Battleplan #15: 8/18/16

(Influencer Guy) #1

It’s another busy week for Battleborn – new skins arrive this week and of course, our Ernest livestream is today! We’re super excited to be able to fire up the [Gearbox Software Twitch channel]( again to bring you not only gameplay of Ernest, but also insights from some of the Developers that had a hand in creating him. Today’s livestream will begin at 3pm PT (6pm ET) ([What time is that for me?]( and feature:
  • Creative Director, Randy Varnell
  • Character Designer, Jett Sarrett
  • Community Manager, Joe King

    This week also sees the release of new skins for six characters including: Ambra (Ascendancy Configuration), Rath (Alternate History), Montana (Gone Plaid), Deande (Electronic Espionage), Caldarius (Polygon), and Galilea (Annihilation)! The new skins for Ambra, Rath, and Montana, will be on sale, for the first week, for 500 pt and go up to 1000 pt after that. Make sure to swing by the Marketplace and check them out while they’re on sale!

    Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about our good buddy, Benedict. It seems that he’s upped his game as the competition for the title of Battleborn’s most deadly avian assassin heats up. After a couple weeks, we’ve seen positive results from the changes to Benedict’s health and damage increase. We found the extra bit of survivability was enough to allow Benedict to rein terror from the skies though, so after closely watching the data, we’re toning back his damage to compensate for the increased survivability. As you may know, hot fixes begin rolling out every Thursday at 12pm PT (3pm ET).

    • Reduced the damage of Benedict’s UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher by 10% (from 211 to 190 at level 1)
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Reyna’s “Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece” Legendary gear to heal allies for double the intended amount after selecting her Left Helix Augment, Plasma Burst

    As you may know, Battleborn has developed a healthy competitive scene and it’s really growing. Every couple weeks, one group or another is organizing a tournament and we’re supporting these tournaments in any way we can – like supplying SHiFT codes as prizes for the winners and sometimes, certain skins for just participating! August is shaping up to be a very busy month for the competitive Battleborn scene and we wanted to share the schedule with you and even some links in case you want to join in on the action. There are tournaments available for all platforms at certain times, so if you don’t see one for your platform now, keep checking the Battleborn Subreddit for upcoming tourneys!

  • 8/6/2016- PS4 Helix Gamers Open
  • 8/20/2016- Getting Into Gear
  • 8/20/2016- Xbox One Helix Open
  • 8/21/2016- PC Helix Gamers Open
  • 8/27/2016- PS4 Helix Gamers Open
  • 8/27/2016- ANZ Battleborn PC Tournament
  • 8/28/2016- PC Helix Gamers Open

    Today’s livestream will cover lots of Ernest info including the fact that he will be available for Season Pass and Digital Deluxe owners next week (August 25th)! He’ll be available to everyone the following week (September 1st) for 47,500 in-game credits. We thought you all might like a little boost in the credit department, so we figured another Double Credits Event would be in order! That’s right, starting tomorrow (August 19th) at 8am PT, you’ll be able to dive into Battleborn and enjoy double credits until Monday morning at 8am PT. Use the extra credits to get prepped for Ernest or, if you’re a Season Pass or Digital Deluxe owner (with a Hero Key to instantly unlock Ernest), buy yourself some nice, shiny Loot Packs. But hey, we’re not here to tell you how to spend your credits!

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(Not That Handsome Jack) #2

Yay for new skins!

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #3

I can’t wait for the Twitch stream later. :smiley:

(froz) #4

New skins and a minor Benedict nerf, that’s very good. :slight_smile:

(Geno) #5

There’s gonna be a lot of happy folks with that reduction in his damage.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #6

Nice to see the Ernest announcement.

And the slight toning down of Benedict.

Also looking forward to the AMA tomorrow with the Unofficial Battleborn Discord.

(BattlePeanut) #7

Wait, what the heck? Aren’t those skins Incredibly way too expensive?

(Insanity Incarnate ) #8

Is it me or do the same characters generally keep getting skins. I know rath Monty and Ambra have been getting quite a few lately.

(TitiShu) #9

Was about to report the bug about the double healing with left helix on Reyna XD

Rath, Ambra and Montana sure loves skins. Would have prefered the sales for the 3 others

@JoeKGBX Can we hope to have some information about DLC in the Ernest live ?
(maybe it will be played on it, but i’ve to stop dreaming)

(Master of pendles.) #10

YES THAT STUPID BIRD GOT A DAMAGE DECREASE!!!(entire community jumps with joy at the downfall of benedicts rockets)

(Rickbaker88) #11

@JoeKGBX 500 platinum to 1000 platinum? I thought 700 plat was the cap, and that was for tier 3 skins… from that pic they dont look much better than the tier 2 skins we got at the very beginning.

I was under the impression that tier 2 skins were supposed to be new texture and custom color schemes, and tier 3 was supposed to be an entirely new model, but the only “tier 3” skin we have gotten is Shayne & Aurox.

Are you able to shed any light on this?

(RedX) #12

Lol… Funny how I send a Battleborn Breakdown about Reyna and include the double plasma burst healing in the video, it gets a patch the following battle plan. You’re welcome @JoeKGBX lol :slight_smile: . Guess I gotta send a different Battleborn Breakdown then, maybe it will include another exciting thing to do!

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #13

190 damage at level 1 per rocket STILL seems like a lot, considering they dropped a bunch of other character’s damage that did less than that. I still think he should deal less than that due to not even needing to actually land them to damage you since that splash damage.

It’s a start at least.

(Pain_Parade) #14

Sigh…once again not the batteplan I was waiting on. No DLC announcement = another week of not playing. Yay for…more skins. Seriously though guys, this weekend is the 3rd weekend of august. Not sure what freaky calendar you guys follow but here, end of august is end of summer. :frowning2: I’m dying for a real content update…a video, a screen cap, a date…anything somewhat tangible will satiate me.

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #15

So, let us get this straight: we have skin at 420, 700 and now 1000 pt?

What amount of work is done on one skin vs on dlc level?

(MaddPatter) #16

[Insert Standard Comment On Skin]. But, maybe they will be cool. Can we get a video or something showing us why they are going to be so expensive though?

Second, I am surprised Ernest is already coming out. We got Pendles not too long ago. Not complaining at all, just surprised.

Finally, why do all these events happen on weekends I won’t have much play time? Oh well, at least I will get a Hero Key, so I am not in a dire need of credits… [Looks longing at loot packs].

(GreyWarden007) #17

Well a lot of people have already paid for the DLC and new skins bring in more money.

The “early summer” schedule for DLC 1 has passed on any calendar.

And where are the free skins they advertised?

(Nicetoknowyou) #18

Focus on the “competitive” scene?
Healthy and growing???

Sweet Jesus…thats first grade denial right there

Someone should tell this guys that the game has ~500 players total on PC and still decreasing every week…

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #19

That’s fine. It’s… REALLY odd (imo) that if you want all the new skins, the amount of money is so much more than the game + season pass at full price.

And then there’re taunts too.

(Hobo4Lyfe) #20

I too was REALLY hoping for some DLC Operation info. Hopefully something during the stream.

I agree with the Benedict nerf. I haven’t seen too many dominant Benedicts since his buff, save for one who just OWNED in a Meltdown against my team. Guy had 20 Kills and 0 Deaths. That’s more because he never missed with those rockets, rather than the damage they did.

The more suspicious members of my team suspected he was aimbotting or something. I think he was just really good.

I guess I’ve been lucky to avoid the avian terror, but the overwhelming sentiment at least on these boards has been that the dude is over the top these days.