Battleplan 18: 9/8/16

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PAX West was this past weekend and we were there to put on our “Inside Gearbox Software” panel. If you weren’t able to join us in person, hopefully you were with us via the livestream on our Twitch channel. If you couldn’t make it to the stream either (don’t forget:[ it’s archived on our Twitch channel!]( ), we’ll happily recap the Battleborn section of the panel for you below!

The big question everyone has when it comes to Battleborn is “When are we getting some DLC?” Well, during the Battleborn segment of the panel, Producer Chris Brock and Creative Director Randy Varnell had some big news for us on that front: Battleborn’s first story add-on, Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, will be released on October 13th! Accompanying the big news was our first look at gameplay from the new Story operation, featuring the latest Battleborn to join the cause to save the last star – Ernest. Speaking of new characters, we also got to hear a little bit more about the next Battleborn coming to the game – Kid Ultra – including some background on his development and influences. Not only that, but we also pulled back the curtain on the fact that Kid Ultra’s sound effects change depending on which skin he has equipped! Those sounds are all influenced by certain classic video games to correspond with each skin. Pretty cool!

Last on the agenda for Battleborn was making sure people in attendance got to leave with a little something cool. Panel-goers were given a SHiFT MEGA code that contained some pretty great in-game rewards for Battleborn. Don’t think we forgot about everyone else, though. We also released a SHiFT code to those watching the livestream that contains some loot packs as well! Make sure to go check out the archived version of the stream to get the stream code. While you’re at the Twitch channel, make sure to follow it so you can get updates and notifications every time we stream. Following Gearbox Software on Twitch (link above) and [Battleborn on Twitter]( will be your best shot at getting your hands on a MEGA code when we give a few more of them away in the near future!

As you know, we like to list each week’s hot fixes here in the Battleplan. This is so we can keep you guys informed on what’s happening in our world and what kinds of small issues we can quickly address in the interest of making your experience better immediately. So what’s the difference between a hot fix and an update anyway? Hot fixes are reserved for small and easy-to-fix things – simple numerical value changes, for example. When an issue is something that demands more attention, such as a change in map geometry or UI, those fixes are included in a full update. Updates deal with bigger issues that can’t be addressed through a simple hot fix. Our next update, which will arrive in the coming weeks, addresses some of the more pressing “big issues” that the community has been talking about – the issues some players have been experiencing with the Command Menu, for one. We’ll have full notes for the next update closer to release. If an issue you’ve been tracking doesn’t appear in the hot fix section of a given Battleplan, it could mean that it’s an issue that requires inclusion in a full update, so keep an eye out for more details. In the meantime, we have this week’s hot fix below – another Ernest adjustment. Hot fixes and other changes begin rolling out on Thursdays at 12pm PT (3pm ET) unless otherwise noted.
* Ernest's OMLT Blast Suit legendary gear no longer grants lifesteal to skills other than Explosive Charge.

We mentioned earlier how great PAX West was this past week. PAX shows are always awesome and the best part is meeting the community. As you can imagine, when we get together with the community, there’s never a shortage of great cosplays and props to check out. In the interest of keeping the Battleplan short, we thought we’d call out a couple specific Battleborn cosplays that caught our attention. The first is this amazing Alani cosplay by Sam. Here she is with Battleborn Associate Producer Anthony Nicholson:

Not to be outdone, the Rogue faction made sure to have a representative of their own on hand in the form of a killer Orendi cosplay by Sophia Larson. Below is a short video by Dez and Fox Play of her on the show floor at PAX West:

A big shoutout and special thanks goes out to ALL our cosplayers. They’re a really talented group and our team always appreciates the hard work and countless hours that they put into their craft!

Next week should be a fun one as we’ll be holding our second Play w/ the Devs event on Saturday, September 17th! Our team is being put on blast to be out in the wild with their “Gearbox Dev” titles (see below) equipped; they’ll be ready to hang out and play with the community! Just like last time, we’ll have a couple skins to give away; this time for Oscar Mike and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Last time we did it, this was a great event for both our team and the community, so make sure to check out the details in next week’s Battleplan and mark it on your calendar!

💥Battleborn SHiFT Code HQ💥 - Loot Packs, Skins & Titles! (Updated August 3!🔥)
Mini-Battleplan: Kid Ultra and PS4 Queue Adjustments
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…Yes! Mooooore :smile:

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wow no command screen fix no patch from last month? thanks?

(badguy5 on YouTube) #4

Why is he showing the “Shocker”?

Also, I hope we get a date for the next “big” patch by Monday/Tuesday, to help quell the unrest.

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Why not?

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The Orendi cosplay is pretty awesome.

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Please read all words before posting words about the posted words.

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Good idea explaining the difference between hot fixes and updates in the battleplan.

Hopefully you can give us some juicy info in the Play with the Devs event. :relaxed:

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I’m confused. We actually specifically call this out:

Maybe I’m missing something? If so, please correct me! :slight_smile:

(jondubois2) #10

okay how would you prefer i put this? thanks for no patch last month, thanks for not fixing this crippling glitch within a reasonable time frame. coming weeks? that means little to nothing to me from you guys

(Jjand302) #11

So you’re mad that it’s not fixed now?

(Accursius13) #12

Any word on fixing split screen?

(RedX) #13

Hmmm guessing there won’t be any update till close to DLC time.

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I just watched Joe like 2 people in real time. :laughing:

Anyway, I was hoping that the large update that everyone was looking forwards to would be today, but after Jythri’s ‘leak’ in another thread I figured it would at the very least be next week if not the weeks after. From everything I hear about what’s going to be in the next patch I figure there may be some hold up just because of the amount of things I am fairly certain will be in it (and other stuff I think may be in it but may end up getting held back for the next patch after this one). I’ve been waiting for a while (and so has everyone else) so I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait a while longer. Not that I want to. I hate waiting. I’m not very fond of waiting and not very good at waiting but if I have to then wait I must. :persevere:

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sorry a promise of a fix is not a fix so i still stand correct. this issue has been around far to long and the content of this battleplan is complete garbage. we deserve more. we waited all august with baited breath for what? ernest with worse server issues and worse gltiches?

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And Pendles is just full bugs and I hope they get fixed. His cloak gets glitches so much where sometimes reveals are permanent. He will sometimes have the slow animation throughout the whole match or have that small burning flame on his cloak. Please fix this.

(jondubois2) #18

im mad that “coming weeks” seems to be all we get anymore. no real fixes for over a month and the last two hot fixes were problems with ernest that should have been fixed before launch

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Have you put in a support ticket for this by chance? I know this is something the team will want to look into.

(jondubois2) #20

common guys this happens near every match with him you really claiming you dont know about this glitch either?