Battleplan #12: 7/28/16

(30% more flak) #21

@JoeKGBX have you guys noticed that the last Battleplan update on Steam was the 9th one?

(The Email Guy 1) #22

What about fixing the lore challenge legendary and master of bug from last patch last week?
Can we please get an update I have 5 characters I can’t get legendary items for because of that bug.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #23

Everything looks good except this:

I can’t tell if I’m just having holdover paranoia from when Gali was OP AF, or if it’s actually way uneeded. And Dragon is too… zippy and hurty.

(Kpumperbeezy) #24

so when can we unlock pendles?


I think he was available as of 45 minutes ago. I saw someone post in the last 5 minutes that they unlocked him.

(Alchemyforever) #26

i could deal with that though i still destroyed with marquis

(PsN: Beyond-Evolution) #27

Any word on some type of leveling system post Command Rank 100?

That would allow everyone to fully benefit from these types of events.


Gotta say, I’m diggin’ Pendles thus far. My only issue is his movement. He seems kinda slow and sluggish. Am I the only one getting that?

(Rickbaker88) #29

I approve all these changes. I would even say 12% health nerf isnt enough for marquis. He is so hard to hit sometimes.

(I’m a master of Marquis and know him intimately. He was too strong, and so annoying. He will still be viable, but will take a little bit longer to mow down guys with big hitboxes)

(Lex Dv) #30

Well… Besides Reyna’s damage boost, which was needed, they’re all unnecessary. Especially Ambra and Dragon’s upgrades.

(a.k.a. Zjarcal) #31


Anyway, love the Reyna buff!

The Ambra buff is… I mean, I don’t hate it, I love my Ambra to death but, I don’t think it was necessary at all…

DO NOT LOVE THE BOLDUR BUFF… wtf!!! AS IF HE NEEDED EVEN MORE SURVIVABILITY… yes, caps for emphasis cuz this is stupid as hell.

Off to try Pendles now, assuming I get to choose him in time before the rest of the lobby, lol.

(Martok) #32

No, he seems quite speedy when stealthed but of course is slower when uncloaked.

Thanks for the update, some interesting hotfixes that hopefully will help balance the characters more. Thanks too for Pendles, I look forward to playing him. :slight_smile:

@JoeKGBX One thing that I’ve noticed which isn’t very good is that on the character selection screen you can no longer see all of the characters and you have to scroll to see Whiskey Foxtrot:

Would it be possible in the next patch to adjust this so that the characters are on 3 rows instead of now having a 4th row?

(Lex Dv) #33

I do agree partially with Boldur’s upgrade. His regen was low, so the higher regen is welcome and suits his character/playstyle. But in return they should lower his Max health.

(GregGreggers) #34

I suspect that Boldur’s health regen was ALWAYS 7 hp per second, but was lowered to 3 last patch in error. Similar to el dragon’s health.

I don’t think people will really feel or see this change in pvp, but it was a minor annoyance in pve

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #35

Thank you for another XP event. I really need to master a few more characters.

(a.k.a. Zjarcal) #36

Well yeah, if they had done that, I would think it was ok, but as it stands it’s too much.

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #37

(- a disappointed PC player) #38

Nooooo. The same weekend as Diablo 3 Season 7 starts. Oh well, Diablo will wait ^^

(Easplund) #39

I don’t see how you can make an error like this.

(Easplund) #40

So last week, they cut Galilea’s attack speed bonus when corrupted mutation in half, and now this week they boost her base damage by 14%? What the heck are they doing there? It seems like they are just randomly changing things all over the place.