Battleplan 32: 12/22/16

The holiday break is looming, and the egg-grog will soon be flowing. As we mentioned in the last Battleplan, we’ll be taking a two week hiatus until after the New Year. When we return, there will be lots to talk about and some info will be coming very hot (we’re looking at you January 10th and January 12th livestreams on That’s right, TWO streams in one week!), so make sure you’re alert and ready to hit the ground running with us. The Battleplan as you know it will be back on January 12th, but we may still have things to share in the meantime.

One thing you can look forward to over the break is the Solus Day Celebration. Any player that logs into Battleborn from December 24th through January 1st will receive a small token of our thanks for playing Battleborn that we hope you’ll enjoy – a little “gift”, if you will (one per account, of course). Saving Solus is no easy task, so we want to say thanks for helping to keep the ol’ star burning.

We know we keep talking about “winding things down for the holidays” and all, but let’s face it – our team is constantly thinking of ways to make Battleborn better – holidays or not. So, in the spirit of giving, we’re giving you one more group of hot fixes to keep you busy until the Winter Update arrives.

  • Increased the effectiveness of Cooldown Reduction Gear:

  • Primary Stat: 7% -10.5% (Max)

  • Secondary Stat: 4.2% - 6.3% (Max)

  • Reduced the Sustain Range of beam attacks (Kleese and Ambra)

  • The sustain range of Kleese’s Shock Taser and Ambra’s Staff of Radiance attacks has been reduced. Additionally, the arc range of Kleese’s Don’t Tase Me Bro has been similarly reduced. These changes should return these ranges to the proper proportions of the initial range.

  • Sustain range of Kleese and Ambra’s Beam attack reduced 30.4%

  • Arc range of Kleese’s Don’t Tase Me Bro augment reduced 36.25%

  • Increased the cooldown of Alani’s Riptide from 16 to 20 seconds.

  • Increased El Dragón’s base health by 150.

  • Increased the primary attack damage from El Dragón’s passive “Undisputed Champ” from 1.5% to 2% per stack.*

*Note that the description will not update to reflect this new value and will continue to show “1.5%”


This week, we’re keeping it pretty simple and giving you another chunk of lore to chew on during the break. 2016 has been a great year for the Battleborn community and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2017 holds for us all. For our part, we have some ideas that we hope to introduce in 2017 that we think you’ll like. More regular Community Badass features will definitely be on the agenda and we even have some ideas to help you get to know members of our team better. In the meantime, keep creating and doing cool things, and we’ll keep sharing them every chance we get.

As for that lore we mentioned, it would seem many of you are excited for the arrival of our final Battleborn, so we thought you might like to read her diary a little bit…

[Excerpts from the diary of Beatrix Lucavi, retrieved from a Codex seedpod regrown in the new archive on Ekkunar]

Mother says I need to “apply myself” more in my studies. Who cares? I’m in the top 5% of the class without trying. Not sure why it matters so much to her—it’s not like I’ll make it to graduation anyway.
It’s like, she says one thing, and means the complete opposite!
She said she wanted me to transfer into the Archsciences Academy so I could make friends of “more suitable bearing”, whatever that means. Whatever, it’s not like I can make friends here, since everyone’s so much older than me.
And how am I supposed to make friends if she wants me to study all the time? I’m already enrolled in twice as many courses as anyone else…

[a drawing in the margin depicts a Jennerit girl with wings struggling to fly while chained at the ankle to a giant book]

UGH, Professor Alecto makes my blood boil (what’s left of it, anyway)! Since the first lecture, she’s been trying to fail me, just because I disproved her little pet theory about the Jennerit and Varelsi having implicit genetic commonality. It’s not MY fault she’s wrong. Honestly, how she got tenure is beyond me.

[Much of the page is taken up by a drawing of a Jennerit woman trapped in a volumetric flask over a burner; a younger girl stands over the flask, laughing.]

They say the best revenge is living well…Since that’s not really an option for me, I settled for the next best thing and decided to ace her class.
Also, I’ve begun working on my thesis.
Can’t WAIT to see the look on her stupid face when I publish my refutation of her new research. “Hypernegative Void-Tunnel Theory”, really, where does she come up with this comic-book junk?
Speaking of junk, mom sent me more candy. So…yayyy.

Went home to visit the “family”. I know what you’re thinking, and no, he wasn’t there. Shocking, I know.
Mom said we could do a holo-call tonight but I don’t really want to think about it. Don’t really want to think about anything.
I’m really tired.
Another “specialist” is supposed to come by tomorrow. Pretty sure I’ve met just about every cretin in the field at this point, NOT hopeful.

There once was a girl named Trix
Whose body nobody could fix—
She went to the doctor
Who stabbed her and stocked her
With every pill in the mix.

Conference with one of the advisors and mother today. She seemed really excited, if you can believe it.
Apparently, she negotiated the possibility of early graduation, provided my grades don’t slip and I keep my course-load where it is.
Great. At least I’ll die with a degree.
On the plus side, this year I have to get a “Fine Arts” credit. Maybe I’ll change focuses, just to freak her out.
Wouldn’t that be something?

I think she might kill me herself if I tried.

