Battleplan 31: 12/15/16

(RedX) #21

Not sure if you watched the Stream from last week but they are actually nerfing KU bola stun and making some other character changes so they are coming. They are listening and making the adjustments.

Didn’t Kleese get a nerf last week? He can’t tase you from a million miles away anymore. I heard that he is more of an issue on console than PC which I don’t understand much… I mostly play melee so I get zapped by it left and right and never had an issue with it.

(Accursius13) #22

Going to be bummed out if this update doesn’t come out before Xmas. Actually have some days off that I can Invest into a game, guess i’ll be jumping onto something else.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #23

Things are likely to come. And in less than a month most likely at this point

I uh. Got some bad news. According to hoho (don’t remember the full @), who speaks with Grant the balance dev, there are no currently planned changes. Although in the stream he said they’re aware of his plight. So now I’m somewhat puzzled

Cost and efficiency. These changes have consequences associated with them unfortunately


Oh, I thought Deande or whoever says “She doesn’t get out much, does she?” And then Ghalt, “She hasn’t been outside since [I forget].” I could very well be wrong


Kleese got a buff last week. The initial lock on range was decreased (that was never a problem and the difference isn’t particularly noticeable) but the sustain range was increased (which was a problem). Here’s a video if you want to see the current state of the taser. They changes to the bola stun are a step in the right direction, but the bleed damage needs to be addressed as well. At level one if you take the bleed damage (and how could you not with how insanely powerful it is?), it’s the single most powerful skill in the game doing more damage than even shadowfire pillar. That’s before even taking into account that it comes with a slow, you can crit with it, and it’s extremely easy to land from even long distances due to it’s high velocity.

(Is this thing on?) #25

Well, obviously now we BOTH have to replay this mission to find out!

(Ambra's Arbiter) #26

Or, (thanks again lowlines), use the quantified story dialogue

|| SECTION: 12_ToReactorCore_1A

Deande [10]: Nova doesn’t get a chance to get outside the ship terribly often, does she?

Ghalt [20]: Since we’ve been working together, Nova’s never been outside the ship at ALL, come to think of it.

Nova [30]: We never do anything fun. But this? This is way fun.

Deande [40]: Rather… spirited, isn’t she?

While this kinda helps my side, it really doesn’t. Much room for interpretation.

(RedX) #27

Thanks for the video! Now I know what you mean by the sustained range of the taser… it is kinda long but honestly I think he needs something like that so he can be feared a lil bit.

I know what you mostly meant by the video was to show the range of the taser but we all know that Thorn fed right there and deserved that taser lol.

(Dwarfurious) #28

Boldur wasnt invited? Pfft. Typical. Banned from scrims banned from parties :frowning:

(Hobbit Warrior) #29


You. . . You’re going to get comments on that post. Many comments. Many strongly opinionated comments.


Oh yeah that Thorn was terrible, but at the end of it I just thought it was ridiculous I was still connected. My issue with Kleese isn’t even the taser itself so much as the fact that he can roam around with it and has the health to chase people down. He’s got way too much health to be doing that kind of damage on a homing attack that requires no actual skill or aim. I liked the taser before his health buff when it was a last resort “don’t come near me” type of thing, he shouldn’t be able to safely travel around with it though.

(Insanity Incarnate ) #31

I saw that visually it looks a whole bunch like BB. To me at lest. Not interested though. I have enough MOBAs and f2p games. Plus normal ones.

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #32

So if we don’t get the Update by next week, we aren’t getting it till after/on the 12th? Can we even survive that long? I don’t know…I don’t think I’m that strong…

Also, will there be a Christmas Event? I doubt it, but it’s worth asking. New Year’s Event? Anything? Any incentive at all to play while we wait potentially 1 more month+ for the update?

(RedX) #33

Yea, knowing Kleese has a Taser is like him saying “dont come at me alone” which is the “fear me” part which is good because you want that as a kleese. @HobbitWarrior ( don’t mind the comments lol)

I’m gonna use this video as an example since it tells a story by itself but most importantly it gives a stage for us to see. I know these are scenarios and will be taken with a grain of salt but if it was a good thorn, that kleese would have been deleted with a quick volley to the face and an ult before the taser would have killed thorn. Being so close puts Kleese at a disavantage- being close to other enemy Battleborn and over-extending. Say in that video those 2 other BBs were Thorns friends, they would have jumped on Kleese for chasing the kill there. In general, never 1 v 1 a kleese unless you have something in your kit to protect you from the taser.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #34

Was hoping on a release date for the next patch. Honestly waiting on that before I’m willing to jump back in.


What I saw in that video wasn’t any evidence of a problem w/ the lock-on length of the taser but instead it showed that the Thorn was out played. Let me break down exactly what I saw.

  1. Kleese was 3 levels higher than Thorn which gives him a significant DPS advantage
  2. Zapped her w/ a rift in initial engagement
  3. While she was running away she was shot multiple times by the stinger turret
  4. Took some damage from mortars
  5. Was slowed by mortars so that when Kleese started tasing her it lasted even longer
  6. Ambra dropped a sunspot on her that did damage but also applied the 16% damage debuff that made the taser’s damage even greater.

It was this combination of events that nuked that Thorn, not the taser’s increased range.

(The Red Bar Observer) #36

I have a lot of questions here, @JoeKGBX @Jythri

Did Alani finally get the courage to approach Galilea under the Fogglefinger, the decorative ceremonial herb that traditionally compels a moment of awkward smooching?

(I hear it also produces a significant contact high, which is why Teshka keeps taking it down when nobody is looking.)

Did Kelvin finally catch the spirit of the season - and eat it?

Did Mellka get drunk and dance in such a way as to regret the footage forever? (actually, no need to answer this one. We know.)

Did Mike choke on a small toy? How hard exactly did Montana have to hit him on the back to save him? “How is it that we trust this guy with heavy munitions?” - Trevor Ghalt

Did Ambra give anyone a present? Was it a block of pointedly UNSCENTED soap? For just how long did Reyna stare at it in disgust before muttering an insincere thank you? How long did it take Pendles to fish it out of the bin and regift it to Phoebe, under the pretext that it was an ancient brick from an Ekkunarian ruin?

Did anyone tell Benedict where the party was? Did anyone manage to successfully fake a smile when he found and crashed it anyway?

Just how many hopes and good tidings did Kleese manage to capture and dissect under the nano-scope?

Did anyone feel really awkward when Rath made a point of carving the Christmas feast, because “nobody else in this room is competent with a blade?”

Did Orendi really bring that along? Oh my God, did she really just swallow that?! What the hell was that thing? Was it… was it alive?

Did anyone remember to invite Attikus? He’s the only one who knows the words to the songs, although his actual singing voice leaves something to be desired. (Nova has it officially classified as a sonic weapon.)

And that’s just for starters…

Have a happy holiday, everyone.

(Cast Iron Chef) #37

@JoeKGBX I take it you guys have been reading the RP thread? :dukewhistle:

(Alansandbucketga) #38

screw christmas! BATTLEBORN UPDATE!

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #39

I loved the lore. If the WWE games didn’t currently suck, and the character creation didn’t take like an hour, and if it allowed for characters with multiple arms or birds or ice golems, and if it allowed for intergender matches, I would totally play a 30 Battleborn Royal Rumble match.

Also, cool art and ornaments.

(wisecarver) #40

Insert photo of little Timmy crying