Battleplan 34: 1/12/17

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Awesome BB plan, though the omission on pvp bots is peculiar or maybe I didn’t catch it.

That is today, no?

I’m hoping to get a bit of clarity while I’m here, maybe I can get some answers on the Gali nerfs and your goals for her.

You say this, but…

Why nerf these two aspects in particular?
She’s territorial so you nerf her close range damage, and her Aoe field?

She needed to be touched on, but why not target her pull? or her lazer beams? Both of those helixes branch her out of her territorial design you guys say you want for her.

Thanks, and cheers!


This is still not a rework of Galilea as the devs stated they would do. At this point, it’s safe to assume it will never happen.

The less time and cost consuming approach is to just nerf the character without providing anything in compensation for those nerfs.

Benedict only needed the damage nerf why go for its health pool as well.

These are unnecessary and obvious poor choices of balance from the devs.

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@Deande right!? It’s not like she is over powered.

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You might be right, but I might not be wrong.

I was thinking that the UPR Ministry of Media had two clone requirements:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Blue

They shunned Aplians for the first reason. They did not have a significantly diverse genetic pool of Helicians to clone. But why would Ghalt specifically mention Helicians (Beatrix did not bring them up) and not Aviants?

Helicians might be blue, since Alani is. Galilea is purple, but that might be due to the botched sustainment and maybe her pigment was tinted purple by the “dark energy.” I think the UPR liked blue because it “popped,” so instead of cloning the Helicians, they cloned the hardy, but economical Galahadrim, but spliced in some Helician genes to make them blue, meeting both of the Ministry of Media’s requirements.

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Yea, I understand. That’s basically what needs to be done but too many situations fall under that and what their comp is too. If benedict did 1000000 dmg but could be countered that is fine, the main problem is still the dmg though.

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We included this last week:

Sorry we didn’t recap though. As far as I’m aware, we’re still on track for this.


I’m sorry, but you answered your own question. Ghalt brought the Helician problem up in anticipation of Beatrix asking why they didn’t use them instead.

I’ll just cap off by pointing out that when Beatrix initially remarks upon the fact that Oscar Mike is blue, Ghalt refers to it as a trait of the Galahadrim, not the UPR clone troopers specifically. Thus, they were always blue and Beatrix simply didn’t know because she’d only dissected dead ones.

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As for Galilea, our discussions on her rework are ongoing. These changes are another piece of that conversation that will allow our team to make those decisions based on as much data and feedback as possible. Try them out and keep the feedback coming – be it positive or negative.

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Fair enough. Darn. Nobody on these forums will let me peddle my little head-canon theories.

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Gali, Holy shot she’s been ■■■■!

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Hey, is there an archive for the lore made on the forum?

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This week’s lore is better than I had pictured it when @jythri casually mentioned it during the last stream. :heart_eyes:

It’s 3:50am where I am, so it’d be irresponsible for me to do a write up for it right now, but its safe to say this one adds a lot of information about the RDC and our 2 favourite blue “bros”. The big question everyone should be asking is, who has Beatrix settled on as her “assistant”? Attikus maybe?

Glad you asked!

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You spoil me @JoeKGBX

That’s a great lore update, and for Mike’s particular shade of blue check out the [concept art by Matias Tapia] (!

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So…uhh…given this recording…Oscar Mike looks like Whisky (Tango) Foxtrot under his armor…fascinating…and what is more…if the tests from Beatrix reveal one thing then maybe Oscar Mike isn’t an Oscar Mike, but in fact a natural born Galahadrim, who simply mixed himself amongst the clones to fight (which would explain his strange behavior in his lore concerning his status as a clone).

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Thanks. And yeah that is actually a really interesting lore-bit.

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So hey, apparently Mike is blue under that armor. That’s something I neither wanted nor asked for today: better knowledge of what that dumbass looks like naked.

But the real question is, who’s more blue right now - him or the bird? It’s funny, see, because Benedict got nerfed. And he’s probably crying right now. Like, a lot…

…ugh. Sorry, too soon, too soon. Gotta be nice, apparently. Empathy. Been working on that, weekend hobby, not my idea, blame the Captain.

Ahhhh, Benny.

It’s okay, dude. It’s okay. We’ve all been nerfed before. Me? Old veteran. Your health, yeah, it’s sad. You’ll miss it. Trust me. Damage? Hey, at least you still shoot straight. I mean, you don’t have to, because of that homing BS, but…

Right. Right. Empathy. Damn this is tough. Having empathy for Benedict is like trying to smile through a stomach cramp.

Look, what I’m trying to say is: cheer up. It’ll be okay. Hang out with Gals, give each other sympathy. She’s probably pretty blue herself.

Well, more of a purple, actually. Why don’t we ever get to see under that armor, anyway? Way more interesting…

…uh, in a scientific kinda way, I mean. You know what? I gotta go. Apparently Kleese has “leaked the patch notes” or something. And all he said was, “Mell, you’ve got to take a look at this.”

Hoping it’s more Benedict nerfs, personally. Screw that guy.

Yeah, I really did not succeed at doing empathy today.

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She is strongest while in her field not out of it thats why the nerfed her damage. Her pull works within her field.

Benny is now the glass cannon he should be since they didnt want to touch homing rocket… so give him the same damage and now he has less health so mistakes with him will be costly…

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That is what is implied, but then how/why? Is he just that stupid or other reasons?

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So the nerf hammer has finally fallen on Galilea and Benedict—good. Next week is going to be a good week. I can feel it! :slight_smile:

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Can I just say I’m preemptively excited for your next installment of “Changes Discussed By the Battleborn Themselves” after the patch notes next week?