Battleplan 33: 1/5/17

(RedX) #21

Everyone will be rolling with Angel of Death and Worthy of Song titles after bot mode :grimacing:

I wonder how blood thirsty they will be.




I hope this isn’t their only solution to letting people get PvP lore as the population dwindles. Never been a huge fan of limited time events, even less so when it’s something I have been waiting for since the game came out, and it may only be here for a week.

(Influencer Guy) #23

If you’re asking about the bots, they’re pretty bloodthirsty. We haven’t fed them in a while. It’s actually pretty scary to go to that part of the studio.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #24

This is gonna be fun (insert Brick the Berserker)

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #25

If they are showcasing streams for Beatrix and Oscar Mike next week and if we compare in the past. Its normally 1 week later. I hope they dont change this formula. This carrot dangling from Nov 17th and everyday on Facebook should finally becoming to an end. Possibly and hopefully just 2 more small weeks… Jan 19th…

I would be shocked if Beatrix and Oscar Mike come out alongside the Winter update. Seems like a lot all at once… But it would be welcomed.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #26

Honestly, I’m not too happy with the ‘lore challenges work against bots’ being limited. Hopefully you guys plan on making it more permanent in the future.

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #27

Is it the same part where you keep El Dragon or Benny’s Homing missile??

(Like the cereal...) #28

Anyone else here first imagine like a team of 5 LLC Minion Robotics? Like super strong versions of an Elite Bot, Ronin, Deadeye, Striker, and Repair/Temporal/Attack Drone? Maybe I’m just a little touched in the head since the Magna Carta went offline…


This ^^ It really sucks!

(Like the cereal...) #30

The stream is 1/10 and the Early Access is usually the next week, if we go by the other DLC characters’ release timetables. I predict 1/19 EA, 1/26 all access for Beatrix.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #31

I’d say patience is key. But even I ran at a end. Hope soon really means soon.

(Flyux & Alani Enthusiast 💙) #32

Are they computer bots or minion bots? I’m assuming the former, but just a little confused.

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #33

Sounds like titles will mean even less than they do now after a few bot runs.

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #34

I actually earned all the challenges I have now. Soon I will see noobs running around with the same titles for stomping bots, that I got by fighting other players!? I’m not thrilled about it. The only consolation is that I get to complete some of those harder challenges that have eluded me. Not that they will mean anything now anyway.

(SolemnNormal) #35

Feels bad man. Good to know those titles I spent actual pubbing time for will be worthless now. Oh well, at least I got the experience.

(Is this thing on?) #36

Code and certification-wise, it would make at least some sense to bundle them together in one patch. Whether they’re made active at the same time or not is another matter. (See eg Head hunter packs in BL2.)

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #37

Yeah I believe that just like they did with Attikus and Toby DLC… If they drop it all it will be a shmorgishborg and most of us are starving

(Is this thing on?) #38

Doesn’t it depend on how hungry the bots are though? If their murder dial got turned up to 11, it might well demand real effort to earn those titles (at least, more effort than newb-stomping in PvP anyway.)

(Rolling Ewok) #39

So…like…does that e-mail actually work? I realize that’s probably a dumb question, but hey! Oscar Mike is my bro and I’ve got pictures of my dog that I haven’t shown to enough people! XD I really need to get back into playing this game. I’ve missed it so much. So excited for the new Mike-centric stuff!

(Influencer Guy) #40

I should probably note that it doesn’t actually work. And it’s not a stupid question. I’ve had a couple internally ask me. :slight_smile: