Battleplan 13: 8/4/16

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #21

Melka? Not kleese or Benedict? I’m really concerned with the balancing decisions.

(The Handsome One) #22

I mean, one of her helix abilities helps her stack up to 300 health. I’ve literally gotten up to 2000 health with her.

(ThisWasAMistake ) #23

Same, they obviously have some balancing problems. They are hot topic on the forums too so I don’t know what their excuse is.


This is good, I don’t have to waste time trying to play Mellka now :stuck_out_tongue:

(PSN: Manic211) #25

He didn’t say he had every character maxed (and who cares if he did?). Just wants more incentive to play those he mastered and maybe raise the Command Rank cap, and I completely agree with him. Definitely could use a “Prestige Mode” of some sort to keep things fresh, and maybe add new character-based challenges for skins/taunts or whatever

( #26

We want Melka to stay in a closr fight.

Gives Melka 900 hp so she can’t stay in the fight.



Lol, I thought more or less the same thing. These are synergistic changes and should not have been made at the same time, IMO. I’d have changed the accuracy first, then looked at data to see if the health change was still needed.

(Logie108) #28

Also said that she is meant to be a harasser. The health debuff was meant to make her have to jump in and out of the fight. Shouldn’t really be a problem unless you get yourself stunned.

(Logie108) #29

Accuracy adjustment so she actually has to enter the fight in the first place

(Insanity Incarnate ) #30

Smaller plan than I expected. But I’m gla they mentioned the 2x XP again.

But one quick question are you guys working on fixing the leaving issue? If you leave a game you don’t actually have to wait for it to stop. You can join a new session right away. It’s enabling people to leave with no real penalty besides reporting but I haven’t heard a single case of people being punished. Please please please fix this. Don’t even allow an option of not rejoining. Force them to rejoin if they try to start a game by skipping the pop up and bringing them back.
Also create a system like smite that automatically tells the system a player has left a game and didn’t rejoin before it ended and then punish them for it esp if they do it consistently.

(Logie108) #31

I would like a confirmation from someone at gearbox but I believe that leavers no longer get xp. I think that is why their stats get cleared. Probably no credits either.

( #32

Only 4 seconds on venom now so you can’t melee combo as long as you liked, now less hp so she’s now the squishiest char in game.

Poor Melka mains, usually im for defending gbx changes but this one i just don’t understañd. Ambra about to have a field day with her

(Ghutsy) #33

Not digging the Mellka nerf, but I’m not going to knock it until I get on later today and try her out. Stoked about the double XP, I’ve been wanting to get a few of my characters to max level 15!

Btw, how does one get spotlighted? I don’t have set days of streaming but I literally only stream this game now and doing a giveaway soon once I hit 100 followers! Just would like to get the stream out :slight_smile:

(SneakyBuffalo) #34

I’m pretty sure they want Mellka to focus more on her agility and maneuverability than her ability to stand in the back of a lane and poison everyone from a low-risk environment. We don’t know how much they decreased her accuracy by. It’s possible she may miss only 10% or so more often, in which case she’d still be able to keep most of her long-range effectiveness. Lowering her HP makes it easier to force a withdraw when she’s doing that.

I do realize that the lower HP makes her less effective in close range, but it also makes her less effective in long range. I’m pretty sure they also had problems with her maneuverability allowing her to jump to high spots in the new stages, drop down below someone, use one of her three melee skills to poison people, and then just sit there and unload her gun into the back of their head. She’ll need to dance around a bit more, now … which is what her abilities are for.

But before we complain too much, let’s see how she does. I’m not sure 200 HP is make-or-break for those who have already mastered her maneuverability skills. I’m betting she remains powerful.

(ssynesthesia) #35

I am so confused as to the balancing decisions going on right now. Mellka gets a nerf while Benidict, Thorn, and ISIC still are gods. Mellka snipers??? She has a ton of damage falloff, why in gods name would someone stay back and snipe with mellka? She would do literally nothing. Nerfing a mid tier character. Calderius is far better at Mellkas job and hes not getting a nerf? Thorn now is just a better mellka. Isic still has no falloff so he can sit back and snipe. I’m just confused.

(a.k.a. Zjarcal) #36

No Benedict nerf… ok, yeah, now I’m just pissed.

I do like the idea of a squishier Melka (she’s already so hard to kill), but bloody hell, BENEDICT IS IN A GAME BREAKING STATE, THAT SHOULD BE THE PRIORITY.

Yes, caps were needed.


They… they nerfed Mellka who was universally considered to be one of the (if not the absolute) most balanced characters… facepalm*

(idc219) #38

I disagree. Yes she is a bit squishy but a good melka can sit in lane because her poison causes her enemies to have to flee. So she never is any real danger. Not saying this character was op. Just saying less health and less range won’t nerf her into the ground at all. I am ok with it.

(idc219) #39

Yeah I don’t like playing new map in incursion cuz a good bendict just dominates. He is way to strong in current state

(Maskerader) #40

[quote=“JoeKGBX, post:1, topic:1543073”]• Reduced Mellka’s base health by 18% (from 1130 to 982 at level 1).
• Reduced Mellka’s Custom Machine Pistol accuracy.
Cool, now I’m on the “GBX, please separate PVP and PVE balance” train too. Wait for me, guys!

Master of Mellka here. She was at least OK in PVE. Actually she even was a rare guest there, clearly didn’t need any nerf.