Battleplan 20: 9/22/16

(Influencer Guy) #1

This week, the Lootpocalypse is upon us once again! Beginning tomorrow (9/23) at 9am PT, you’ll begin seeing increased drop rates for loot as well as discounts on Loot Packs. Here’s a basic breakdown of what you can expect:

• Temporary increases to Legendary gear drop rates
• Major enemies will have a chance to drop Rare and Epic gear
• Discounted Loot Packs

You’ll be able to enjoy Lootpocalypse until Monday morning at 9am PT, so make sure to get in some quality time over the weekend to get your hands on some of that sweet loot!

EDIT: In regards to Quick Match, You may remember that last week, Creative Director Randy Varnell laid out a few ideas that we’ve been discussing for future tweaks to our matchmaking experiences. One of these ideas, the “Quick Match” queue, is going live in Battleborn TODAY on all platforms.

As our normal weekly hot fixes begin rolling out this afternoon, you’ll begin seeing the “Quick Match” PVP experience. Quick Match will feature a high chance for both Meltdown and Capture maps, with a small chance of seeing an Incursion map sneak in … ya know, just to keep things spicy.

We wanted to include a small chance of Incursion because we heard from the community that many of you like to re-queue for a chance to play any of our modes, as you did in Chaos Rumble. We believe this adjustment will improve wait times for players who like to play these matches on these platforms.

We look forward to hearing your feedback after you’ve had a chance to dig into these changes!

Also, in case you missed it, we're turning on QUAD XP in public matches today and tomorrow! You can get more details [HERE](

We’re easing back to hot fixes this week with a very minor gear adjustment. As you know, hot fixes begin rolling out every Thursday at 2pm CT unless otherwise noted. In case you missed it, we talked a little bit about the differences between a hot fix and an update in [Battleplan 18](, so check that out if you’re curious!

• Uncommon variants of “White Lightning” now grant CC Reduction as their conditional secondary stat instead of Sprint Speed

In this week’s Community Spotlight, we thought we’d call out a guy many of you know – @MentalMars. If you’re not familiar with MentalMars’ work, he curates an incredibly informative website that deals in Battleborn news and info. Not only that, but the guy makes a pretty killer wallpaper and has his entire collection available for download. If you want to keep up on the latest info sourced directly from the community, you’re in the marketing for a rad new wallpaper, or maybe both, look no further than! Here’s a video with Mars chatting with Creative Director Randy Varnell:

EDIT: Apparently there was some disappointment about there not being any lore this week. This cannot stand! Like Alani? Like lore? Have some Alani lore:

After the boiling and siphoning of Akopos’ oceans (and the darkening of its star system), little record survives of the various inhabitants of its waters. The Way of the Emulan monks lives on, however, through the most unlikely of their order: Alani.

For an underwater monastic sect that preaches inner calm and fluid mindfulness, Alani certainly seems to have a sunny and outgoing disposition. Perhaps it’s because, given that the order was eradicated, Alani never had the opportunity to reach the zen calm espoused by the elders. But more likely, her natural zeal and vitality was inherited through her Helician lineage. Strange as it may seem, Alani is not actually a native of Akopos: her human father and Helician mother, under such circumstances as are often left to be wondered about for a lifetime, gave her to the Emulan monks. Maybe they meant to come back for her later, when circumstances changed. Maybe they didn’t. Poor Alani may never know.

You may ask, “Are Helicians aquatic?” and to that, I’d say catch Galilea Azmozeus try and tell a joke, you can’t get much drier. Luckily, through the surgical modification prowess of the Emula, Alani was soon breathing and swimming through water with the best of them. Typically, however, the Helicians natural hardiness is more than enough to see them through any hostile environment, and incompatible lungs are far from the worst a Helician has faced. Indeed, their longevity and stubborn vigor put them at natural odds against the Jennerit, whose own aims of artificial eternity brought them enormous jealousy (given that the natural Jennerit lifespan lasts only a few centuries). This enmity came to a head with the War of Being (C.R. 19208-19304), in which the Helician Corps played a critical role among the Arbiters of Being (Eldrid elite warriors trained and equipped specifically to combat the Sustained). Incidentally, it was during the War of Being that the planet-being Mikollopria released spores to aid in the war effort; among those spores was the bud that would come to be known as “Miko” among the Battleborn.

Ultimately, the Jennerit emerged victorious, and the Helicians were soon subjugated as a servant-caste, whose only avenue of recognition was through military excellence in service of those they reviled. Small wonder, then, that Alani isn’t particularly fond of the Jennerit after they conquered one of her peoples and destroyed the other.

A couple weeks ago, we hinted at our upcoming October update and the fact that we’d have more details about its contents very soon. The time is almost at hand as next Thursday, 9/29, we’ll go live with our next stream which will focus on the October update! Gearbox Software Community Manager Joe King will be joined by Creative Director Randy Varnell and Designer Grant Kao to detail everything from character balance tweaks to new features that you’ll see popping up. As always, we’ll be taking questions from the community via the chat, so make sure to come ready with questions in tow! Not only that, but we’ll be giving away some PAX West MEGA Codes – the codes we gave away at our PAX West panel earlier this month! We’ve had LOTS of requests for these codes and this will be your first chance (of many) to get your hands on one! Make sure to check out the stream live next Thursday (9/29) at 3pm PT (6pm ET) or archived afterwards on the Gearbox Software Twitch channel!

