Battleplan 27: 11/10/16

We’ve got a lot to get into this week, so let’s jump right in! Today is the release of Battleborn’s second Story Op, Toby’s Friendship Raid. As we detailed in our recent reveal stream, Toby’s Friendship Raid tasks us with coming to Toby’s aid after his mech suit, Berg, is stolen by a particularly nasty leopard seal. To celebrate the release, we’ll be unlocking Toby for everyone who doesn’t already have him, permanently! That’s right! No need to worry about unlocking him through leveling or challenges. To unlock Toby, simply redeem the below SHiFT code. The SHiFT code expires on 12/15/16, so make sure to get him while you can!


Last week, we noticed a pretty cool thread on the Battleborn subreddit. Some members of the community had the idea to set aside a day to celebrate Battleborn not only to invite new players into the game, but to show them the ropes! We love that the community wants to spread the Battleborn love, so we came up with a few ideas to show our support. Battleborn Day’s in-game festivities will begin Friday (11/11) at 2pm PT (5pm ET) and run until Sunday (11/13) at 8am PT (11am ET). Here are a few different things you can expect to see on Battleborn Day this Saturday, (11/12):

  • A special “Battleborn Day Queue”- We’ll be funneling everyone into one PVP queue for the day which will feature all game modes and fan-favorite maps. You’ll be able to vote for maps/modes so you can show new players which ones you like the most.

  • A Community “Super Event”-Do you like Lootpocalypse? How about Play with the Devs, Double XP, and Double Credits? If you answered yes to any of these, how would you like all four… AT THE SAME TIME? During this event, not only will members of our team be out and about in Battleborn and playing with the community, we’ll also “flip the switches” on Double XP, Double Credits, and Lootpocalypse – which means more XP, more credits, and more LOOT!

  • ALL Battleborn Characters will be temporarily unlocked for everyone!

  • Marketplace sales on Skins and Taunts- Enjoy 20% off all skins and taunts in the Battleborn Marketplace!

  • Legendary Loot Packs for Purchase- You’ll be able to purchase Legendary Loot Packs from the in-game Marketplace for 15,000 earned-in-game credits! Legendary Loot Packs will only be available for the duration of the event.

We’re planning another small surprise for Battleborn Day. You might be saying to yourself: “This Battleborn Day stuff sounds great and all, but I’m CR100, so there’s no real reason to play if I can’t progress.” Well, you’re in luck –we’re raising the Command Rank level cap by 5! Of course, five extra levels means more rewards, so come hang out with the community for Battleborn Day and earn those extra levels!

Finally, if all that weren’t enough we’re adding TWO brand new titles to the game: The “Battleborn Day” title and the “Battleborn Day Guide” title. The first will be awarded to everyone who plays Battleborn on Saturday. The second will be released via SHiFT code and as a means to help you show others in the community that you’re available to help; that you’re there to show them the ropes; that you’re a seasoned veteran who’s ready to serve as a guide.



Everyone gets the first, but if you choose the second, don’t do so lightly. Do so with the belief that you represent that very best of the Battleborn community (in spirit, not in skill) and you’re ready and willing to spread that belief to others. Make sure to grab the Battleborn Day Guide title while you can as this SHiFT will expire on Monday, 11/14.

Battleborn Day Guide Title: Z55BT-RCZ6F-CC5JH-RCFBB-W6F56

We’re happy to be supporting Battleborn Day, but make no mistake – this event is about you, the community. You created and organized this event and you’ll be the ones to execute it. Our hope is simply that we can show our gratitude to you by sprinkling a few things that you’ll enjoy into the pot.

This week, we have a couple adjustments lined up for our friend Boldur. As we like to mention, hot fixes begin rolling out on Thursdays at 12pm PT (3pm ET) unless other wise noted.


  • Reduced base health by 237

  • Reduced the duration of Rage from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

This past Saturday, we held our first charity stream and the whole Gearbox Community came together to help make it a huge success! A revolving cast of Gearbox personalities took over the stream to play everything from Borderlands 2 and Cthulhu Wars (an AWESOME tabletop strategy game), to Asura’s Wrath and of course, Battleborn. More importantly, with your help, we were able to raise over $2000 for Extra Life, a charity that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals!

This was a pretty special thing for us to be a part of and we can’t say a big enough thank you to those of you who joined us! We have big plans to do it again as soon as possible. If you’d still like to donate, it’s not too late – donations are open until December 31st.

This week’s lore gives us a peek into the “organizational infrastructure” of the LLC…

(Bug report following the UPR’s failed evacuation of the Aviant system, Menneck-B)

Project Scepter / SCEPTER-10048963
[Magnus][UPR][Field Operations] – MRBX 00419.c7, “Mephis”, behaves inconsistently during Varelsi mass-teleportation

Details ----------
Type: Bug Assignee: [Gunnar Kleese]
Priority: P3 Reporter: [User Testing]
Status: Resolved, Needs More Information Watcher: [Elandra Saint-Wu]
Components: Magnus AI, Varelsi Research
Severity: B Normal
User Path: Rare
Observed Results ----------
We’ve received numerous complaints regarding the recent performance of Mephis, the onboard Magnus of the UPR exo-station “The Wiseman”.

Users indicate that while attempting evacuation of the Aviants from the Menneck-B system, Mephis was initially functioning as intended, coordinating the fleet and directing all comms, targeting, and navigation data using The Wiseman’s array. However, during a Varelsi mass-teleportation sequence, Mephis exhibited aberrant behavior, sending communications with non-standard encryptions, disabling auto-targeting systems, and routing a capital ship directly into The Wiseman, which drifted into the gravity well of Sau Nona and crashed.

