Battleplan 17: 9/1/16

I dont have time to check out the twitch stream. :frowning: Can i watch it later? It will be uploaded somewhere?

Yes, you can watch previous broadcasts too.

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All past episodes here (at

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If you could destroy the mines it would be weaker than Ambra’s ult. If it turns out to be a problem I’m sure they’ll just lower the damage.

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So down with Lore!

I love great world-building, and really like the themes and details the Battleborn creative team put in to this world! Very excited to learn more!


Skill damage build for Kleese makes it easy peasy

Thank you maskerader, VaultHunter101. :slight_smile:

The blog entry he linked to has a lot more info. Honestly, I’m curious to see what else they’ll announce tomorrow given how much is in the blog entry.

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Not exactly Gold on every mission, but I suppose Diamond counts as one :wink:


Take Kleese for Renegade. Set up a network on the Evolved Thrall spawn. Rake in the quick kill bonus.

For Void’s Edge, I had to farm Conservator adds in order to get Gold solo. Each time he spawns adds he also drops bonus score, but it can take a while.

Face off mode?

Check out the link a couple posts above. We’re getting a new PvP mode in October as well called Face Off.

WAIT WHAT? Everyone I’ve seen says that they took Diamond out before release. This is a game changer!

I didn’t play in the Beta, so I didn’t even know diamond was a thing! CRAP!

Seems like they took them out a few days after release.


El Dragon skins :cry:

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They are still there, just “unobtainable”, as the score needed is “too high”.

Interesting. A scoring bug

[quote=“beta382, post:29, topic:1545562”][…]


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The more people the better the medal