Battleplan 33: 1/5/17



We’re back! The batteries are recharged and we’re ready roll into 2017 at full speed. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that you’re as excited as we are to start off the New Year! This week, we’re focusing on regrouping and getting back into the groove. Before the break, we promised you that we’d come back with lots to share. We’re still knocking the rust off this week, but hang tight, because next week is going to be a busy one.

Since we’re going be flooding your ear and eye holes with more info than even Boldur can block, we thought it would be good to get everyone warmed up. What better way to do that than to announce a new rotating game mode. It’s no secret that the community loves some of the quirkier game modes the Battleborn tends to rotate in and out of the game (we’re looking at you Chaos Rumble). With that in mind, our team has devised a few new modes that will offer some opportunities for us to “spice things up a bit”.

The first of these new modes is called “Bots Battle” and it will make its shining debut next Thursday (January 12th). Bots Battle will be a limited time game mode and will run for at least a week. Players will be able to team up with 4 other players to take on 5 vicious, bloodthirsty bots. Incursion, Meltdown, and Capture modes will all be included in Bots Battle and best of all, you’ll be able to earn full XP, full credits, and complete your challenges while you’re at it!


With Battleborn’s Winter Update close at hand, we don’t have any new hot fixes to share this week. Not familiar with all the big changes coming in the Winter Update? No problem; we’ve got you covered. We’re excited to be bringing LOTS of new improvements to Battleborn along with several community requested features. Feel free to let us know what you’re most excited about in the thread below!

In this week’s Community Spotlight, we touch base with our friend @MentalMars in an effort to learn a little bit more about an underrated aspect of Battleborn – the visual effects. Yesterday, we partnered with him and Gearbox Software VFX Artist Ash Lyons to bring you a list of some things you might not have noticed about the visual effects in Battleborn. Check out the list of “VFX You May Have Missed” on MentalMars’ website. If you’d like to know more about the process of developing these unique effects, we’ve got lots more info on the Gearbox blog.

We’ve got some lore for you this week, and as you’ll notice, it contains Oscar Mike’s email address. Make sure to send him lots of pics of cute kittens.

[Transcription of shipwide communications aboard the UPR ship Nova]

OSCAR MIKE: Kleese! It’s Oscar Mike here. I found this AWESOME clip of a scalewolf pup walking around like a person, and I was gonna send it to everyone as a holomail attachment, but there’s a MAJOR problem. I’ve been HACKED, bro! I can’t open my holomail stuff!

KLEESE: Oscar. I’ve told you time and again, before coming to me with every little thing, first manually induce a full capacitance flux sequence via the primary power coupling.

OSCAR MIKE: Right. Uhhhh… I got everything up until “first”, then you lost me.

KLEESE: Bottom of your station, right hand side, that is, the same side where you hold your gun, there’s a large button. Push the button, wait five seconds, then push it a second time. Off, then on again. Also, PLEASE refrain from gumming up Nova’s PA system with your inane blathering, this channel is reserved for emergency address only.

OSCAR MIKE: That’s what I’m saying, there’s an emergency with my holomail address! My contacts, my newsletters, my fact-a-day messages, this is seriously HECKED UP. I’ve been hacked to heck!

KLEESE: [prolonged audible sigh] What is your holomail address?

OSCAR MIKE: “BRO-M83.1101@rdcnet.mik”

KLEESE: Let’s have a look then, shall we?


KLEESE: – YES, yes, I get it, you’re very clever. While you were busy struggling with your spelling, I figured out your issue. You weren’t “hacked”, your account has been suspended and archived. There’s a note here, it seems that the administrator finally caught wind of your persistent violations of the “official communications only” bit of the terms of service.

OSCAR MIKE: Wrong! The only dudes with admin access are the Mike High Command, and all the other Mikes have been SUPER-gone for pretty much ever.


OSCAR MIKE: They’re gone and never coming back, Kleese, and you’ve gotta accept that, like I have! You’ll never see or hear from them again, no matter how close you guys were before, no matter how much fun you had shooting Varelsi faces or swapping stories or playing rock-paper-airstrike. It’s in the past! There’s no use dwelling on those guys, just appreciate the bros you’ve got, instead of crying and writing poems about bros you lost.