[superimposed on the text is an outline of a small, four-fingered hand]

Graduation day, hoorayyy.
Beatrix, age 14, youngest student to ever graduate from ArchCad, that’s me.
Nothing to do now but eat candy till I puke.
Maybe I’ll invent un-puke-able candy before I kick it.

[A detailed picture, labelled “Figure 1”, appears to be a technical illustration of the proposed invention. Illegible annotations surround the figure.]

She’s adamant that I go—she actually applied FOR ME.
Apparently plenty of programs are willing to pay my way if I’m a research assistant. Seems like a waste of an investment to me.
Mom seems weirdly obsessed with the whole thing.

I guess now I know why she was so obsessed with grad school.
Arch-Sciences division needs all the help they can get, and having a Silent Sister for a mother apparently counts for something.
Does she ask me what I want?
Thought I was done.
I’m really tired.

Second Sun

I am not long for this world.
I’ll see another soon;
With closed eyes and laced fingers, curled
Up like a crescent moon,
A tiny piece of me may glow,
But most will rest in shade.
The memory of me may grow
While what remains will fade.

She tells me to aspire to life
As stars do: timeless, bright,
And keener than a Keeper’s knife,
To cut the dark of night.
But though a star may live an age,
Its life is spent in burning;
And all about it is a cage
Of worlds locked in their turning.

If I should spend a life of stars,
I do not burn for me;
If I endure behind these bars,
It’s only because she
Somehow believes she must atone
For me, her dying girl;
I am not long for me alone,
I am long for her world.


Since its release on May 3rd, Battleborn has evolved – a lot. From day one, the team’s vision was for this to be a game that catered to the community it served. Their passion for developing the game has been matched only by their passion for its community. Developers of all disciplines can frequently be found around Gearbox HQ discussing the latest Reddit or forum threads and where they fit into the grand scheme of Battleborn. You may not see them posting openly, but they’re there and they’re listening. Hungry for every piece of feedback they can find, they meticulously pan through your comments searching for the little flecks of gold that can be polished and added to their monument to the players – the Battleborn experience.

We’re proud of what we did in Battleborn throughout 2016. We set out to create something that would resonate with people, and we feel like we have. As is evident by our updates and various in-game events this year, we’ve done our best to build a game that accomplishes one of our biggest initial goals: to understand you, our community and do our best to give you what you want.

As we transition into 2017, we’ll have lots more headed your way – three more Story Ops, more skins and taunts, and even a new multiplayer mode. Oh yeah – and let’s not forget about Beatrix. The future is bright and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all as the evolution of Battleborn continues.

See you in 2017.

imageHappy Holidays from Battleborn! [artwork by GBX artist Seung Kim]


1st of many!

I guess Kleese nerf was inevitable. Poor old guy. But hey! At least El Dragon got some love (I bet we will start to see those occasional El Dragons running around once again).


2nd of many! I feel like I’m back in High School now…

:grin: Dragon Buff Baby!


I was hoping that we would get a release date on the Winter Update. Bummer…

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I’m gonna be on vacation and can’t log on for my gift :cry:

Edit:: oh wait. I’ll be back Jan 1st… close one
Love the CDR buff!!

Next up CC gear buff :slight_smile:


Yep, more health to push him
Over the 1000 range and he packs more of a punch now. Might readjust my dps-tank build for him.

I’m interested in the CDR items getting buffed. Might take cooldown on some builds. Mainly Support ones.

The nerf to Alani was uncalled for. That is all.


So me wrecking people with Alani for the past couple of days resulted a nerf for her :cry:


Yay, no Winter Update. All i’ve needed to know, cya.

Glad El Dragón is getting som love, he deserves it. Also thanks you so much for nerfing Kleese and Ambra! Also now I have to run cooldown gear on Alani now, but it’s okay since it was buffed.


More Cooldown for Orendi, SHOW ME DEM GUTS, FELLAS!

Dragon buff is nice.

Kleese nerf was warranted I guess, Ambra nerf makes me a bit sad :confused:

At least SOMETHING happened…2+ Weeks till we potentially get some news, 3+ weeks till we may see the update. It’s going to be a long wait.


Thank you for addressing Kleese, Ambra, and Dragon.


No winter Update? This is a big let down. Many people will be on break and this could have helped with a boost in player base as many things in the winter update have the potential to attract new players to the game. :frowning:

We know, believe me. We did everything we could to get it out before the holidays, but it just wasn’t in the cards. We’re getting closer though!


No benny stuff yet phew

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I agree, this almost feels like a nerf just to get Alanis to stop using Riptide heals and switch to the far superior Geyser heals.


Super excited for things to come based on the lore Beatrix is gonna be one of my favourites :smiley:

Marry Lootmas to all and to all happy hunting
And special thanks to everyone at Gearbox HQ for keeping this awesome game going


Agreed. :confused:

Every time I say, "I’ll give Alani one more chance…just one"
Then I use her and I am always disgusted by what has been done to her.
What is the reasoning for the Riptide increased CD? I do not understand. Someone explain this to me.
These are the kind of changes that force me to let BB gather dust for weeks at a time.

This is also why I fear for Galilea.

While you’re at it, increase the CD of Burst Dash to 40secs.

Just give me a valid reason for this change. I’m still waiting on a reason for the Rath nerfs.