Battleplan 36: 1/26/17

I read the post, several times. Incursion is available in Quick Match. I get that. But it will not be chosen every time, and it will not even be available to vote on every time. People who want to be able to play Incursion, and only incursion, should have an option to do that.

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HOWEVER there are only 3 types available at one time and is dependent on what is voted for.

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I will not be the only one who will quit playing this game if forced to play modes other than Incursion (when it is not voted on, obviously).

Yes, while everyone else suffers? There are people who want to play Meltdown only all the time, how do you think they feel?


Any update on fixing Melka?

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I would play Draft Incursion more, but I hate the current ban system. I don’t like unique characters across teams, random order of getting to choose your character. I feel like the system feels lopsided with picks. I never get to play the characters I want to play in draft. there is nothing fun about the mode as a solo queuer or duo queueing. I may be a try hard, but I will never choose to play that queue if I am not having fun. taking away the incursion queue is very disappointing. guess I will login less until it is fixed.


They are in the vast minority, compared to those who want to play incursion all the time.

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And you think that forcing everyone from the incursion que in with them is going to improve that?


What of the people who want to do Face-Off? Capture? If necessary, and if a ton of people complain, they will weigh Incursion to be show up more commonly in Quick Match. But the last time they did something like that, they got yelled at.

They aren’t going to change the queues for the sake of 1 or 2 people complaining on a forum.

Have you tried draft mode? It’s the main competitive environment and as a result, most everyone picks Incursion.

It only has Incursion and Meltdown in it, so you’ll usually have the option of two Incursion maps for variety or one Incursion map to pull all the votes in (in case lots for people vote Meltdown).

Besides, quitting a game because your favorite mode is less likely to get picked is a bit melodramatic. I played Halo for a very long time, despite my favorite modes being Territories and Assault.


Same deal: people who want to play those other modes appear to be in the minority.

I know changes won’t be made based on my posts alone, obviously. That doesn’t mean I don’t still want to voice my opinion, which is shared by many others.


You’re not helping yourself here. My point is that Incursion will still be played the most in Quick Match – if it comes up in a vote, people are going to pick it. If you want to play only Incursion, then that’s simply too bad, this is all a population problem.

as for Pbisset:

which is shared by many others

And yet the battleplan has been out for half an hour, so you have no basis or data to support that that I can see.

I like draft mode and play it often WHEN I have a full five-person team. If you don’t and can’t communicate about picks, it seems less than ideal. Also, I often play with my wife, who only plays Ambra and Miko. In draft mode, I can’t assure her of getting one of those characters. We should have the option of a non-draft, incursion queue.


I saw the response of Joe to Jedc750. To weigh in on this:

I think the change to draft and quick match is good. However I think for the time being it might be worth the consideration to disable the option to team up as a 5-premade in quick match?
There are many threads in Reddit and Friends of mine whom I introduced to Battleborn who are turned of by being pubstumped by 5-man premades.

Granted experienced players will still do well together against new players, but the synergy will be less if they are strangers. At least that`s what I theorize. That way you introduce a queue that is perhaps more forgiving to new players?
Just spit-balling here.


It says solo-queue in the upcoming weeks portion of the Battleplan. So, fingers crossed that’s what you’re talking about.

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I know the opinions of the people I play with. That is who I am referring to.

You say, “that’s simply too bad.” I agree. That’s why I am voicing my displeasure.


Yes, that is my hope too. But the player base at the moment is LOW, but a bit higher given the recent update.

I wanted to suggest the change above temporarily perhaps until they introduce that SoloQueue. Just to tide new players over.

I agree, draft is miserable in anything less than a 5-man. But hey, I only play in 5-mans, so I wouldn’t know, really.

If your team knows how to manipulate the draft, you really shouldn’t have trouble getting your team how you want it. I mean, I constantly get Ghalt for heavens sake. Also, you might want to suggest to your wife to find more characters she’s comfortable playing. It never hurts to have a bigger toolbelt.

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I feel that would take more than a simple hotfix to change. I dunno, I’m just figuring that based off of examples from the past.

Again to pbissett: man, none of my friends only want to play Incursion. See how easy it is to deflect what you said? What’s more, I’m being truthful here; I’m not just making an example (not saying you’re lying either, I believe you, but it’s not as simple as that either).

Encourage her to try other characters. If she already has and she’s just bad at them or doesn’t want to play them or some other reason, help her through the other Battleborn. Start with other support and, when done with them, move to somebody like Oscar – a straightforward attacker.

I agree, and that is what I am going to have to encourage her to do, it appears.