KLEESE: Ohhhkayyy, or, HERE’S A THOUGHT, instead of opening up WAY more than I’m comfortable with, you can submit a support ticket to contact the administrator directly.

OSCAR MIKE: …You can do that?

KLEESE: No, YOU can do that, I’m done with IT for the day. Have fun reconnecting. HA!

Like we said above, next week will be busy to say the least. That’s because we’ll have TWO livestreams coming at you. Hey, we told you there’d be lots to share, right?

Next Tuesday (January 10th), we’ll start the week by bringing you the much-anticipated Beatrix Reveal Stream. New Media Manager Elisa Meléndez (@elisarockdoc) will be joined by Character Designer Kevin Powell and Associate Producer Anthony Nicholson and they’ll be ready to spill their guts on Beatrix and answer your questions. Who knows, we may even have a special guest or two.

We won’t be giving you much time to cool down after the Beatrix stream because on Thursday (January 12th), we’ll be bringing you the Oscar Mike vs. The Battle School Reveal Stream. Our panel, who’ll we’ll announce next week, will be chatting about the next Story Op for Battleborn and even giving you a sneak peek of the action.

Both Streams will take place at 3pm PT (6pm ET) on their respective dates. Make sure to head over to the Gearbox Software Twitch channel and give us a follow. That way, you’ll know exactly when we go live. You’ll also be eligible to win a Battleborn MEGA Code – a special SHiFT code that entitles you to all kinds of awesome loot. We’ll see you Tuesday!


I will punch the pathetic bots to turbo-death my iron fist.

…and shock them with lightning from my glove-thing.

…and explode them to death with shockwaves.

…and pounce on their head Mario-style.

A lot of folks have been waiting for this, I hope some of the newer players are wise enough to play around in bot matches first.


Beatrix looks beast (BEASTRIX!!!)


So excited about the upcoming bot matches. Should really make a ton of people happy.(especially lore stuff)


Every PVE exclusive player ever has been waiting for those bot matches.




Guys guys… Seriously?! No winter update D:

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Beatrix!! :heart_eyes:

Oscar Mike is clearly still hurting from getting kicked out by the other Mikes. And what’s this about “Mike High Command”? They have a King and Queen Mike and a High Command? Very interesting organisational structure going on there. I might have a few more notes on this new Battleplan Lore, but AFTER I get some sleep. :sleepy:



This past month has been such a calm before what I feel will be an enormous storm. Are we going to get Beatrix, Oscar’s Operation and Winter Update at the same time? There will be so much stuff to check out, how will I choose what to do first?

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If I read in between the lines I would say that the winter update will come out alongside the new campaign mission. Just like the last big update :cry:

At least the new people have a bot mode to train off of until the winter update dojo comes out.

But what if the bots are OP? What if it takes the justice league to beat them?! :scream:


Nooooooo I hoped so much that the winter update would be here today. :frowning: Aww well, my own fault for hoping too much. ;p

I really hoped that I was able to play the winter update for the coming 12 hours… Well, too bad.

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I’m sad :frowning:
Any date for the winter patch?

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Don’t worry, I’ll protect you with my fancy speeches.


How close tho? This day, this week, this month, this year, this decade, this life?


What if it’s a super bot mod that gives all enemy bots sentry like HP and Shield??? Then that will be fun…

Quickly, we must prepare :hushed:

We are better than the Justice League.
We are the Battleborn.
If the justice League destroys the Bots, that is because we told them to take out our trash


No dates for anything. No date for Beatrix, no date for the DLC, no date for the winter update. Basically, no new information at all except for “Bots Battle.” Sounds like we’ll have a week to complete lore challenges without having to kill each other. If true, thanks at least for that.


Well, atleast I can finally master WF. Was hoping for the patch to finally release since I’m waiting on that, looks like it’ll be soon though.
On the other hand: Beatrix hype! Genuinly eagerly waiting for her to become playable.


Everyone will be rolling with Angel of Death and Worthy of Song titles after bot mode :grimacing:

I wonder how blood thirsty they will be.