Battleplan #11: 7/21/16


Think the only one I would be interested in buying is the Ambra skin. The others are a little too silly for my taste.

If only the skins gave them new dialogue. Would love to see Rath lick his blade and say something like “ick I hate chocolate.”


Pendles is finally coming guys! I can just barely make him out on the horizon.

(Master of pendles.) #23

Ok thanks joe:)

(Character Designer) #24

The superest snek that ever was. So excited :grin:

(Like the cereal...) #25

He done snuk into me heart.

Thanks, Joe!

(30% more flak) #26

Oh geez. I hope they don’t look as tacky in game. But are they Tier 3 skins? Aurox is made out of balloons!

(Master of pendles.) #27

You were part of Caldarius pendles and orendis creation! You’re officially the coolest person ever

(icerexdmendez) #28

His official aug 4th release


Snekkiting Snekkotash!

(MentalMars) #30

one more reason why people are afraid of clowns.

(Cast Iron Chef) #31

Don’t forget the wiki! :dukewhistle:

(papashuffler) #32

Holy ****! Balloon Aurox just made my day!

(danwarr117) #33

Those skins are actually incredible.

(Bastardronin) #34

OOOOOOHHHHHH Time for the Pendles fanart!! I love how the in-game model looks!

(Insanity Incarnate ) #35

Thanks for the Pendleton release date and the huge update.

(xstephenx) #36

So it’s cool to see some characters are getting second skins. especially Ambra :smiley: however whatever happened to Miko’s tier two skin?

(Jmorales20) #37

Be still my beating heart, too much hype. I’m just going to go sit down.


I think it was confirmed that miko’s t2 skin is coming with this patch as well.

Unfortunately, those new summer skins are once again micro transactions. That shayne-balloons looked cool, too bad.

(Jmorales20) #39

We are not clowns!

(30% more flak) #40

Just realized the update won’t come online for me until the 25th (On the dot) Dangit.