skin. But if the option was there who cares? I still think they’d release dlc . I still think they’d follow the regular formula of borderlands for everything else. I never understood why ppl think video game developers are their friends. gearbox is in the business of making money. And if they wanna sell something and you don’t like it - just don’t buy it - and buy the things you DO want


So some random YouTube dude has a conspiracy theory and you’re out. That makes sense


I’m out
Enjoy the game


I will. Shia later.


Thanks I will. Bye?


Be well!


He’s not a random Youtube dude. He’s a content creator that’s been around Borderlands for a very long time. It’s also not conspiracy he’s sharing behind the scenes info that came from an actual meeting with the marketing manager. Either don’t watch the video and don’t comment on it, or actually watch it before talking about whats in it.

I’m not ready to leave the game over it, but I certainly won’t be giving them more money without experiencing significant improvements in the game first. I already have a season pass that’s as far as I’m willing to go until the major issues get attention.


Yeah if it’s not an official announcement from gearbox I’ll take it with a chunk of salt, thanks all the same


How do battle passes work? I play mostly single player games and dont think they have them?

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Wait, is this confirmed? or just random speculation. I typically do not trust youtuber speculation.

Edit: I watched the video, but it is possible Gearbox may have altered the release table and shelved the battlepass Idea. I certainly hope they did, at least for now.

If the battle pass acts as a pay wall to gear and does not add any content then yes a battle pass is stupid

If a battle pass adds only cosmetics and doesn’t interfere with any other aspect of the game then good on gearbox and who the hell cares

If the battle pass adds a new planet and new content and also cosmetics then ■■■■ yeah I’d buy it because how’s that different then a literal DLC?

“Battle pass” is treated like a bad word with no context . What if it’s a “free” battle pass? What if it’s only cosmetics? What if it’s a bunch of guns and gear otherwise unattainable? There’s so many variables and speculations that make posts like these unnecessary . And also make jumping to conclusions unnecessary .


It’s YouTube speculation that he’s trying to pass off as “fact”


what i like about borderlands - online play (matchmaking) and raid bosses.

Borderlands 3 replace it with crappy multiplayer mode, not as smooth as BL2 multiplayer mode and replace raid bosses with nothing, takedown isn’t it it is more like the digistruct peak.

also i got overwhelmed by so many gears and anointments that i don’t know anymore.

But i am still staying and believe they will be better.