Battleplan #12: 7/28/16

Who’s ready for Pendles? Hopefully you’re raising your hand right now – especially you Season Pass and Digital Deluxe owners – because the early access period for Pendles begins today! That’s right, if you’re a Battleborn Season Pass or Digital Deluxe owner, you’ll be able to play Pendles a full week early starting today. You’ll also receive a Hero Key so that you can unlock him instantly. Pendles officially releases across all platforms next Thursday, August 4th for 47,500 in-game credits.

There will be lots more info on Pendles coming to you VERY soon (more on that below), but in the meantime, check out the Pendles Release Date blog post on!

This week, we have quite a few hot fix changes to report. As you know, hot fix changes begin rolling out every Thursday at 12pm PT (3pm ET) unless otherwise noted. With that, let’s get to the changes!

  • Reduced Marquis’s Bindlebane sniper base damage by 15%
  • Reduced Marquis’s base health by 12%
  • Increased Reyna’s Laser Pistol base damage by 20%.
  • Increased Galilea’s primary attack base damage by 14%.
  • Increased El Dragon’s base health by 16%.
  • Increased the base damage of Ambra’s Solar Wind by 43%.
  • Increased Boldur’s Health Regeneration per second from 3 to 7.
  • Fixed an issue with the effects of Montana’s Firestorm tracers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shadow effects to persist under El Dragón.
  • Made adjustments to PvE levels so that combat music will play more frequently.
  • Removed an extraneous critical hit effect from minions.
  • Adjusted the description of the Legendary effect of “Go Go Juice” to more accurately reflect the functionality.
  • Increased the Legendary effect cooldown time of “Boots of the Brute.”

This is an exciting week for all of us. Pendles is here and we’re ready to get him in your hands and hear what you think of him. We’re also excited to begin seeing the content that the community creates around Pendles. Luckily, a few of our community content creators made sure to be ready so we wouldn’t have to wait long! To officially kick-off Pendles, we thought it’d be fitting to pass along these videos by StealthShampoo, Mental Mars, and Solus Scientist to help get everyone in the Pendles spirit! “The Pendles spirit”, by the way, is sort of like the Christmas spirit, only less jolly and more assassin-y. Anyway, videos!

Solus Scientist

Mental Mars

Stealth Shampoo

A couple weeks ago, we did our first livestream and it was a great success. We couldn’t have been happier with the results and the community reaction was really great too. You all told us that you wanted to see us stream again soon and we thought this would be a good week to give it another go. With that in mind, we announced this past week that our next livestream will feature Pendles and take place today! At 5pm CT (3pm PT) on the Gearbox Software Twitch channel, we’ll have a full panel of Gearbox Developers hanging out and offering some insights on Pendles’ creation and even their tips and tricks on not only how to play as Pendles, but also how to counter him! The stream will include insights from:

Brian Thomas, Design Director
Ben Gettleman, Character Designer
Joe King, Community Manager

As always, we’ll also be taking questions from the chat and heck, maybe we’ll even have a special SHiFT code to share. Don’t miss out!

As if that weren’t enough to keep everyone busy, we thought you all might enjoy a little boost to help you get going with Pendles, so we’re happy to announce that next week, Double XP is back! That’s right, starting next Friday, August 5th at 8am PT, and ending Wednesday, August 10th at 8am PT, you’ll be able to enjoy double Command and Character XP! Make sure to have Pendles ready to go!


They nerfed boots of the brute again? Whats the cool down time of the slow now? 10 seconds? @JoeKGBXDo you mind sharing what the cool down is now?


the snek is loose hisssss

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Wow… Reyna laser Pistol buff hype! Awesome!


So they basically reverted last week’s nerf to El Dragons health? Thank god. It’s nearly impossible to get through level one as him with such little health without dying or falling behind in level.


@JoeKGBX splitscreen?

Love everything about this except the buff to Boulder (like he actually needed it). I’m off to do Pendle-like things. Wooooooooo!!! :grinning:


Did the lore unlocks get fixed? I personally wasn’t affected by it yet, but I’m currently finishing Gal’s lore and would hate not to get her legendary because of the bug.
Other than that… Hyped! You buffed quite a few of my favorite characters. Especially happy about Reyna!

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Can you please confirm what accent pendles is speaking? It’s causing quite the discussion in another thread


It only affects those who had progress on it beforehand and had it completed because of the change. Completing it now will not effect you don’t worry


why nerf marquis? that the only thing i find wrong with this update. it doesnt seem like its a small nerf eiter it seems big unless im thinking of it wrong


Ambra is back in all her glory!!!

Awesome update, can´t wait to try Pendles and very very glad to see another double-EXP-weekend heading along - AMAZING! :heart:


Any word on a fix for people not receiving character legendaries, Mastery titles and mastery skin?

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They reduced Marquis’ damage and INCREASED Gal’s??? Wtf???


Yea and last week they also nerfed his bonus damage from Ein, Zwei, Die. If there’s one character that should definitely put out high damage, it would be a freakin sniper. Makes no sense.


Reyna’s laser pistol buff is awesome, and I’m glad they de-nerfed El Dragón’s health. Nerfing Marquis is welcome also, bc I never play him haha. And of course I’m very excited to play Pendles.

This is all good news to me, aka I’m leaving work early today.


Wow, more Marquis and Boots nerfs?

At least there’s another double XP weekend in the offing.


Not thrilled about the balance updates, but 100% totally redonkulously psyched for Pendles and double XP next weekend!!! Sweet! Catch you fine GBX gentleman on the stream today!

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No news about the fix for the “Master of…” bug? Poor communication @Gearbox

Sorry to be that guy, but:

What about the matchmaking? Why have we had no updates on that? Why does it appear there still is none, even with more players online?

I’m so happy to have more players online. I had hoped that between that and the introduction of More Control ™ that the matchmaking would benefit without prolonging queue times to unreasonable levels, but if anything has been implemented, it is tough to tell.

As to the hot fixes, a number of these were stealth changes from the previous patch and I wonder if they didn’t realize they were already in…