Battleplan 21: 9/29/16

(Dwarfurious) #21

… Ambra lost her voice?..but she still talks o.o

(Cast Iron Chef) #22

It could have just been a vow of silence.

Welcome @ElisaRockDoc !

(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #23

Hey we need more Deande love too

(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #24

Also Elisa kind of reminds me of DE Rebecca of Warframe. And welcome

(foo_luke) #25

Exactly what I thought!!

Welcome @ElisaRockDoc

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #26

Well… I guess we could spare some love for a Silent Sister.

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #27

All these talking SILENT sisters, we gotta rip out their vocal chords!!

That said, Ambra has some of the best lines in the game so I’m okay that she broke her vow of silence to bring us comedy gold. lol


Might stay up for the stream… But it’s 8:45pm over here so hmmmmm.
I just hope you guys overhaul the balancing completely… Nerfing nerfing and more nerfing won’t do.

@ElisaRockDoc looks like a wonderful addition to the team, welcome!

(Ambra's Arbiter) #29

They’re working on the much lagrer, much easier to add stuff patch in a week or two

(Ambra's Arbiter) #30

I was expecting another negative post and then it turned great. Thank you good papashuffler

(Natsume Ryu) #31

Congratulations, Elisa! <3 I was really hoping we’d get to see who got that position soon, given how publically-faced it sounded.
I was gunning for that position, but found out too late about it. </3

Man, I didn’t know Ambra and Caldy left together. I knew they had a run in at some point, I’m kinda hoping there’s more to it than that, but Caldy seems forever the quiet, murky character.

Lovely Ambra cosplay!~

I’m so glad battlebornmatch got mentioned! I’ve been bringing it up (along with my regular mention of the discord) in every public match that i could. It makes me wish we had some sort of public lobby in game that we could all chat on, because those two outlets are filling that role currently. Having such a feature in game would really help unify the system - people could be chatting and say, hey, wanna go play some x? And then queue at the same time. It’d do wonders, too, for people already waiting in queue, so the time goes by faster. <3

(Joshua) #32

I’ll copy the post I put up on Reddit about what streams I would like to see.

In this week’s Battleplan Gearbox announced the addition of a community media manager that will be improving their ability to show streams. I am a big fan of the streaming tool that Gearbox added and I think it could be used to provide great tutorial videos that a YouTube streamer may not be able to create without 10 friends online.
The streams I would like to see would focus on a given map and game mode. I would like the announcer for the stream to give detailed comments on which role is doing what and why the timing is right. Here are some hypothetical examples.

  • Here we see Oscar Mike dropping back to get shards, here is why that is good timing.

  • Here is Ambra dropping back to get shards/thrall, and you can see the push fall apart without the only support.

  • Here is an enemy Deande attacking our Oscar Mike, our tank Galilea disrupts this fight. Which is part of her tank role.

You can come up with a million examples that would be easy to setup in a game with 10 Gearbox employees. I think that would provide a great tutorial for new players who don’t know what roles should be doing what and when. And I think that is the hardest part for new players.

(¡Apagando las luces!) #33

Welcome aboard @ElisaRockDoc :relaxed:

So stoked for today’s stream!

(Double D) #34

Another week of nothing

(Buff the butter ) #35

Well the Benedict skin could look like the average American dad with a cool mustache, business suit, and with a newspaper stuffed in one of his pockets

And how about instead of a less varamorphic orendi, how about a even more varamorphic orendi. Like orendi that’s covered in blackness and looks scarier

(unmaking the universe with math) #36

If you want news
watch the stream bud

(Double D) #37

You’re telling me there’s been changes this week that were not in the battle plan ?

(Toby's nest mate, PSN tronixde) #38

Welcome Elisa, looking forward to see you now as a part of the Family :smile: :thumbsup:

thanks for the lore guys, I was hoping to get a deeper view of the whole BB lore, I knew I could depend on you! :thumbsup:

(unmaking the universe with math) #39

I’d rather not argue with you
It might not be what you want
News isn’t nothing
Large core changes can’t happen outside of full patches
We just have to be patient


Some people’s patience had ended, and you can hardly blame them.

This Battleplan is plain dull and doesn’t do anything to encourage old and new people to jump in and play. The stream only offers what can be expected by October 13th, we still have 2 weeks of this same mundane, desperate empty void.

You can only leave people hanging dry for so long before they look for other games to entertain them. Couple of weeks ago there were a lot more replies to the Battleplan threads, and by today there are less than 50 by the time I posted something here.

I see a supermarket that barely has anyone shopping in it.