Battleplan 32: 12/22/16

(RedX) #21

I dunno why either, maybe because of the CD gear boost? I’ll welcome it with an open mind though because I played with many good Alanis and riptide is a really good skill. I think of it as they are trying to make you use it skillfully now till lv 7 and make that cool down helix look better…but yea… open mind

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #22

Can someone tell me if cool down reduction rounds up or down or doesn’t round?

I didn’t use it much as I didn’t think it was very useful but I’m going to try it now.

(Keld Bjones) #23

Thanks for all the hard work and love the Battleborn team has put into the game. Here’s to 2017, cheers!

(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #24

I swear to all that is good and evil in this world…if the nerf was due to the increase of effectiveness on CD gear…

That is the most ludicrous bs in the history of bs I have ever heard…I pray that, that Is not and will never be true. Nerfing skills because of gear.
This is boiling my blood and raising my pressue.

I would feel better if the changes made sense. But I’m not seeing it! Someone remove the veil from my eyes this instant so all can be made clear. I’m missing something.

I’m not comprehending

I can’t fathom.

I am blind in broad daylight.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #25

Same for me as well. Whoo

Yay, new people. Glad you joined us! It’ll be quiet for a little while but as soon as the update is out it’ll be nearly overwhelming. Have you seen the stream?

It doesn’t. The second indicator will look rounded up most likely because rounded down would be misleading and displaying decimals would be obnoxious

January 10th

  • Supercharge
    – new game mode

January 12th

  • Beatrix

Ooooooh, how alluring

Cool, I was barely using these and they seemed inferior

Just because it’s fair doesn’t mean I have to like it

Interesting. @gRANT_, people seem to be uh, not too pleased about the Alani change. Would you be able to or mind please explaining it? We’d be very grateful


This phrasing is hopefully not purposeful and they clipped “of this wave”. Although that’s highly unlikely sigh

Between this and the rest, I feel bad for Beatrix

Is Beatrix me? I’m very we cited for her character. I feel like I get her. Hopefully I don’t hate her playstyle, a la KU

Ooh, cool

Good job guys. Happy Holidays!

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #26

A reason behind riptide cooldown increase would be apreciated!

Plz plz help us out!

(Like the cereal...) #27

Too bad Sony and/or Microsoft couldn’t push the Winter Update through certification in time for the holidays. The tutorials would have been ideal for new players who are gifted Battleborn for the holidays. Nonetheless, at the year’s end, I’m satisfied and very much in love with this game. It’s by and far my most played game (ever) and regardless of 2K’s marketing and promotions, I feel that the money I spent on Battleborn was worth every penny and much more. Thank you to Gearbox for caring so much about the community and struggling through lots of external adversity to make Battleborn the game it is today. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and I look forward to all that’s to come.

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #28

I would much rather have decimals then wrong information on screen.

(Pbfdanglez420) #29

Bah ambras pea shooter of a primary attack just gets thrown in with kleese’s broken tazer just because it’s auto lock… like her range was actually a problem that’s just sad if any of you thought that.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #30

This. And it’s honestly rather annoying.

Don’t want to sound rude, but I can’t really get back in the game until the patch has landed.


Seriously another nerf to Alani?!

(TheLoneBrit) #32

Yes I did catch the stream I’ve been playing the game since may this is just my first time on the forms :smile:

(RedX) #33

Lol then to make you feel a lil better. Nvm the CD gear thing. To discuss it a lil more, Alani’s riptide does a bunch of things. 1) gives haste 2) knockback 3) heal helix 4) slow helix or 5) DOT helix and you can spec later on to extend the duration.

Alani has the refresher helix which can give her full osmosis and that lv 10 transcendence which makes the skill instantly available AND lets not forget the lv 7 cool down helix per hit. At late levels she can shoot out waves like no ones business. I guess now it will just make it a lil harder in the beginning but I see it not effecting her late game.

If specced right you can do some heavy damage with wave shock at lv 4. Also, the Alani’s I play with constantly get the most damage out of everyone due to being able to pump this out constantly… so I bet to them this is considered a minor nerf to early game Alani but it will not effect her late game. I hope this makes sense …

(beta382) #34

I mean, Alani is extremely powerful, a consistent top pick, always contends for top damage, and Riptide is a skill with strong utility that is frequently spammed. The change will force people to use Riptide with more discretion. 20 seconds is actually perfect IMO, since it means you can spam the skill on a wave, and then once between waves, and have it back right when the next wave hits. You could take CDR for some headroom during a push or to help her early game, or wait for level 7 and get that headroom regardless and save the gear slot.

IMO, this doesn’t really change Alani’s play at all.

(Influencer Guy) #35

Hey guys,

So, as it pertains to Alani: we’ve seen through both feedback and supporting data that Alani’s lane presence has been… strong to say the least. The team took a long, hard look at her kit to see what adjustments should be made and Riptide stuck out as an area that could use some attention. The feeling is that this would be an appropriate tweak when compared against Riptide’s over all utility. You may remember that Riptide’s CD was significantly longer, and was drastically reduced. This change is really just intended to find some middle ground.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #36

Thx for letting us know!! Is rly apreciated!!!

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #37

Hello, could you please, please, please give us a definitive answer as to how your decimal system works? Do you round up/down or is it not rounded?

(Christopher Michael) #38

Seriously so f**king bummed about the winter update. You guys should’ve waited to tease it cuz now You might as well call it the Next Year Update. Love this game so much, but it’s been boring lately as a season pass holder to see no fresh content…:crying_cat_face: The only way I’ll forgive You guys if you release something SO SWEET before skipping off to hiatus land!!

(The Red Bar Observer) #39

So I spent a full twenty minutes looking for Mell in the artwork, increasingly anxious that - impossible - she might not be there. Gradually, heartbreakingly, the reality sank in.

No Mellka.

Where could she be? How was she not invited? Did her absence suggest something grim - the other reality of the season, its inverse ritual of depression, alienation, and despair? Was she an orphan alone on Christmas, struggling with the memories of the family taken from her?

How many drinks was she up to now?

I could picture her in a darkened chamber of the ship, kneeling, head bowed. Around her lay scattered relics of the past: the secret touchstones that nobody knows she keeps. (This once belonged to your mother… your father used to wear this around his neck…) A wooden Eldrid toy, chipped and battered. Photographs and letters, ragged from handling. A lock of her own hair, saved from before she’d turned to the mirror and tried to shave herself into a different woman. One who wouldn’t cry, who would be too tough to care, who wouldn’t sit in the dark and ache and tremble…

And then I heard a light step behind me, and I turned.

“Don’t worry about me,” she said. “I’m spending Christmas with you.”

Then she paused, and added, “Also, babe, you are certifiable.”

“I wish we could have said the same about the Winter Patch,” I said.

Thanks for the ride so far, everyone. It has been wild. See you around the corner :heart:

(Penguin connoisseur.) #40

Haha, that picture is AWESOME! Don’t know if anyone else noticed the doll Orendi got, but it looks disturbingly like Toby…

And OF COURSE Ambra got the others triangles, haha; nice continuation of last week’s lore!

@JoeKGBX, I hope you and the rest of the Gearbox staff have a Merry Christmas!


Seriously though, AWESOME artwork, Seung Kim!