Battleplan 28: 11/17/16

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #21

Maybe during the stream later today!

(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #22

Looks like there is a bit of respite before the next sh.tstorm.
Get a few things together
Have some type if order established for now in the best way that we can.
Does anyone else feel a bit relieved?

(Elisa Rock Doc) #23

I made sure to get the reddest, juiciest organic tomato. Only the best for our Joemato.

(30% more flak) #24

Well the new OP’s missions are PvE only.

And PvP needs events like this to keep it breathing, even in games that are actually doing well. PvE can stand on it’s own much better. I’m sure they’re working on fixing the score bug but this was just a hotfix day.

(Influencer Guy) #25


(Gerard HDZ) #27

Dr. B. Lucavi, hm?

Could this be our Beatrix?


Oh boy. Are we sure it’s going to be the birds being hunted?

I don’t see what a team of Pendles and Marquis can do against that.

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #29

Btw, it’s a great idea to start the event a Thursday.

Hey @JoeKGBX, could you add the info about the increase of loadouts in the Battleplan please?

(Jan S.) #30

I’m still waiting for some performance patch.
I really thought It’s my setup, but Paladins for example runs stable 120-150fps (ON MAXIMUM SETTINGS, 1080p) with my gtx 770, while Battleborn drops to 25 fps in some areas (on medium settings, 1080p)

(GreyWarden007) #31

Yes, and we paid extra for the OP’s missions because we wanted to play more PVE.

(Like the cereal...) #32

Grey, if you have some bug fix suggestions, then I suggest you report them in the forums and by submitting a Gearbox/2K support ticket. You might even send a message to a Dev on social media or here specifically detailing the problems you’re facing. What I can guarantee is that vague, accusatory, petulant forum posts dictating how the devs should spend their time will accomplish nothing at best. Please report your issues through the proper channels and be as specific as possible in describing them. Try to take screenshots, capture in-game footage, etc. It’s the most thorough and direct way for you to communicate with the people who can help you.

(GreyWarden007) #33

If you’ve spent much time in this forum, I’m sure that you know that GBX has acknowledged the major problems and has not been able to correct them. Yes, my posts are accusatory and petulant, but they are not vague.

I have always expressed my opinion that the major problems should be addressed to the exclusion of what I consider to be minor issues. Again, my opinion.

As for support tickets, I’m not asking for help. I am saying that when you sell something, it’s your responsibility to see that it works correctly.


Okay, please move the personal discussions into Pms.

(TheEpitomeofLoss) #35

No amount of testing or prep can prepare a dev or company for releasing something that is consumed on such a wide global scale as most video games. No matter how many hours you have in QA or tests you run all of that will be outdone by the amount of hours the global community can put into it just within the first week or two. It takes time to know what to fix, how important it is to the consumers as a whole, and actually make a fix, because (speaking from my years of experience in QA) more often than not, the first few patches to fix anything end up breaking other things in the process. And these new broken things are just what’s found in QA. Once it gets public there’re usually tons of other things that get found.

Just be patient.

(TheEpitomeofLoss) #36

Bird Hunt weekend? what does that mean for our favorite bird; Hoodini?

(Hobbit Warrior) #37

He’s going to get the crap kicked out of him by Benedict.

(The One-Armed Bandit) #38

@TheEpitomeofLoss Considering he’s a robot, I doubt he’d be that tasty. Or even slightly edible.

Bird Hunt mode looks to be good fun - surprised that Thorn or Ghalt aren’t on the Hunter list though.

Also, what’s so bad about eating a tomato? They’re genuinely quite tasty. Better than an onion, at least.

(Zstreet17) #39

Having to face 1 Benedict is bad enough, I think I’ll be passing on the possibility of facing 5.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #40

No, PvP players are getting the shaft too. Benedict is still a thing, and several characters have been too weak for while with no mention of any changes coming their way.


(Ambra's Arbiter) #41


I had always been under the impression sustainment required the extinguishment of a star to channel the energy. Can somebody correct my knowledge please?

Very excited for this, especially as this will be very interesting ranged teams created (with Pendles kinda there to finish em off)

Should Miko have been included?

I’m really thinking so as well