Battleplan #10: 7/14/16

The Lootpocalypse is upon us! Last week we told you about our next event, The Lootpocalypse. It starts tomorrow and in this week’s Battleplan, we’ll give you a few details as to how it will work. It’s pretty simple, so we’ll just lay out what you can expect:

• Further (temporary) increases to Legendary gear drop rates
• Major enemies will have a chance to drop Rare and Epic gear
• Increases to higher rarity gear from Rare and Epic Loot Packs
• Discounted Loot Packs

Notice that last one – discounted loot packs. That means that no matter what play mode you prefer, you’ll be able to participate in The Lootpocalypse. It’s time to stop hoarding those Credits and start rolling in the loot! We’ll be discounting Rare and Epic Loot Packs by 25% and Faction Loot Packs (with skins, taunts, and faction based gear) by a whopping 50%! The Battleborn Lootpocalypse will run from tomorrow (Friday, July 15th) at 8am PT until Monday, July 18th at 8am PT.

Also this week, we’re excited to announce the next bit of content for our Season Pass players – two exclusive skins! Starting today, Season Pass owners should begin seeing two new skins in their Command Menu – Toby’s “You Gotta Speak Up, Little Guy” (cyber) and Alani’s “Thermocline” (gold) skins. We’re looking forward to continuing to bring even more content to Season Pass holders over the course of the summer. If you want to catch up on our vision for add-on content, check out our road map post on the Battleborn blog.



This week, we have a few very small tweaks to gear that have been made via hot fix. As always, these changes will begin rolling out today (Thursday) at 12pm PT (3pm ET).

• Reduced the base value of Attack Damage on gear by 0.5%
• Reduced the base value of Attack Speed on gear by 1%
• Increased the base value of Critical Hit Damage on gear by 1%
• Increased the base value of Skill Damage on gear by 1.5%

  • Fixed an issue that caused some pieces of gear display incorrect rarity
    *Added 6 additional load-outs and 2 new bank pages

In this week’s Community Spotlight we’ve got a couple cool things to share with you. First, we’re celebrating our amazing forum moderator, Kitty_Jo as this week’s Community Badass. Kitty_Jo is the second of our forum mods to be featured in the past few weeks. She’s an integral part of our forum community and is a big reason why it’s so great. Whether you’re a long time member of the Gearbox Forums or have never visited, pop over and [check out the Community Badass thread featuring Kitty_Jo](!
As you know, there are lots of great things on the horizon for Battleborn and one of them is Broadcaster Tools. Broadcaster Tools will allow content creators of all stripes to bring their viewers (maybe that includes you) enhanced views of Battleborn matches. Broadcaster Tools will be very useful in the eSports community as well, making it easier than ever for the audience to see the whole battlefield. Battleborn Technical Director, Neil Johnson, elaborated a bit for us on Broadcaster Tools:

“We’ve added a new feature to Versus Private: ‘Broadcaster Mode’. Versus Private Matches now allow up to two added players to join a new third team, labeled “Spectator”. During the match, these players can spectate the battlefield using a set of third-person camera controls to follow players on either team or to move freely around the battlefield. On the PC, keyboard hotkeys allow for quick-jumping to players and to fixed points of interest. Of course, PS4 and Xbox also support Broadcaster Mode, and we think you’ll find the camera controls just as easy to use on those platforms.

We’re calling this “Broadcaster Mode” because we hope that folks will use it to create interesting new battlefield perspectives that can be shared with others over streaming services. We’re excited to see what you create! We will be making continual improvements and additions to Broadcaster Mode in the coming months. Stay tuned!”

If Broadcaster Tools sounds fun to you, then you’re in luck. We’ll be showing off Broadcaster Tools for the very first time TODAY on the Gearbox Software Twitch channel (and on three new multiplayer maps, no less)! Two teams of Gearbox Software developers will go head-to-head in three exhibition matches (one for each map) with Battleborn Creative Director, Randy Varnell and Designer, Grant Kao offering some awesome commentary and answering Community questions from the chat. Make sure to catch the stream today at 5pm CT (3pm PT) and bring your questions with you. See you all then!


Reducing base values feels kinda strange to me… they weren’t so big to begin with.


I picked the wrong weekend to move, I want that 50% faction pack discount


I’m guessing that it’s in response to the overuse of these items compared to the ones that were buffed. It could also be a temporary fix due to the glitch with miko’s healing beam. Other than that, idk.


Also, patch with new maps, lore fixes, new hero and all other long overdue stuff - where?


Especially with the Legendary Drop Rate increase, which means Credits!

On another note…Pendles? Where is that sneaky Rogue? I will shed some tears! But there is no place to hide from my wrath! Spit it out you split-tongued devs!

I can make more bad puns than any living being can endure, so prepare yourself!


will the new maps and pendles be out next week? @JoeKGBX

Considering they’re showing off broadcast mode, it sounds like the patch is virtually ready. I’m feeling confident it will be next week fingers crossed

Sorry but you lost me here. Soon you will have no more players and now you give us tools so we shall do your non-existent marketing? I really hope the July Patch is coming next tuesday so we finally get some content that could attract players

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Its sad i keep hearing “no more players” rants from people yet everyday and everynight on ps4 i have NO PROBLEM getting pug groups and groups of friends together to stomp pve content…must be only on the superior pc platform huh?


Bummed for no news on the patch, Pendles, or DLC missions. Still, glad to see Lootpocalypse weekend will be overall, benefitting everybody and not just PVE, and increasing drops all over. Wish I had been stockpiling credits a bit more.

I hope this is their plan: they use Loot weekend to bring back some disinterested players, then drop the big changes next week to capitalize on the reinvigoration.


I’m 95% confident that it’s all coming out next tuesday


Would have been cool to hear stuff about the patch this month which my guess will be the last week of the month so people can stop questioning about the same old, where is this where is that changes even though it’s been said 1000x it’s coming in the next patch not hot fix. Can’t wait to check out the stream with the new maps though!

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Maps and character aren’t over due. Alani is still relatively new and they announced dates for the first story pack. Everything takes time esp characters bc of balancing and how much time it takes just to model and program. Maps need lots of play testing too. They can be pretty model detail intensive and need to be balanced well too. The game just came out in May too. That’s barely 2 months. You can’t expect everything to be released in 3 months. Even cod takes like 3 b4 a map comes out. At least or did when I actually played it. They did say the stream will feature the new maps though so there’s clearly enough progress.


And people complain that the devs aren’t working on things…


What are the new drop percentages or increase rate? just saying they were increased doesn’t really specify how much easier it will be to get legs.

Pendles will be released on July 23. If I’m wrong - which I OBVIOUSLY WONT BE - then you can discard this post, but my psychic predictions are usually 000.3% right every time I predict something.


I definitely missed that the stream will be on the new maps! Awesome!

More loot but no word on if we are ever getting more loadouts? I think more people are asking for this than this spectator mode