Battleplan #14: 8/11/16

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This week, we’re introducing a new community video series that’s coming to us from our good friend Nicky of [StealthShampoo]( . With the help of 2K and Gearbox, Nicky has created the “Battleborn Breakdown” video series. Battleborn Breakdown is a series that helps players improve their game by giving them the chance to submit their own gameplay for “breakdown”. In other words, Nicky and a revolving cast of Gearbox Developers, Streamers, and other community voices, take each video and offer skilled analysis on the gameplay. The aim of these videos is to help us all “up our games”, and let’s face it --who doesn’t love to go through gameplay with a fine-toothed comb and extract as much intel as possible, right? The first episode of the Battleborn Breakdown is live today and viewable below and features Battleborn Creative Director Randy Varnell, Sizzsarz, Ede Monster, and gameplay by SuperBadJuJu. You can find details of how to submit your own videos on the Gearbox forums!
In case you hadn’t heard, a couple weeks ago, we released a new set of skins for Battleborn – Summer Skins! That’s right; it’s that time of year again. Summer is here and we thought we’d celebrate in the best way we knew how – with awesome Battleborn content. What’s more, as of today, you can purchase the Battleborn Summer Skins Bundle in the in-game Marketplace. The bundle includes all five summer skins (Ambra's "Soak Up the Sun", Marquis' "Schwimwear", Montana's "Summer Vacation", Rath's "Just Desserts", Kleese’s “Battle Cabana” and Shayne & Aurox's "Fun and Games") and even better, lets you save on the bundle as opposed to purchasing each skin a la carte.

This week, we have several hot fixes to share with you. The most notable is that we’ll be increasing the amount of Character XP awarded to players. In the wake of our recent Double XP events, we’ve re-evaluated the rate at which character XP is earned and felt like a boost was appropriate. Character XP rate has been boosted in such a way that we feel it progresses players at a more desirable rate. As you may know, hot fix changes go into effect at 12pm PT (3pm ET) on Thursdays unless otherwise noted. Here are this week’s changes:

• Slow debuffs no longer decrease attack speed
• Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Rath’s “Keeper of the Blades”, Montana’s “It’s My Only Name, Chief”, and Attikus’ “Anarchy Rules” Achievements/Trophies from being awarded
• Increased the rate at which Character XP is awarded
• Toby’s Force Field is no longer immune to the M7.Sentry’s Tower Blast attack

We love to point you all in the direction of great content creators, whether they be streamers, YouTubers, or even cosplayers, but recently, another type of content creator has caught our eye and we wanted to share them with you. The THiRD SHiFT Podcast is a podcast that focuses on all things Gearbox Software – including Battleborn. Being avid podcast listeners, hosts Eric and Matt had a thought shortly after the release of Battleborn: There are currently no Gearbox-specific podcasts out there. With that revelation in mind, they took it upon themselves to create THiRD SHiFT and just released their fourth episode. They’ve promised us that they’re just getting started and their goal is to stay on top of Gearbox Software releases, updates, community news, et cetera. Make sure to subscribe to the show and be on the lookout for new episodes every Friday!

We’re happy to announce that next week, we’ll have another livestream coming at you – this time featuring Ernest! You may remember that we talked a little bit about Ernest on our recent Pendles livestream and we’re excited to bring you not only more details on Ernest, but also gameplay and some insights from the developers who helped create him! Our Ernest livestream will be next Thursday, August 18th at 3pm PT (6pm ET) and will air on the Gearbox Software Twitch channel . Next week’s Ernest livestream will feature:

Creative Director, Randy Varnell
Community Manager, Joe King
Character Designer, Jett Sarrett

Make sure to join us on Twitch as we’ll be taking questions from the chat in addition to showing off what Ernest can do. On top of that, you never know what other surprises we might have in store!

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(Insanity Incarnate ) #3

Good thing about that XP boost. It’s hard to get to 15 without an event when you don’t only play one character and I’ve been playing since the release.


You’ve just done my head in with that Slow change.

I hope you realize what you’ve just done to the entire landscape of PvP.

This is going to be an interesting next few days.

(Chibigod) #5

Finally, maybe now slowing wont be a death sentence lol, and pheobe wont rek face with her 6 seconds of slowy death >~>

Onward to leveling characters then =w=

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #6

So Ernest coming August 25th?

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #7

This will be another game changer for team comps probably. Be nice to see how this translates into actual matches.

This is probably the best thing in this plan in my opinion - very nice indeed.

This is a close second to the boosted xp for best things around.

(BattlePeanut) #8

The biggest and best change will be the removal of attack speed slow when slowed.

Also didn’t expect to get a look on ernest this darn early! :o

Extremely dissapointed that there’s no news on the first DLC though…

(AttnDefDis) #9

Whaaaaaaat? You’re giving more character XP, but still no word on some sort of promotion system so that those level 15 characters don’t just sit and collect dust? Come on.

Also, please lower the prices of loot packs or increase the skin/taunt drop rate. 1900 tokens for a crappy green and white time and time again is really frustrating.

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #10

OMG. That is like… I mean… woah. This one hot fix singlehandedly changed the entire game in a much bigger way than the huge patch from last month. Wow. :astonished:

With this, you have made me a very happy person. If I could kiss you, I wouldn’t, but l would totally hug you right now. :grin:

(The Handsome One) #11

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

(wisecarver) #12

…Well done.

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #13

What characters would the slow hot fix affect the most I wonder?

(Pain_Parade) #14

i hope not…sick of new toons gettin added and no new PVE content. not the battleplan i was hoping to read today…more PVP loving.

(RedX) #15

Phoebe, el dragon, Oscar Mike, Isic… Anyone that attacks fast. I heard they will make skills that slow attack speed too though.

As a Phoebe player I know that will help me a lot because getting slowed (attack speed) was the #1 cause of death. Don’t really care about movement speed wise, can always just teleport away

(Levons79) #16

So next week we going to see Ernest gameplay & his helix tree? If so awseome. Are we suppose to have info about the 1st PVE DLC by next week also?


For one, accelerators will be trivialized even more than before - not worth the shards they cost as characters like Phoebe, Rath, and El Dragón will destroy them just by sneezing.

Thumpers as well.

That’s just to start with something as universal as buildables, and not even touching character balances.

I’m extremely apprehensive. I play characters that both love and hate these changes, but my first impression is that all this is going to so is further polarize character choices - characters with CCs that are stronger than the now gutted Slow, characters who can achieve absurd attack speeds, these characters were already predominant, and this change is likely going to completely cut out any of the outlying characters who remained popular choices due to having a strong slow debuff.

(Gerard HDZ) #18

Busy weekend for this guy here. Got a livestream to catch and then a Def Leppard concert the following day, and then my sis’ birthday the day after

Great BattlePlan, guys! Much appreciated improvements :thumbsup:


Changes sound good. Slow won’t be such a death sentence anymore. I do have a question though. There don’t seem to be a large number of changes, are there any ninja nerfs/buffs in there? Just curious.

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #20

Oh, that’s interesting. Perhaps they could remove some of the useless helix choices for them.

I think characters that rely on slows like Montana, Pendles, etc. will take the hardest hits. I hate to think that Attikus will receive an indirect nerf to the slow on his ultimate.