Battleplan 17: 9/1/16

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PAX week is here and we couldn’t be more excited! PAX West 2016 begins this Friday, September 2nd, in Seattle, WA, and it wouldn’t be PAX without an “Inside Gearbox Software” PAX panel, now would it? We’ve got a lot to pack into the panel and that includes news from Battleborn! We don’t want to spoil ALL the surprises, but this will definitely be one panel you won’t want to miss. Among other things, we’ll be giving you a first look at the first DLC Operation for Battleborn: ***Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, which will be arriving on October 13th!*** You can check out more details on *Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion* [on the Battleborn blog]( We know what you might be thinking: “Hang on a second though – what if I can’t be at the PAX panel in person?” Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be hosting the livestream of the panel on [the Gearbox Software Twitch channel](, so you won’t have to worry about missing a moment of the action. While you’re there, make sure to follow the channel so you can get updates when we go live with all our streams!

Another quick note to add for this week is that we’ll be featuring Tempest in the Hardcore Spotlight Story experience. Hardcore Spotlight is a weekend experience that we’ve been trying out that will enable you to publicly match into the Advanced Difficulty version of story missions with Hardcore Mode (no respawns!) enabled. What’s more, each week will rotate between different groups of missions that might have something in common.

It’s pretty simple stuff here for this week’s hot fixes as we only have one coming at you – an adjustment to Ernest’s Egg. As always, hot fixes begin rolling out every Thursday at 12pm PT (3pm ET).

  • Fixed an issue that caused some attacks to be slower when buffed by Ernest’s Power Egg

    In this week’s Community Spotlight, we wanted to shoutout to Sean “Shurn” Stanway for finally getting Gold on every Story mission and on each difficulty! You can see his screenshot below. Congrats, Sean! Have YOU completed this amazing feat too? Feel free to share your screenshots below!

    As you all know, we usually like to keep the Community Spotlight section reserved for things that you guys do such as art, cosplays, or even just cool videos. Recently though, we’ve seen some chatter asking for lore to be included in the Battleplan, and we think that’s a fantastic idea! It’s in the spirit of fulfilling this community request that we reached out to the Battleborn Creative Director and resident lore expert, Randy Varnell (@jythri), and asked him to share a small tidbit of lore that he thought you guys might find interesting. Take it away, Varnell!

*You might have noticed strange stone ruins and temples scattered across the Solus system. Those were created by an ancient civilization known as the Aztanti. Current inhabitants of the system agree that the Aztanti civilization originated on Bliss, the moon of the gas giant Nylo, and likely developed after whatever cataclysmic event flash-froze the dragon-creatures in place across the planet. With the vista of giant frozen dragons as their constant backdrop, the Aztanti civilization always kept one eye on future possibilities, and from their earliest days incorporated imaginative visuals and prophecies into their architecture. In other words, the Aztanti were the “write things down on stones” people.

Eventually, the Aztanti civilization developed the ability to traverse space, and settled the nearby planets of Ekkunar and Tempest. Within a few thousand years of filling Ekkunar and Tempest with empowered architecture and mighty sentinels, the Aztanti all but disappeared, replaced by the pre-Jennerit Tempestian civilization on Tempest; and the early aelfrin people on Ekkunar, who seeded the Eldrid faction there before their migration to the planet Eshteni. Scholars still debate whether the decline of the Aztanti happened before the breaking of Ekkunar, or after, or if the strange cracking of the planet was related to the disappearance of the Aztanti.*

We’re looking to ride the excitement of our upcoming PAX panel and Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion right into next week. At that point, we’ll be ready to share the details of our next community event. Lots of great ideas for the near future are being discussed among the Battleborn team and we’re excited to share more info on those soon! In the meantime, we’ll see you at PAX West 2016!

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(Where's lucky?) #2

Looking forward to pax and all the news, BB and the other games

(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #3

Yaaay for the lore! That’s amazing! Can’'t wait for tomorrows stream. ^^

(wisecarver) #4

Success! (That last one, Renegade, took so many attempts.)

(30% more flak) #5

You can farm the Voids Edge forever though, so it shouldn’t be impossible. Just what that medal threshold is, don’t know. You’d think it was at around 100k like other difficulties.

The Renegade is definitely the hardest to get gold on solo, at least has been for me :S

(Jan S.) #6

If you have a team of friends, communicating and all of you aim for the same thing, I don’t see it that hard.
Can’t judge too much through, most of my friends don’t play Battleborn at all


No mention of the new Face Off mode? Well I’ll ask about it anyways.

Can you tell us if the new game mode will be accompanied by unique maps? If it is, will we get 2 new maps for it, or 3 to match the current totals for the other game modes?

(badguy5 on YouTube) #8

Is there going to be any actual information released at PAX?
Because this is… lacking.

(Jan S.) #9

I believe they’re going to preview the new story mission there

(Where's lucky?) #10

joe pretty much said there they are holding back on this because they have a lot to show tomorrow

(RedX) #11

Phoebe skins :cry:

(Polar) #12

Try not building any buildables, yeah I know annoying, but the sentrys and traps give you their kills but you don’t get any score from them and that I think is what balances it out… That is what I had to do with 2 buddies of mine so just use a battleborn with great wave clear IE: OM, Ernest ( Makes it easy mode xD ), Benedict, ect and then love that defense point on The Renegade for Void’s Edge, its like a farm simulator for that one, jsut loot all things all the crates and chest and everything and you should be able to get it :smiley: I hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(since CTT) #13

:dukeaffirmative: Tx for not nerfing Ernest (or Pendles) :dukeaffirmative:

(BattlePeanut) #14

Pendles is completely fine and balanced, though yes, Ernest is bullshiz

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #15

Can we get an update on the release date (or potential release date) of the next big patch? Please?

(Maskerader) #16

I think Thorn is good enough to get gold on the Renegade if you’re good with crits.

Void’s Edge is “farmable” (don’t kill the Conservator, he spawns his waves infinitely and also drops bonus balls with every wave).

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #17

YAY!!! More Solus-lore! Thank you so much @Jythri! :heart:

I was always curious when the Aztanti roamed in Solus. But a little detail got my attention: Tempest.

If I understood the Jennerit-lore, they left their homeworld after the fall of Jennar, by rebuilding another planet (Tempest?) to be able to travel through space.
Tempest is not their original homeworld, but a very very old throneworld they carried/flew arround while escaping the Varelsi.

From this I always took that Tempest is not an original Solus-Planet which was “born”/formed in the Solus-System, but that it was brought there by the Jennerit. So Tempest would be a rather new planet in that system and the Aztanti would have been deceased long before the planet entered Solus space.

Is there just a missunderstanding? Did the Jennerit invade and restructure Tempest after they arrived in Solus (building their cities and the Heliophage complex on Tempest), or did they traveled to the Solus system with/on Tempest?

My confusion is big and I really really would love to know! :heart:

(since CTT) #18

Nerdpocalypse! :dukestar:

(Maskerader) #19

Yeah, I got my last one today. All but normal/non-hardcore are done solo.

( #20

Was hoping for a change to Ernest’s ultimate to where we could actually damage and destroy the mines, it just feels to unfair to have to wait until they blow up before you can engage a certain area. I’ll keep my mind open to the choice once Rumble Madness week is over (dealing with 3 Ernest throwing Invulnerable mines everywhere is just the worse).