Battleplan #15: 8/18/16

(GreyWarden007) #21

Maybe they’ll “humble bundle” those too!

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #22

As for DLC, expect :

  • a mention on September 8th
  • twitch on September 15th
  • release on September 22nd


(Dregojax) #23

Well, no. End of summer is (in all the North Hemisphere) late september.

(GreyWarden007) #24

That’s not “early summer” as advertised. And then when is “late summer?”

(michaeljwelch21) #25

@JoeKGBX still no news on the splitscreen? Haven’t played in a couple weeks because of the issues aforementioned (may times) has there been any advancements on the issues… are they still discussing them? I check back every week to see if there is anything, but it seems like a waste of time on my part

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #26

There better be a good reason those skins are 1000 platinum. Some of the summer skins were pushing it at 700.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on Ernest! :smile:

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #27

At was always "late summer"

Though this post seems to indicate we get 2 of them, marketing won’t allow that.

("It has no name, but... we call it X.") #28

1000pt. I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. I’m really happy about the frequent character toning - and Earnest already - but come on. These better be impressive.

(also what’s with all the Rath, Montana and Ambra love at Gearbox?)

(GreyWarden007) #29

The battleplan for 6/27 lists the schedule for DLC 1 as early summer and DLC 2 as late summer.

(aka LightBRz) #30

Lol exactly, game is dead and they are talking about competitive scene, I can’t even play this because there is just no games running.

This is going beyond fail, it is reaching the fiasco, cuz they refuse to make something about the game being dead and keep doing “skins” (recolors). They did bad choices and keep doing them.

(AttnDefDis) #31

I really appreciate that you guys update us every week, but there’s issues that have been known for a really long time and we’re kept completely in the dark about their progress.

Just a “we’re looking into it” or something on things like no prestige system or matchmaking, etc.

Also, your DLC timeline mentioned the Thrall Rebellion mission being due out by end of summer. Well, that is quickly approaching and we’ve seen zero info on it since then.

(Jjand302) #32

Don’t you mean 45000? You are talking about total players.

(Jjand302) #33

I think I might be the only person excited for the next character :slight_smile:

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #34

You hurt my feelings. :cry:

(Jjand302) #35

Sorry. 3rd comment in a row. They’ve already said it before that they’re working on it. So really the only updates there would be is its ready or they’re not anymore

(Jjand302) #36

Gosh. 4th. I gotta slow down. Everyone just seems to be focusing on Benedict and the skins

(badguy5 on YouTube) #37

Do you guys plan on addressing the reload “clipping”? Is it intentional?

And While I’m happy about the nerf, I don’t think it’s enough. You upped it by 15% (184–>211) along with his health. I don’t remember anyone saying he didn’t do enough damage.

Other than that: Guess who’s getting a new Montana skin today lol.

(Accursius13) #38

I feel like the DLC skins that are included with the season pass are going to be lack luster or just color swaps.

(BattlePeanut) #39

It has already been adressed and it is intentional

(Logie108) #40

In any sport or video game a huge amount of interest is based upon the popularity of it at a professional level. You have to make a game competitive to draw in players. I’m sure none of you have hopes and dreams of one day becoming a professional bowler because professionally the sport is practically dead. Instead the focus is on golf, football, and baseball. You have to have a competitive scene to keep a community strong. The game is by nature a competition and whether you’re good or bad at it in the back of most people’s heads it’s about being good or a “pro”.