Battleplan 13: 8/4/16

The talk around here is still all about Pendles. This past week, we showed off Pendles in all his “sneky” glory in our second livestream. Community Manager Joe King was joined by Design Director Brian Thomas and Character Designer Ben Gettleman for a full hour covering Pendles’ past and present. Not only did they detail their top tips and tricks for Pendles, but they also went over ways to effectively counter him. If you missed the stream, you can catch up below!

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Speaking of Pendles, as of today, his early access period is over and he is unlockable to everyone! The wait is finally over. Check out the stream above to get caught up on all the need-to-know info and then jump into the game. And don’t forget: we gave away Pendles’ “Constrictor” gold skin on the stream and the SHiFT code is below. The code is good through this Monday, 8/8, so make sure to redeem it soon!
We do have a few hot fixes to tell you all about this week, the most notable being adjustments to Mellka. Mellka is meant to be a mid to short range harasser. We found that her health and gun accuracy allowed her to poke enemies from afar and stay in combat for long periods of time. The gun accuracy changes will force Mellka players to be closer to combat. Mellka's health decrease will also reduce the amount of time the player is able to maintain lane presence. As you may know, hot fixes begin rolling out every Thursday at 12pm PT (3pm ET).

• Reduced Mellka’s base health by 18% (from 1130 to 982 at level 1)
• Reduced Mellka’s Custom Machine Pistol accuracy
• Reduced the volume of music when in the Command Menu
• Fixed an issue that prevented players from incrementing Montana’s “Fireside Sing-Along” lore challenge
• Minor tweaks to matchmaking
• Disabled the “Burning Sunset” legendary gear due to it offering unintended invincibility in certain situations

Every week, we try to make you all aware of at least one person who is doing great things for the community. There’s are lots of amazing streamer s and content creators out there that you should keep an eye on and one of them is SuperBadJuJu! JuJu, aka Matt, does weekly Battleborn streams every Wednesday from 12pm-7pm PT (3pm-10pm ET) on his Twitch channel and is definitely worth a watch. He keeps his stream fun, relaxed, and most of all, interactive. Make sure to drop by, say “hi” to JuJu, and tell him the Battleplan sent ya!

As we mentioned above, Pendles is available for everyone as of today! You can hop into the game and unlock him for 47,500 in-game credits. Pendles is the second of our five free post-launch characters and, unless you’ve been living under a rock like a sssssneaky snake, you know that we recently announced the third free character, Ernest! In last week’s livestream, we shared some new concept art of Ernest and we’re excited to bring you more details on him in the very near future!


Ernest, like his fellow Aviants Toby and Benedict, loves blowing stuff up. But instead of glory and vengeance like his feathren (feathered brethren, just let me have this), he fights for honor and duty to the soldiers at his side. Ernest is one of the UPR’s premiere demolitions experts and a brilliant tactician known for his “outside the box” approach, exploiting foes’ weaknesses with well-placed, well-timed explosive ordnance.

For this coming week though, we’re looking to help you guys get a head start on Pendles and we figured the best way to do that would be another Double XP Event, so that’s what we’re going to do! Starting tomorrow (Friday, August 5th) at 8am PT (11am ET), you’ll be able to get double Character and Command Rank XP all the way through Wednesday, August 10th at 8am PT.



oh man, a Mellka nerf? That’s not good for Story Mode.


Just curious as to whether we have an update on the oceanic server to fix the connection issues?

Australians are still struggling here.

Thanks in advance for your reply :slight_smile:


Can we get an update on any system to keep level 100/Character Rank 15 characters engaged in the game? There hasn’t been word on this in over a month.

A double xp weekend offers little for this aspect of the player base.

Thank you to the team for their continued work and weekly updates. Much appreciated!


Looks great!

… except this

Mellka is already super squishy (though, incredibly agile). I think the -150 health is going to have a huge (negative) impact. I’m not sure the pistol accuracy was warranted, but I’ll trust you guys on that one.


This is an ongoing discussion here, so I don’t have any concrete updates on that right now. That said, we definitely want to make sure players of every level are engaged and having fun!


you have every character at rank 15? Have you thought about going outside?


on PS4, 2% has CR 100, and 7% has at least one character at Lvl15.

After that, I guess go fetch more titles?


Any new information you can share about the first DLC story mission? Really looking forward to it; it’s the only way some of my friends will come back and play.

Otherwise, awesome to see info on the third character!


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Why the heck would you reduce her accuracy? Jeez, these changes are horrid better yet have you guys looked into Alani?


How often one plays is no concern of yours.


I’m really excited for the double xp weekend. I finished up several characters’ lore challenges so that I can just play them and get the Master Skin this weekend.

Something that would be interesting to see is more info on what data you see that makes you decide to change a character’s stats, and maybe in the next week talk about what has come about due to that change.

Specifically in this case, I would like to know what stats you saw about Benedict that made you increase his damage and how the change has affected the stats you see about him now.

I think a section that talks about balance and statistics in the Battleplan would be really cool and appeal to some of the Theorycrafters, MinMaxers and Stat Nerds in the crowd.


I really want a player alert to improve

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Melka NERF is not that bad, she is really hard to hit, and has passive health regen. The acuracy NERF won’t affect me at all since most of my playstyle is up close, unless I’m spamming canisters. I don’t think she was that squishy unless she was standing still.


But why…Mellka’s machine pistol is inaccurate enough as it is…???

Still stoked for Double XP, though.

Yea, me too. I’m 80% sure it’s broken again after last update. Even if it were working all the time,though, I’d love more options. Maybe hold the alert button and get a radial wheel thing?

Examples: Help, Danger, Capture, Defend, Attack, “MEDIC!” (Maybe not that one), Group, Shards


Thanks for the spotlight nod! Really having fun with Pendles and the new maps!


[quote=“JoeKGBX, post:1, topic:1543073”]
• Reduced Mellka’s base health by 18% (from 1130 to 982 at level 1).• Reduced Mellka’s Custom Machine Pistol accuracy.
[/quote] D: Now I’ll have to go back to base every now and then haha. Oh well I think she needed the nerf anyways but at least this doesn’t sound too bad.


yay, the most broken hero is finally nerfed. maebe you’ll have to aactually use her secondary melee now, like the way she’s intended to be played

edit: here’s a wise idea for you gbx to keep players engaged with the few remaining characters theyve yet to max out and don’t enjoy playing: give us a story mission. yal seem too schedule tied, drawing out developed parts to fit some(sum) calender. if only development and marketing grew from the same game root.

edit 2: hey 2k, yal wouldn’t release red dead this year because of mafia 3, or does rockstar strum the strings?

Well melee Melka got nerfed with the last update but I still melee with her anyways and I’m sure I still will. By level 10 I think I was able to get around 2,200 health.