Battleplan #15: 8/18/16

I don’t even want to comment on these anymore once there are even more expensive skins. At least give us a REASONING behind the price? I didn’t even see a justification for the 700 plat for most of the summer skins.

Gotta be honest and say I haven’t played for some time because this is getting frustrating. At the moment I have no incentive to play. Make skins friggin earnable in the game too. That’s the only thing big OW does right and you should learn from that.


Anyone bit the bullet and know if there was any changes to the character other than just the model for any of these skins?

Ugh, MORE paid skins?! With only 2 skins so far and no updates on new story missions, I’m starting to regret my season pass purchase.


Why? Was the dlc not good?

Yeah, its bugging me that with each new set of skins, the prices slowly creep up with them.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another ‘all-in-1’ pack like they made for the summer skins, where you got the 6 new skins for half price, putting them closer to the price of the first batch of skins.

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Oh it’s the Battleborn Breakdown that GBX is doing to help others with each character. Anyone can send videos to them… Check out the thread :slight_smile:

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Not a complaint, just stating I’m surprised. . .

I really enjoy the skins I got for Rath, Ambra, Toby, Shane and Alani, but. . .

They look better, much better than these newer skins, however, the newer skins cost more.

Confused :confused:


Yes - I have have no problems with the skins marketplace, but the price tiering doesn’t seem very consistent. That, to me, makes it harder to judge the value of a skin, and when I can’t judge the value of something I don’t actually NEED, I tend to just pass.

For example, I really love the look of the new Caldi and Deande skins (pretty cool Tron and Tron:Legacy vibe from them), but why are they 700 plat rather than 420? If it was because say Deande had Disk effects for some of her fan attacks, or Caldi had 8bit sounds for something or other, then I’d be like “Shut up and take my money!”. But if they are just retextures like the Summer Ambra and Kleese skins, then I ask myself if they are really worth the money.

The new Rath skin as well - his summer skin’s dreadwind easter egg made it worth the extra platinum in my opinion (although why the small easter egg of Rath’s ice cream skin and the masterpiece that was Shane and Aurox’s Balloon skin are charged the same is also questionable) - is the new skin worth another several hundred platinum above that? Or is it going to be just another retexture skin?

TL;DR @JoeKGBX - is there any sort of tiering guide to the skins so we can know what to expect for the plat? Pricing has seemed pretty haphazard so far in terms for skin features for the platinum.


Ha, made me chuckle.

I 100% agree with this. Though, you might want to check out the thread I just made on the subject of skin pricing:


That plaid shirt is sweeeet. Is Deande wearing a Tron style suit?


Those skins are overpriced, seems like 2k is punishing the loyal fan base that decided to support their game when so many have abandoned it. i get it, they want to make money, but you can only milk the same cow a certain amount of times before it gives up. not to mention the terrible lack of communication on Season pass content, we haven’t seen a glimpse of anything.


Did ambras sunspot health get shadow nerfed?? They are crazy squishy now! Was runnin a friend thru some normal mode content last night and as soon as I made a sunspot it would pop. Then I would start to heal one and its health dropped FAST. Not cool…

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No people are probably figuring it out with her, as ISIC I took em out right away really quick

pve…those thralls didnt get smarter on normal mode or start hittin harder. just seeing if any other ambra players noticed a difference.

Your probably right then since I play pvp, maybe the AI shoots it right away?

That’s a possibility I suppose. Even when healing the sunspot with the staff the health bar was all over the place instead of its normal constant smoothness.

Like healing it made the health bar jump up, well that could be a minor bug, or they really did lower it