As a result, users report less than .3% of the population was evacuated from inhabited worlds in the system (Itka, Sau Nona, Madan, Stragi, and Ezun, Stragi’s largest moon). Additionally, a large number of transports were reported missing.

The black box of The Wiseman is unrecovered, but data indicates it was intact at the time of impact. We’ve tested data recorder integrity under Dark-like conditions and it should remain stable for approximately 20 years.
Due to the inconsistent functionality of Mephis at the time of impact, it is difficult to determine to severity of damage the Magnus sustained, if any.

Steps to Reproduce ----------

  1. Initialize MRBX 00419.c7, “Mephis”, networked to an appropriate vessel
  2. Navigate the vessel in proximity to an ongoing Varelsi mass-teleportation sequence
  3. Observe that Mephis behaves inconsistently

Expected Behavior ----------
Magnus AI should maintain standard functionality under all operating conditions.

Build Info ----------
Platform: Super-capital exo-station, model UPR654-7[m], “The Wiseman”
Changelist: 1
Reproduction Rate: 1/1

Attachments ----------
UPRuserlog.txt; MadanEvacTransportComms.mp9; saunona_surface.vid

Comments ----------
[Bertram Hastings] added a comment - 5 days ago
///How many users are reporting similar issues? Is this an isolated case?

_[Elandra Saint-Wu] replied - 5 days ago
///So far, this is the only reported case, but this single incident was reported over 200 times, mostly UPR officers and other premium users involved in the evacuation. Also, , please update the bug description to include the established term “portal bloom” for searchability.

[Bertram Hastings] replied - 5 days ago
///… okayyy, can we get a sample of this non-standard encryption? Might be able to back-engineer some of the issue if my team can see these effects. Also, who shot that surface footage? Pinging .

[Elandra Saint-Wu] replied - 5 days ago
///I’ve attached an audio log sifted from a data packet burst on the emergency channels during the issue. Unfortunately, since Mephis wasn’t parsing traffic correctly, virtually all channels’ signal-to-noise was shot to hell. As for the surface footage, judging from the low viewing angle and resolution, this was a personal recorder held by a Finisci; this would also account for the shaking, if it was held by flippers instead of hands.

[Morton Barrett] added a comment - 4 days ago
///The audio log is actually two layers, one from an organic source, probably a female Buteonen judging from vocal signatures, and the other synthesized. So far, I’ve only been able to decrypt the word “Augustus” and a fragment of coordinates, presumably from the onboard navigation system. If we can recover either that transport or, better yet, Mephis himself, I can get a much better look at this issue.

[Gunnar Kleese] added a comment - 2 days ago
///Yes, yes, this is all well and fine, but what good is this information with that dismal reproduction rate? 1/1, really? Can we get QA on this?

[Elandra Saint-Wu] replied - 2 days ago
/// We would need a Magnus fresh off the line as well as a few hundred thousand tons of UPR materiel to house it in. Then we’d have to navigate it directly into the path of a Varelsi portal sequence during the brief window while it’s active.

[Gunnar Kleese] replied - 1 day ago
/// Thank you for providing ME the details of how to do YOUR job. It’s clear you know how to proceed, you know where to find me when you’re done. Resolving NMI (Needs More Information).


Next week, we’ll be hosting our first Battleborn “Let’s Play” Stream! New Media Manager Elisa Meléndez and Community Manager Joe King will be live on the Gearbox Software Twitch channel, and may even welcome a guest or two. This stream will be very focused on chat interaction and, as always, we hope to have a couple surprises for you. The feathers are going to fly, so this will be a stream you won’t want to miss!


First baby


no i was gonna be first this time!

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So when are we getting a teaser for the 5th character? Usually it was the day of the official release of the others!


Reduced base health by 237
Reduced the duration of Rage from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

Oh FFS. We haven’t been complaining about his health. We’ve been complaing about his bonkers-ass damage. Why do all the tanks have to go the route of “above-average sustain, great damage” instead of “huge sustain, meh damage”.

I want Boldur to be able to tank. I just don’t want him doing Assassian-tier damage with his skills and 500 damage per hit with Axe Mastery.


@JoeKGBX Isn’t 2pm PT 5pm ET? Being in ET, I sure hope I can start taking part as soon as I get home from work tomorrow! :wink:

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You should read the plan first then Post, lmao.

Nice ideas with battleborn day GBX. I’ll definitely be using the battleborn day guide

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Is this permanent?! Do you receive anything for hitting 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105?

Dropping rage duration is a damage nerf, but not the blanket one people probably hoped for.

And on a different note, wow, you guys pulled out the stops for Battleborn Day! If you guys ever do a free weekend event, this is the sort of stuff you should do again. Actually really excited for the event now.


I skimmed it :wink:

Yes, of course. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The new levels are indeed permanent and you can expect to see rewards at each level.


What time does today’s update drop?

Edit: Nevermind was looking at the wrong one.

it is permanent

You guys are f**king awesome
Hope everyone has a blast on BattleBorn Day!


Still no BB30. :frowning:

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Yeah no B news no even a clue or teaser ?

This is all very exciting but…my Jennerit…where is my Jennerit…the more of us the better.
I also can’t wait to level up.

Extra levels! Extra credits! Loot! Rewards! Everything!

This is why Gearbox are the greatest. Hooray!


I welcome all the info and event coming this weekend but anything on more loadouts? I’m not sure about others but I play with all BB and get tired of switching loadouts, sometimes forgetting I replaced some of them.

Can you guys just release the sketch of the 30th BB already? people are getting Ulcers from waiting.

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I need more inv space seriously!!!