The PAX West MEGA Code contains:
• 18 Loot Packs (3 of each faction’s Commander Packs, and 3 Legendary Loot Packs)
• 5 Cyber skins (Rath, ISIC, Alani, Ernest, Attikus)
• 10,000 EC

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(Martok) #2

Quad XP hasn’t started as promised here

I’ve just played a game beginning after 8am PT and only received the normal character XP.

(Master of Eeveelution) #3

Any update on fixes to server issues for Australian and New Zealand players?

(badguy5 on YouTube) #4

Could you clear up what time QUAD XP will be going live?

(RedX) #5

Aw… thought quick match would be implemented today :sweat:

(badguy5 on YouTube) #6

Are you saying that Swift White Lightning will become Wily White Lightning?

[quote=Swift “White Lightning”]
+9.80% Sprint Speed
+5.60% Sprint Speed for 5 seconds after collecting a pickup[/quote]

[quote=Wily “White Lightning”]
+9.80% Sprint Speed
-7% CC Duration while all skills are on cooldown[/quote]

(Influencer Guy) #7

The adjustments have been made, but it may take a little time for the changes to show.

( #8

I keep refreshing every minute hoping to see Quick Play in game, I’m so excited, hnnnng

(¡Apagando las luces!) #9

So excited for Lootpocalypse and the upcoming stream!

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #10

Lootpocalypse!! :smile:

(Insanity Incarnate ) #11

Sweet more badass codes and events. Super pumped to jump in after work

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #12

Also, I hope the next update makes CC reduction relevant otherwise I’ll be disappointed in the gear change lol.

Very excited or the stream next week though, it’s the information I’ve been waiting for.

Quad XP will definitely hopefully get me the rest of the characters to level 15 (or at least 10+).

Lootpocalypse tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

(Deandes in crime ) #13

hum, no lore. strange.

Oh well.



Super excited for Lootpocalypse 2.0 and the stream next week! I always miss the streams while they’re live because of work but watch the archived broadcast when I get off so I was wondering what/if anything could someone like me do to have a chance at getting one of the much coveted MEGA codes? I’d love to get a chance at those skins specifically and hope even though I won’t be able to watch live that I’ll still have a shot at them.

(juripesce) #15

Pathetic battleplan as expected.

(Ziggy) #16

I really can’t wait for the Lootpocalypse event! =)

Hope the next Battleplan my site ( ) can enter the community Spotlight. If someone wants to enter and find people to play with on this event we will be there =)

(AttnDefDis) #17

When more mega codes were promised last week, I thought you meant we’d get some nice SHiFT codes. Not the CHANCE to win the PAX West code. That’s very disappointing.

(超高校級のバトルボーン) #18

Nice, can’t wait for the stream. Gonna get sooo many LLC packs tomorrow!

(My Lilith's name is Krieg and she is the prettiest) #19

Will the code givaways be available to UK viewers or just American viewers of the stream?


It’s Thursday again, thus we have ourselves another week of the undaunted Good Plan Bad Plan.

I never called it that before, but that’s how I generally dissect it every week, so do forgive me.

On the first glance, this plan already looks better than the grotesque, empty, uninspiring wet noodle that was Battleplan 18 on September 8th 2016. At this point, nearly any Battleplan could be classified as works of genius by comparison.

Let’s start with Good Plan:

Lootpocalypse: You really can’t go wrong with this one, but I do wish this event would last longer. Any chance the length of the event would be extended if, oh, I don’t know, the drop rates were still hampered? Or how Match History wasn’t saved properly so all our efforts are flushed down the drain over and over and over again? Or if your servers crash constantly for whatever reason?

What I don’t understand is that why don’t the weekend event starts on Thursday instead, kinda like how Steam weekend deals start on Thursday to give people a day’s worth more time.

Quad XP: This is not relevant to me anymore, since all my character are Level 15, because I’m such a “diligent hard worker,” but I’m sure a lot of people can make good use of these.

Hotfix: Glad that it’s fixed, but I can’t say I suddenly got excited.

Now we have our Bad Plan:

PAX West MEGA Code: I’m going to assume that those who don’t get to watch the stream on real time, they won’t have a chance at this code. I’m working at the time of the stream, so looks like I won’t get it. I don’t feel like I lost any opportunity, no, the fact is that the opportunity was never actually there. I just feel like RNGesus took the only boat to safely cross the river as he points at my situation and laughs, because I didn’t worship hard enough at his altar as he demanded my devotion.

If I just prayed enough and punched enough small children, I would’ve gotten his blessing. Instead, I’m branded a heretic.

Don’t get me wrong, this plan was lackluster and generally devoid of excitement for the upcoming big content patch and DLC campaign, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the disaster that was Battleplan 18. At least nobody asked for a shovel when they have hit rock bottom.