Battleplan 21: 9/29/16

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As we announced in last week’s Battleplan, our next livestream is today! At 3pm PT (6pm ET), we’ll be discussing the contents of the upcoming October Update on [the Gearbox Software Twitch channel]( . Community Manager Joe King will be joined by Creative Director Randy Varnell and Designer Grant Kao to chat about everything from character balance changes, to some of the new quality-of-life improvements that will be rolling out to Battleborn players when the update hits on October 13th alongside Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. Make sure to swing by and have your questions ready as we’ll be getting to as many as we can on the stream!

In case we don’t get to answer your questions during the livestream today, fear not – Joe, Grant, and Varnell will be holding an AMA on the Battleborn Subreddit tomorrow (Friday, 9/30) at 12pm PT (3pm ET), so drop by and add your questions to the thread!

Our only hot fix this week is related to server disconnections that some players have reported while using Ernest. As always, hot fixes begin rolling out on Thursday at 12pm PT (3pm ET). If you should experience this issue after today’s hot fix, let us know!

Looking for a few other players to watch your back in the sometimes treacherous world of Battleborn PVP? The crew over at can help you with that. is a site where you can find other Battleborn players to team up with, and who knows, maybe make a friend or two in the process. Site creator Ziggy says that the inspiration to create the site came from his love of Battleborn as well as a desire to help players – especially those just starting out:

“The idea for the site at first was to ease the way of new players into the game, by displaying the level of connected users and making game parties fast between low levels and high level players, but we’ve seen that it works for players of any level who wish to match up, meet new players, or just talk about the game.”

The site is still fairly new and the Battlebornmatch team is currently taking feedback from the community in the hopes of improving it. They have lots of additions and improvements already planned, so if you’ve been looking to team up with other Battleborn players, now’s a good time! Ziggy also adds:

“I just want to grow the Battleborn community. It is a really good community that wants to keep playing this game and deserve a lot of quality time in the game with new friends. =)”

As you know, we recently started including lore in the Battleplans by community request. At first we thought “We don’t want to over-do it. There’s NO WAY they’ll want lore in every Battleplan, right?” Ummmm, yea, wrong. You guys made it pretty clear that you like the lore, so we’ll aim to bring it to you as often as possible. This week, and in keeping with the Jennerit theme of the upcoming Story Operation, Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, we thought we’d share some Jennerit lore with you all. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

With a name like “The Silent Sisters”, it should come as little surprise that the pinnacle of Jennerit ceremonial groups remains fairly hush-hush when it comes to the details of their order. Although much of their organization is shrouded in secrecy, there are still a few juicy details we can uncover regarding The Silent Sisters of the Order of the Sustaining Mother, and especially in regards to former sister and Battleborn, Ambra.

After Empress Lenore’s ascension to the throne, the Jennerit expanded use of the Rite of Sustainment to more and more “deserving” subjects. Given the immense energy requirements of the Rite and the near-eternal life gained from Sustainment, the Jennerit aristocracy needed a way to meticulously select candidates. Oversight was needed, and the cult of personality that blossomed around Lenore seemed a natural fit (or as natural as pseudo-immortal techno-theocratic worship can be).

Thus, the Order of the Sustaining Mother was established in 325 C.R., and within its structure, Jennerit females selected for their skill with science and their fierce loyalty to the empire–the Silent Sisters–would preside over the most treasured achievement of the Jennerit Empire. Those who joined the ranks of “the Sisters” would pledge a prolonged lifetime of service to their station, also sacrificing their voice for the privilege of upholding the ideals of the star-spanning Empire.

Among those selected for Sisterhood was Claudia Ambralia Divia, known informally as “Ambra”. Ambra received her Sustainment around 8230 C.R., and served as a Silent Sister for more than 10,000 years before an infiltrator gained enough of Ambra’s trust to attempt a sabotage operation on the Sustainment Engine itself.

Cosplayer: Amie Lynn (@misshabit)
Photo: MissionFortySix (@missionfortysix)

Galilea Azmozeus, a Helician knight in service to the Arbiters of Being, spent 15 years as a deep cover operative in Jennerit society before she managed to gain sponsorship from Ambra to become a Templar of the Order of the Sustaining Mother. Three years later, Galilea would fail in her mission to destroy the Sustainment Engine, irreparably fracture her friendship with Ambra, and accidentally kill the Eldrid Red Observer.

Ambra, more leery than ever of splitting her loyalties, redoubled her zealotry. She became even more guarded, pious, and intolerant, and spent the next several hundred years fiercely curating the Sustainment process, the Order of the Sustaining Mother, and propriety among all of the highborn within the Empire. “Vigilance, after all, begins with proper attire.”

Centuries later, Rendain betrayed the Empress, the universe, and re-branded the Jennerit Empire as the Jennerit Imperium, under the new “Passage Agreement” with the Varelsi. The subsequent public dissent cultivated an environment of unrest that spread even to the Silent Sisters.

At first, Ambra expressed her objections within formal channels, using political discourse and rhetoric to call the self-appointed “Lord Commander” to task. Ambra’s conflict with Rendain escalated, however, after Rendain breached protocol (and Ambra’s personal rules of etiquette) by bringing his dog, Constable Cuddles, to a formal political meeting.

Soon after, Ambra began taking more direct and insurgent actions. She was contacted secretly by Spymistress Deande (also engaged in the seeds of rebellion) and used her influence as a Silent Sister to stir unrest within various groups of the Imperium. Eventually, Ambra’s participation in the Jennerit rebellions grew too bold to maintain her façade, and she fled the Imperium with the aid of the newly liberated political prisoner known as Caldarius.

As you know, we’ve been dipping our toes in the proverbial streaming waters the past few months and we’re very happy about how it’s been going. In fact, we’re so happy about it that we’ve recently made a big addition to our team whom we’d like to introduce you to now: New Media Manager, Elisa Meléndez (@ElisaRockDoc)! Elisa comes to us by way of Loot Crate and we are thrilled to have her. We brought Elisa on to help us improve and expand our streaming capabilities. Soon, you’ll begin seeing her as the host of our streams and she’s already immersed herself in the process of planning and brainstorming ideas for the future. Please make sure to give her a warm welcome below!

With that in mind, next week will be a bit slow when it comes to news, so we thought now would be a good time to give you guys an idea of what you can expect to see on the Gearbox Twitch channel in the coming weeks. Here’s a list of a few upcoming streams we’re planning:

  • Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion reveal stream – We’ll be giving you a look at the first story operation coming to Battleborn!

  • Kid Ultra reveal stream – Kid Ultra is coming soon and we’ll make sure you’re ready! This stream will detail Kid Ultra’s kit and skills. If you’ve seen our Pendles and Ernest streams, you’ll know what to expect.

  • Borderlands and other Gearbox title streams – Up until now, we’ve focused mainly on streaming Battleborn, but we haven’t forgotten our roots. In fact, we’ll be expanding into streaming other Gearbox titles as well! Don’t worry though, that’s not to say that you won’t be seeing Battleborn content. We still have lots of stuff to talk about when it comes to Battleborn – new Story Ops, new PVP content, and even another new character! Just don’t be surprised if you tune in and see some other stuff as well.

So there it is – our roadmap for streaming for the next little bit. Thanks for all your support! We look forward to working with Elisa and delivering more news, sneak peeks, and opportunities for you to get to know the folks here at Gearbox. Got any ideas for things you’d like to see on our streams? Want Joe to eat weird stuff on camera? Let us know! [Editor’s Note: Hey, hang on a second …]

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This week’s battleplan: minor text fixes

Because who cares that PC only has ~200 average players,right?


I seriously love these lore bits. We don’t get enough through the lore challenges alone. Looking forward to the stream today and future streams! Also, my buddy’s girlfriend works for lootcrate. If everyone there is as awesome as she is, then I’m sure Elisa will be a great addition to the team! :+1:

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Oh. Well, one server issue is a good start, I suppose.

Hoping to hear about potential fixes or at least troubleshooting for Australian server issues in October so I can play the first DLC without constant red bar and disconnection issues!

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I want a Galilea and melka pre galth (battleborn) skin! When melka had a pretty hair and Galilea wasnt so crazy i mean corrupted


I like the idea of a pre-corrupted gal skin. One of my favorite champions in LoL is the void walker and they have a “pre-void” skin for him where he still looks human and everything (although my Cosmic Reaver skin for him is much cooler :sunglasses:)

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Man, Gearbox, you guys really messed up this week… You all realize that after reading this battleplan none of us are going to forgive you if we don’t get to see Constable Cuddles in each and every new mission. I think most of us will forgive the fact that there isn’t a mission to rescue him from Rendain’s evil clutches, but that’s only if can see him in the new Story Ops.

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Elisa has a twin sister on YouTube:

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Wow, a whole run of “Before Battleborn” skins would be cool. Bird Dad Benedict? Fresh-From-The-Vat Foxtrot? Less Varimorphed Orendi? CEO ISIC?

These could be fun! Well… except for the Benedict one, that’s just depressing.

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