Battleplan #11: 7/21/16

(Influencer Guy) #1

This week, we finally announced that our next update to Battleborn will begin rolling out today! Yes, you read that right. Starting today at [4pm CT (2pm PT)](, you’ll begin seeing changes that the community has long been asking for. Among these changes are three free new multiplayer maps and Broadcaster Tools that we revealed in last week’s livestream (more on that below), plus, in-game reporting, adjustments to 24 of the 26 Battleborn, and lots more. If you haven’t yet read the update notes that we released earlier this week, [you can find them HERE](

Last week saw our first Battleborn livestream and it was a huge success! We showed you members of the Gearbox team going head-to-head on three new competitive multiplayer maps all using our new Broadcaster Tools. In case you missed it, Broadcaster Tools is our way of helping video content creators of all stripes put out the best content possible by giving them a vast new array of camera techniques to showcase the game. In addition to showing off maps and Broadcaster Tools, Battleborn Creative Director Randy Varnell and Designer Grant Kao were on-hand to give some great developer commentary and even share some insights into the character adjustments you’ll begin seeing today. If you missed the livestream the first time around, you’re in luck – you can catch it on our Twitch Channel!

With this being the week of the big update, we’ve gone ahead and included all fixes rolling out today in the update notes linked above. Check those out for all the relevant info!

EDIT: ACTUALLY, we’ve had one last minute change come through:

• Increased the shards generated per damage taken of the Plasmite Transducer Legendary gear from 3% to 5%

Everybody loves a good multi-kill or an amazing killstreak, right? We know we do! Nothing gets you more pumped to hop back into a game than seeing a good killstreak video. We thought we’d share a few videos that will get you excited to pop back into the game and go for a crazy multi-kill or killstreak of your own!

Benedict Multikill by woof:

Orendi Pentakill by Steve Stebbins:

Bolder killstreak by Triazic:

Every week we see lots of comments on the Battleplan from lots of different places, but there’s one question that keeps getting asked: Where’s Pendles? Well, this week, we’re finally ready to let you know.

Pendles, the stealthy, snake-like assassin, joins Battleborn as the 27th hero on August 4th on all platforms and can be unlocked for 47,500 credits earned in-game. Don’t want to wait that long? Season Pass holders get early access and a hero key to instantly unlock Pendles starting Thursday, July 28th!

• Pendles Early Access: July 28th starting at 9 am PT for all regions
• Pendles Official Release: August 4th at 9 am PT for all regions

A cold-blooded killer, Pendles hails from the same water-world as Alani, Akopos. As most adolescent Roa do, Pendles left home to explore and learn about other cultures. Completely unimpressed with these new learnings, Pendles found more enjoyment in murdering those cultures. Even better, people would pay him for his new found hobby. Don’t let his sweet pair of sneakers fool you. This assassin will sneak up behind you, poison you, eviscerate you with dual kamas, then slink away again in a blink of his one remaining eye.

Pendles sneaks into Battleborn August 4 & Early Access Begins July 28!

I haven't played in awhile but did Benedict get a MAJOR buff?
(Jjand302) #2

Snekity sneky snek !

(icerexdmendez) #3

:-0 He gets released on my Birthday!!!

(MaddPatter) #4

Pendles is probably my favorite thing on this battleplan. Not saying it is bad, but Pendles is like that chocolate cake made with 3 different kinds of chocolate and a strawberry on top after a really nice dinner of [insert choice of food here].

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #5

28th July too? Or 4th? Anyway, I´ll wish me the SeasonPass so I can play Pendles on my B-day - Thanks GBX!!!


Duel kama or dual kama? never heard of duel kama before. (no s at kama btw, japanese words don’t take a “s” when used on plural form)
If dual, then it’s a dual wield character then? interesting.

(jYorkElder) #7

you sir, are a kama chameleon.
or is that Pendles?

(Deltaomikronny) #8

Yay! More poison! We have now Melka, Miko and soon Pendles…just 2 more for a full poison team…or simply take Montana and Attikus for a DoT team.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #9

Oeh. Nice to hear that Pendles has a release date.

(Master of pendles.) #10

OP snek spotted plz nerf quickly before he goes into hiding again

(SirIsaacNewbton) #11

Kama poooolice, arrest this man.


@jYorkElder I see what you did there, and I like it. I like it a lot. Sadly, it shows my age.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #13

Do we have a time for a pendles preview? Or will it just be in the stream?

(Master of pendles.) #14

@JoeKGBX will there be a preview of pendles abilities and helixes before early access release

(TitiShu) #15

Feels like he is too sneaky for that :smile:

(Thrall Lover) #16

Pendles goes public on my birthday! That’s so cool! Overall, this is a good battleplan, though… I’m still wary about those Attikus changes. All in all, however, I like it!

(Influencer Guy) #17

We’ll have something out to you guys soon.

(Jjand302) #18


New skins as well!

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #19

I’m going to guess, YouTube Let’s Play and Skill Overview? :smiley:

(nairoi) #20

raised in the graces of the humanities, anthropology, pendles said selfishly you become a part of me, I carry on your legacy- after we embrace, just before i delete thee, history’s memory, without a trace except in the footprints of my escape, i live and love the breath of death, the taste of your fear for I feel it too, inside my eyes the mirror hides lies: truth is proof in laughter we smile, so true too true this is your exile