Battleplan 22: 10/6/16

(Influencer Guy) #1

The excitement keeps building as we prepare for the release of _Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion_ on October 13th! We’re coming off of last week’s October Update Reveal Stream where we shared a big-picture view of the update, and today’s the day we get more in-depth (more on that below)!

Earlier this week, we posted a couple blog posts to get you primed and ready to join the Thrall Rebellion. For you competitive types, read up on the upcoming PVP mode, Face-Off, and get a head start on collecting a ton of masks and leading your team to victory! Are you more of a Story Mode player? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We also released a blog post that gives you the run down on all the details of Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, its replayability, and all the rewards you can expect. Not only that, but you can also get a first look at some concept art from our next Story Operation, Toby’s Friendship Raid!

As we said above, last Thursday, we had our big October Update Reveal Stream on our Twitch channel. During the stream, we covered the basic overview of the update, and promised to follow up with full notes. As promised, the October Update notes for all three platforms are live and can be viewed on our Knowledge Base! The update will begin rolling out next Thursday (10/13) alongside the release of Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion.

As for hot fixes, we’ve got a couple changes that we’re making in preparation for the release of Face-Off next week.
Incursion will no longer be a voting option in the Quick Match Queue on Playstation 4 or Xbox One. On PC, we’ll be folding Incursion into the Quick Match queue for this week as we prepare for the arrival of Face-Off mode next week.

Also by community request, we’re instituting a change to Hardcore Spotlight that will now require players to complete The Heliophage on any difficulty in order to access the Hardcore Spotlight experience.

We haven’t featured a cool kill video in a while, but we happened upon one this week that we thought was pretty great. The video comes to us from Reddit user CadetCaligula, who managed to hunt down a seriously stealthed out Pendles. It’s pretty impressive, check it out:

We have some lore for you this week, but it should be noted that our lore team went to great lengths and faced grave danger to bring it to you. Below is an intercepted and decoded transmission from the Jennerit Imperium 999th Shock Division. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enjoy this week’s lore quickly and cautiously. Your computer will self-destruct in ten seconds.
Just kidding, it won’t … Probably.


REPORT 04-D922-19958.208


  1. Office recognizes veteran experience of previous Suppression campaigns (FIRST THRALL REBELLION, SECOND THRALL REBELLION) and dealings with Thrall combatants (ALLIED THRALL FORCES).
    1.a Regardless, EXTREME CAUTION warranted.

  2. Formal request to cull primary outliers of Thrall Broodhalls (FACILITIES 1.a1 – 45.e9) has been DENIED.
    2.a DR. LUCAVI gives assurance that viral docility compounds’ delayed effects are in keeping with intent.
    2.a.1 Losses are within acceptable range ([REDACTED] – [REDACTED] UNITS)

  3. Continued sightings and reports of escaped Prisoner 81838387 (CALDARIUS, THE KEMESSIAN).
    3.a Consider EXTREME THREAT.
    3.a.1 Armed (TMP, CLOSE-QUARTERS WEAPONRY), armored (J-HTX ASSAULT FRAME, SUSTAINED), experienced combatant (see REPORT 06-C551-[REDACTED][EXPUNGED]).
    3.b Prisoner attacks at random, no discernible strategic motive other than to attack Jennerit forces.
    3.c Issue protocol as follows:
    3.c.1 Thrall vanguard forces are to engage and neutralize on sight.
    3.c.2 Jennerit officers (RANK [X.X] – [X.X]) and Sustained are to disengage, disperse, and execute surface-to-ship withdrawal.

  4. Intel reports confirm rebel Thrall leadership element (SUBJECT 32-A.C6)
    4.a Issue protocol as follows:
    4.a.1 Any and all unofficial nomenclature (ATTIKUS, LIBERATOR, ETC.) in reference to subject 32-A.c6, used in spoken, written, or pantomimed correspondence, is punishable by [REDACTED].
    4.b Subject 32-A.c6 demonstrates surprising strategic/leadership ability.
    4.c Subject 32-A.c6 features auxiliary modifications to muscular and cerebral development, as well as an experimental exo-gauntlet. ENGAGE AT LONG-RANGE ONLY.
    4.c.1 Consider EXTREME THREAT.
    4.c.2 Avoid standard Thrall “vanguard rush” tactics. Reports indicate that the subject’s combat capabilities are increased after neutralizing enemies.

  5. SISTER ARIA (INCANTRESS SUPERIOR) has issued orders to engage rebel forces with allied Thrall whenever possible.
    5.a Current losses fall below MINIMUM acceptable range ([REDACTED] – [REDACTED] UNITS).



Next Thursday is going to be a busy one! We’ll be accompanying the release of Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion with a very special - and “spoopy”- reveal stream! Join Joe, Elisa, and a revolving door of Gearbox personalities as they explore the new Story Op and PVP mode. We’ll undoubtedly have a surprise or two up our sleeve, so it should be a super “spoopy” time! The stream will begin at 3pm PT (6pm ET), so make sure to join us! Don’t forget to head over to the Gearbox Software Twitch channel and follow us so you can get notifications whenever we go live!

Battleplan Lore Archive
Battleplan Lore Archive (All lore posts prior to Darkspace Part 4 in one thread)
(- a disappointed PC player) #2

First? ^^

~168 hours left till some awesome things! Can’t wait.


Everyone, a moment of silence for El Dragón, please.

(BattlePeanut) #4

Oh darn, does this mean the stream is happening the 13th as well?

(Insanity Incarnate ) #5

Nothing like a battle plan for a b day present

(Deandes in crime ) #6

this is how lore should be done. good work, adding to archive when i get a chance

(unmaking the universe with math) #7

Ugh you messed with Phoebe’s slow.
-_- why can’t I have nice things

(ThisWasAMistake ) #8

Where are the changes to ISIC? Thought you guys were making him a tank by giving him back his wards? Why haven’t you guys set Alani self heal button for the reload button instead of having the look at the damn ground. Why no changes to her AT ALL? And Deande, thats it? Are you kidding me? Nice buffs but you guys keep buffing her in the wrong way. SMH. This patch was not what I was expecting.

(ThisWasAMistake ) #9

Because GBX and balance just dont mix.

(Gerard HDZ) #10

Sounds like we’ll be getting an appearance from Caldarius in the Story Operation. Nice

(The Red Bar Observer) #11

Altitude Sickness. :smirk:

(Deandes in crime ) #12

i think phoebe is the new el dragon just by looking at the changes quickly.

(Is this thing on?) #13

“Spoopy” sounds like a cross between spooky and poopy. Is that really what you’re going for - ghostly desperately-need-new-underwear moments? Or is there a different meaning I’m unaware of? :poop:

(unmaking the universe with math) #14

•Reduced the slow duration applied by Level 2 Right Helix Augment Phase Distortionby 50% (from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds) so that players who exit the Phase Distortion field return to normal speed more quickly

Unless the listed in game values are incorrect
The current slow duration is 6 seconds not 3

Will this mean the value will be reduced from 6 to 3 or from 6 to 1.5

or is 6 wrong in the first place?

(The Red Bar Observer) #15

Oh, and I appreciated the lore this time around, oblique though it may be. Build the mystery! Next week, we solve the case… ideally with the help of the Teen Detectives and Attikus as imagined by Raymond Chandler.

(Deandes in crime ) #16

“Significantly reduced character selection load times for players with a large number of loadouts”

thank you. thank you. and thank you.

(Like the cereal...) #17

Agreed 100%. And S&A teen detective cases would complete me.

(GreyWarden007) #18

“Banned users now receive additional information when attempting to connect to a game.”

Please explain what a user might do to be banned. Does a ban stop the user from playing? If so, for how long?

Also please confirm that this has nothing to do with PVE play.

(Like the cereal...) #19

Love this Battleplan. Incursion back in its rightful queue, lore style creative and fun. Patch notes to read up on. :tada:

(Seanmike) #20

So, since never saw an answer on Twitter…

Why is the Attikus (and I assume later similar DLC) being restricted to 3 players if all the other PvE and PvP is 5 player? Our regular group is 5 players, sometimes 4, but either way means we can’t play it all together.