Battleplan 35: 1/19/17


I see your tricks, giving an extensive lore bit with Mellka as a central player while doing… that to Venom.

(Accursius13) #22

Wow, That Mellka nerf :frowning: Looks like she’s gonna be joining El Dragon soon

El Dragon before the nerfs on the left, Dragon after nerfs on the right.

(A euclid-class anomaly) #23

On the one hand, Solus DnD!

On the other hand…


(Inbound Titan - Killing you with SCIENCE!!!!!) #24

RIP Mellka

(Penguin connoisseur.) #25

Haha! Seriously, a LOT of good stuff here, including the return of the other ultimate lines! Thanks for another great update, Gearbox!

EDIT: Ooh… That Mellka bit though. Ouch. Should have read the fine print first… Bittersweet.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #26

Atleast i don’t need to hear about lead-lined umbrella’s every 5 seconds anymore.

(Jedc750) #27

Honestly, Mellka is barebones. She may be have a couple of really good players playing her (and here, we’re all looking at @EdenSophia holding two controllers split-screening Mellka on both) but let’s be honest here. She has crap spread, her venom doesn’t really do noticeable damage as it is, let alone after it’s been nerfed into the ground now, she has to continously use alternate methods of movement because she is pretty much the slowest character in the game without it (as an assassin people, come on!), she DEFINITELY has the lowest health, and half or more of her helix choices are completely useless. But sure, let’s nerf the RANGED assassin character again and push her into melee because she’s apparently just too damn good as the second most gimped character in the game (might be first now if she takes the title from El Dragon)

(Christopher Michael) #28

YES YES YES!!! Absolutely worth the wait!!!

(The Title Master) #29

So if I use a xp booster while during double xp weekend I will get QUAD xp! holy smokes that’s gonna be a wild weekend for me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hobbit Warrior) #30

Finally! Nothing but love for this.

I give full credit for this idea to the below thread.

Ghalt’s quick melee does 62.58% more DPS than Mellka’s alt melee (and other fun facts!)

Well, the dev’s were listening and agreed. Melka’s alt melee was very underutilized. Are you guys happy? You made an impact.


(Jedc750) #31

she didn’t need a nerf to make up for the fact =/

giving her melee more damage doesn’t warrent nerfing anything else.

(A euclid-class anomaly) #32

So… take the character who has one of the most restricted helix paths in the game, who has no hard CC, who’s slow as all heck without constantly maintaining her QM, who’s health is extremely low and who’s spread isn’t kind… and completely trivialize her main damage type while giving a pathetic 12 point damage increase to her weakest tool. Without considering that it still won’t make her melee better than ranged because she is very squishy and her helix choices are mostly bad or don’t synergize at all.

I’m a little more than mildly annoyed.

(Hobbit Warrior) #33

I liken it to attending a funeral for someone you really didn’t like in the first place.

All condolences and empathy on the outside, but inside I’m all :slight_smile:

(beta382) #34

Absolutely not. Her melee combo is still only good for a worthless 126dps or meh 146dps while an enemy is envenomated (which still only lasts 4 seconds). This is an okay start on her melee. Next, the damage bonus on envenomated enemies needs to be buffed to something actually worthwhile. Then, the helix choices surrounding the melee playstyle need to become worthwhile. After that, melee Mellka might become a viable playstyle.

As it stands right now, there is no reason to envenomate enemies besides to generate health stacks at level 5 and apply wound with spike. The damage is worthless. The damage buffs to skills and melee is worthless. Mellka was her venom.

Heck. Revert the venom nerf completely, replace L8 helix with meleeing enemies applies venom, replace M8 with double venom damage.


I don’t get the Mellka thing at all. What was the effing thought process behind this? “Shes low HP to begin with and no shield, but lets force her into a melee role. The character’s based around her venom, so lets nerf the ish outta that. Yep. That looks good.”

(¡Apagando las luces!) #36

Oh gosh. PLEASE, GBX. This is just sad.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #37

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhh hh

She’s clearly meant to just jump around with now. Not to kill. Just to look pretty and reach places she shouldn’t

Ya know what? I’ll calm down. @gRANT_, could you please help us? This is a major sudden turn and we all appear to have whiplash. Can you please help so ik it’ll all be okay?

(Jedc750) #38

Not to mention they seem to be going after all the characters I play. First Alani gets the hammer, and now they use the same hammer to knock Mellka off a cliff!

Miko and Ambra better watch themselves or next balance patch we’ll be seeing " that healer miko has been healing too much and his beam is too long, even though you have to be looking at the person your healing for it to work. to fix this, we’ve nerfed Miko’s beam range to be more in line with the other beams like kleese’s taster. We have also nerfed the healing from 75 to 25, but buffed this to 35 when used with biosynthesis"

(¡Apagando las luces!) #39

Just when I was getting back into Mell, my first love, after her last adjustment.


(Keadron) #40

I could see this happening sadly :frowning: