Battleplan 25: 10/27/16

Happy Kid Ultra Early Access Day! If you’re a Season Pass or Digital Deluxe owner, you’re probably already aware that Kid Ultra is available to you as of today! You can unlock him with a Hero Key, so no need to worry about saving up the credits. Speaking of credits…

Tomorrow (Friday, 10/28) marks the beginning of another Double Credits event! If you don’t have a Hero Key, don’t worry. We want to help you get a head start on saving for Kid Ultra, so we thought a Double Credits Event would be in order. Double Credits will begin tomorrow at 8am PT (11am ET) and go through Monday morning at 8am PT (11am ET), so get in on the action while you can!

One final thing for this week – Chaos Rumble is returning today! In case you didn’t know, Chaos Rumble is a temporary recurring PVP mode that disables character uniqueness, allowing you to play as any character you want- even if a teammate has already chosen that character. You’ll be able to enjoy Chaos Rumble through next Thursday (11/3). Also of note, Quick Match will be taking a break this week during Chaos Rumble, but will return next week.

In addition to hot fixes, we also wanted to call out a specific issue of note. We’ve seen many reports of people receiving a score of 0 at the end of Story and Operation missions. We want to make sure we let you all know that our team is investigating that issue and we’ll update everyone as news becomes available. This week’s hot fixes will begin rolling out today at 12pm PT (3pm ET).


  • Increased the amount of damage sentries deal to minions.


  • Reduced the base cooldown of Scraptrap from 18 seconds to 12 seconds.

  • Reduced the base trigger delay of Scraptrap from 2.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.


  • Health Regeneration stats have been increased on all rarities and types of Gear that provide Health Regeneration.

  • Primary Health Regeneration has been increased to 10-14 Health Regeneration per Second.

  • Secondary Health Regeneration has been increased to 5-7 Health Regeneration per Second.

  • Damage Reduction stats have been increased on all rarities and types of Gear that provide Damage Reduction.

  • Primary Damage Reduction has been increased to 6-8.4% Damage Reduction.

  • Secondary Damage Reduction has been increased to 3-4.2% Damage Reduction.

    This week, we’re turning the spotlight onto a deserving individual who did something pretty interesting on her Battleborn Twitch stream. Tal_Raja is a Twitch streamer who had the idea to play The Heliophage on Advanced difficulty using a full team of five comprised of every character in Battleborn. Imagine taking on The Heliophage on Advanced difficulty with a full team of Mikos, a team of Raths, a team of Tobys, and so on. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Sound impossible? Check out how Community Badass Tal_Raja pulled it off with every. Single. Character. We love her intensity and passion!


    Kid Ultra early access week wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t take the opportunity to delve into his lore a bit. Below you’ll find some in-depth info on him as well as some new art courtesy of Gearbox’s own, Seung Kim!

No one is born a hero, nor are they manufactured to standard hero specifications. Kid Ultra entered the universe with a more humble destiny. His inventor, Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth IV, endured a childhood sorely lacking in parental affection. She had to rely primarily upon the family’s robotic bodyguard and butler, Marquis, for companionship. Realizing that the Titanium Dandy line of robots made for excellent marksmen but poor nannies, she set her genius towards the development of a new line of Magnuses specifically designed for childcare.

The result was an unnamed production line, referred to only by its marketing tagline: “Kid-friendly, Ultra-dependable”. It was engineered with everything a child or parent could want in an AI: an inviting, humanoid face; compact,
unintimidating design; medical drones; marketing-approved entertainment holos pre-loaded into memory; bullet-resistant paneling! Anything that didn’t come standard could also be seamlessly integrated into his modular chassis. The prototype of Hemsworth Intelligence Enterprise’s newest addition seemed ready to take the world by storm. In fact, manufacturing and assembly had already been completed for a limited release of advance models.

It was during the prototype’s initial startup sequence that the Magna Carta suddenly went offline. Adrift with no external reference or personality data banks to draw from, the first picoseconds of Kid Ultra’s existence were blank digital oblivion. The only source of hard-coded information in his brain was the library of over 60,000 cartoons, comics, movies, and video games intended for placating and educating children. Without the guidance of the LLC’s governing AI, Kid Ultra built his own operational parameters based on a fictional universe full of supervillains, crime-solving adventures, and sold-separately accessories.

LLC scientists, steeling themselves for the murder frenzy of a rampant AI, were surprised to find that Kid Ultra had no interest in using them to test a prototype automated potato masher; instead, the newborn hero announced his intent to “bring crime to justice” and left the scientists unmashed, with a lollipop each.

Several years later, Captain Reyna Valeria began receiving reports from her Rogues that the Detritus Ring was being patrolled by a child-sized robot. Unarmed, all Kid Ultra was able to do was politely ask the pirates and raiders he encountered to give up crime and consider being a “good guy” instead. Unworried by the minimal threat the mini-Magnus posed to her operations, she mentioned him in passing to Captain Ghalt.

The stories of the tiny hero made their way to Phoebe, who immediately entreated Ghalt to bring him in. It wasn’t until Kleese noted that his modular chassis was compatible with LLC weaponry that Ghalt became interested. On Ghalt’s request, Reyna issued an order to the Rogues to secure and contain the delusional Magnus until the Battleborn could pick him up. Once he was transferred to Nova’s engineering bay, Kleese stuffed his diminutive casing full of rocket launchers, a bola thrower, and adjusted his logic inhibitors to allow for defensive use of force.

With his new fully-equipped arsenal, and a team at his back, Kid Ultra was finally the hero he wanted to be. He was a Battleborn.


Last week we promised that we’d deliver a few more details on our upcoming reveal stream for Toby’s Friendship Raid, and deliver we shall. Next Thursday, you’ll be able to catch the stream on the Gearbox Twitch channel at the usual time – 3pm PT (6pm ET). New Media Manager Elisa Meléndez (@ElisaRockDoc) will host the stream along with a panel of developers from the Battleborn team. There will no doubt be a surprise or two waiting for you, so make sure to check it out!


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OMG my favorite Legendary just became better!!

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Ghalt buff!! (after nerf…)

Double credit! More loot packs!! I don’t have enough space but who cares!

Twitch of the 2nd DLC next week? NICE!!


What time is he going live?

Good buff to regen gear, will definitely be reassessing some loadouts.

Sad to see no teaser for the final DLC character! She must really be a ways off.

Nothing on the new character? That sucks, but at least health regeneration and Ghalt gets some love!

Shout out again to tal raja, she’s incredibly nice, very helpful to newer players, quick to laugh, and very communicative. All around great person to play with. She totally deserves this!


I just went from six to midnight. Can’t wait for 3 pm. I love the support characters and I think KU might end up being my favorite.

I am ready…I am So Ready


Really appreciative that the release of Kid Ultra is going to coincide with the opportunity to actually play him in PvP.

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Thanks for the Chaos Rumble.


12pm PT/3pm ET

Hotfixes are indeed interesting! Also, fantastic lore on Kid Ultra - really enjoyed reading that, so props to the author. /Checks clock Time to head home early…

Let me know if I’m on some of those Steams. :wink:

I can’t believe they’re going to keep me in labor for 3 hours! Ugh! It needs to 9PT and 12ET.


rofl. This song is so motivational/inspirational.

Love the gear change, I use regen in every loadout. Ghalt’s buff is nice too.

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Still though, that lore is amazing. Politely asking pirates to stop? That’s the kind of character I wanna play.


And now we wait for info on BattleBorn #30